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Top Educational Toys

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According to the latest baby name trends, we’ll be seeing a whole lot more little ones named Ada, Marie, and Elon running around in a few short years — after all, what parent doesn’t love the idea of their wee ones growing up into the geniuses and thought leaders of tomorrow?

But parents can give their kids more than the gift of a distinguished name. That’s why we put together this list of educational toys to help your child develop creativity, critical thinking skills, and a lifelong love of learning. We have nature toys that build a love of the great outdoors, counting and math games, engineering and building sets, and even toys that help with mindfulness and building a sense of self.

Regardless of your little’s interests, we have the perfect educational toy to pique their curiosity.

For the Love of Nature

If there’s anything the future needs more of, it’s a keen sense of sustainability and stewardship for our planet earth. These nature toys can help.

Plant the seeds of curiosity with the Hape Growing Gardener’s Greenhouse – perfect for starting a family pollinator garden this spring!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to welcome any visitors of the buggy kind. The Hape Nature Detective Set includes a 4x magnifying glass, great for giving your munchkins a closer look at garden critters. For longer-term study, consider giving them a (temporary) home away from home with the Hape Explorers Bug Jar.

All microcosms are affected by the weather around them. Give your budding meteorologist an understanding of the season’s changes with the TenderLeaf Weather Watch, a wood weather station that links all aspects of climate into a simple and educational board.

P.S. Hape and TenderLeaf are big on nature and wooden toys if you want to check out what else they have in store!

Growing Gardener's Greenhouse



Nature Detective Set



Explorers Bug Jar



Weather Watch


Count On These Toys

Another important part of the equation? Math and counting skills. Start them early with these toys.

Get the ball rolling by teaching your baby to recognize numbers with these super-soft Educational Balls from Little Big Friends — bright colours, illustrations, and bells will help stimulate their senses! Basic and counting skills will come quickly with the TenderLeaf Counting Carrots Stacking Game.

Are they ready to take the next step? Budding mathematicians will enjoy this abacus-style Educational Learning Math Gamefrom Viga Toys, which helps develop serious smarts and motor skills through the power of play. The Hape Monsters Math Scale goes even further, letting kids play with weights, measurements, and balance — a crash course in how numbers relate to the world around them.
Little Big Friends

Discovery Balls



Counting Carrots Stacking Game



Monster Math Scale


The Imagineers of Tomorrow

Putting a satellite into orbit starts with understanding how to make things go! (And we don’t mean veggies flying across the dining room.) These toys come loaded with potential energy... and then some.

The wooden TenderLeaf Snail Whirls set offers an early lesson on how things can fit together with six removable flower cogs and gears. Is the future gearhead on your list a little older? They’ll love the build-your-own playstyle of the Hape Groovy-Go-Round Gears Playset, which focuses on force, speed, and connectivity.

Launch the start of their science journey with the BIG 15pc Building Block Set, made with big pieces that are perfect for little hands, or step things up a notch with Plus-Plus’ Big Make and Go 70-piece set, featuring eight super-sized wheels and an instruction book full of creative ideas.

Snail Whirls



Groovy-Go-Round Gears Playset


BIG 15 Piece Building Blocks



Big Make and Go 70 Piece Set


Explore the Final Frontier

Every genius has something that makes them special; but one thing they all have in common is immense self-knowledge. Help your giftee learn about their mind and develop a sense of self with these toys.

“Who am I?” OK, we can’t guarantee these Wee Gallery “I See” Stroller Cards will help your young one answer that eternal question, but they can help them start getting a sense of how they fit into the world around them through open-ended questions and exploration.

As they continue to experience the world in new ways, Janod’s illustrated Emotions Magnetic Game can help them discover (and express!) common emotions through two levels of play. Should that tricky one — anger — bubble up, arm them with the skills to find their centre via Mideer’s Yogi Cards.

Being a kid can be hard sometimes — there are so many things to learn how to do. Help guide your child on their journey of self-discovery and development with one of Barefoot Books Mindful Tots books, designed to help toddlers understand and manage their emotions.

Yogi Cards



What's Up Magnetic Puzzle


Wee Gallery

"I See" Stroller Cards


Ready, Set, Learn!

Educational toys are more than the perfect presents — they’re a smart move for parents and caretakers who want to help their kids grow their minds and their hearts. Who knows? Maybe your young learner will grow up to inspire the next generation.