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Top Features We Love About Nanit

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Hold onto your pacifiers, because baby monitors have come a long way. Today’s monitors have had a complete glow-up, and Nanit is at the forefront of it all!

If you haven’t heard of Nanit and their products, they’re an innovative company that helps you keep an eye on your little one with razor-sharp, real-time video surveillance. This next-generation technology puts everything you need to know about your baby's slumber at your fingertips! 

So, hop on the baby monitor express; we're about to dive into the top features we love about Nanit!

Hi-Def Monitoring 

The Nanit Pro camera boasts 1080p HD video quality, which allows for clear, sharp images and videos. This level of detail ensures you can closely monitor your baby in case they’ve dropped a soother or are crying and require your assistance. The high-resolution camera also comes with infrared night vision so you can see well in the dark while your baby sleeps soundly.  

Nanit offers a few different packages with the same Nanit Pro camera, so you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle: 

  1. Pro Camera + Flex Stand (read our full review here) 

  2. Pro Baby Monitor & Wall Mount (read our full review here)  

  3. Smart Baby Monitor + Floor Stand  

  4. Nanit Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System *best bang for your buck! (read our full review here) 

App Anywhere 

The Nanit camera allows for remote monitoring via Wi-Fi, offering the flexibility to keep an eye on your baby from anywhere in the world! 

Through the Nanit app (available for Android and iOS), you can access a live video feed, monitor sleep patterns, and receive real-time alerts, ensuring your baby's safety and well-being. 

With the app's multiple-user feature, additional family members and/or caregivers get access as well, making it ideal for involving others in the monitoring process.  

The app also supports split-screen functionality, so you can monitor multiple children simultaneously, a valuable feature for parents with more than one child to keep an eye on!

Breathing Monitoring 

Nanit offers parents an extra layer of peace of mind through their Breathing Motion Monitoring. This technology is enabled by their specially designed Breathing Wear, which has a unique pattern the camera can track in real-time. This pattern allows the monitor to not only detect if your baby is awake or asleep but also to monitor their breathing.  

If no breathing movement is detected, an alarm notifies the parent via both the camera and their phone, offering a non-invasive alternative to traditional sensors or wires. Nanit's Breathing Wear lineup includes options like a Swaddle, Breathing Band, Breathing Pajamas, and a Breathing Sleeping Bag, ensuring year-round comfort and safety, all crafted from soft and breathable 100% cotton! 

Sleep Coaching 

Nanit's personalized sleep coaching is complemented by a fantastic feature — the ability to review sound and video events from your baby's night! 

It meticulously tracks time, so you can easily pinpoint when your baby woke from their nap and calculate their wake window for their next sleep, eliminating the need for additional sleep tracking apps. The activity folder allows you to check the "night summary" and monitor's motion and sound throughout naps and the night, providing a comprehensive overview of your baby's sleep patterns. Conveniently summarized on the dashboard are the number of naps, time in bed, and total overall sleep time. 

Cable Management 

Loose cords are a known risk for infants and toddlers, especially near sleep areas.  

Nanit's wall mount and floor stand help keep cables tidy and away from your baby's sleep space, maintaining a minimum distance of 3 feet to ensure their safety.  

Cable management is a vital step in creating a safer environment for your little one, and Nanit offers practical solutions to achieve just that.

Baby Monitor Flex Stand



Baby Monitor Flex Stand

From Sale Price: $49.99


Nanit Wall Mount


Safe & Secure 

Cable management isn’t the only safety feature Nanit includes. You’ll also get the following: 

  • Alert Zone: When used with the Flex Stand, the Alert Zone feature sends you a notification if motion occurs within a specific area. Similar to geofencing, all you have to do is set a virtual predefined space, and whenever motion is detected in this off-limits area, Nanit will alert you through the app! 
  • Secure Encryption: Nanit employs top-notch 256-bit AES encryption to ensure the utmost privacy and security for your baby's nursery. This level of encryption helps safeguard against unauthorized access and potential privacy breaches, addressing concerns about unauthorized individuals gaining access to the baby monitor. 
  • Environment Sensor: A built-in temperature and humidity sensor allows you to receive alerts when the nursery's temperature is too hot or cold and provides real-time humidity level information via the app. These sensors, located discreetly behind the camera on both the wall and multi stand mounts, ensure a comfortable and safe sleeping environment for your little one! 
  • HSA/FSA Eligibility: The Nanit Pro Camera’s video streaming, real-time alerts, two-way audio, sleep tracking, and secure connectivity, allow it to qualify for HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Account) funds. As it’s recognized as a health and safety-related device, Nanit’s camera is eligible for reimbursement, making it easier for parents to invest in advanced baby monitoring technology while benefiting from tax-advantaged accounts.
Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System



Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System

Sale Price: $349.99

Regular Price: $499.99


Pro Baby Monitor & Wall Mount



Pro Baby Monitor & Floor Stand


Pro Smart Camera + Flex Stand


Nanit Nights 

Today's technology has transformed our ability to watch over our babies, and Nanit is leading the charge! They’re not just about monitoring though. Rather, they’re all about enriching your parenting journey with insightful sleep coaching and the ability to review sound and video events. This is your all-in-one solution for protective parenting in the modern age. 

In the grand tapestry of parenthood, where the threads of sleep, safety, and sanity weave together, Nanit emerges as a golden strand, with the future of baby monitoring looking brighter than ever! 

To learn more about Nanit's impressive line-up, click here.