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Sleep Safely with the Nanit Line-Up

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Nanit is where baby monitoring meets rocket science (almost)!   

In this article, we're not just talking about keeping an eye on your little one(s) as they doze off, but doing it in style to boot!  

From high-tech cameras to crib sheets that measure growth (yes, you heard that right), Nanit has turned baby monitoring into a masterpiece of modern convenience and reassurance.  

So hold on tight, because you’re about to embark on a high-tech journey that'll make you the James Bond of sleep safety! 

Why Sleep Safety Is Important 

Sleep safety isn’t just a buzzword! Research shows that a safe sleep environment reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and promotes healthy growth. Nanit's products allow parents to keep a watchful eye on their little ones, ensuring they sleep soundly and safely. After all, a well-rested baby is a happy baby! 

Nanit: A Closer Look 

Nanit is an award-winning company that’s all about empowering parents using modern technology.

While baby monitors have been the product of choice for years, Nanit has taken them to the next level by upgrading to camera technology and app control! They’ve created some truly innovative products that lend a hand, providing peace of mind and helping you understand your baby's sleep patterns like never before. 

Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System



Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System

Sale Price: $349.99

Regular Price: $499.99


Pro Baby Monitor & Wall Mount



Pro Baby Monitor & Floor Stand


Pro Smart Camera + Flex Stand


Modern Tech 

Nanit’s camera is a cutting-edge hi-resolution monitor that gives you comprehensive insights into your baby's sleep and well-being.  

Here's how it works: 

The camera is easy to install and is typically mounted above the crib for an unobstructed view of your baby (although this depends on which Nanit bundle you buy). The camera streams live video to your smartphone or tablet through their app, allowing you to keep a constant eye on your little one.  

Nanit offers a range of product bundles to perfectly suit your lifestyle. Of note, the following bundles all come with the same Nanit Pro camera, which gives you stunning 1080p clarity as well as two-way talk, white noise, nature sounds, background audio, and real-time sound notifications. 

1. Pro Camera + Flex Stand 

The Nanit Pro camera and Flex Stand combination is an affordable and portable solution. This tabletop setup allows you to easily relocate the camera within your nursery or home, or take it on the go during playdates or travel. It provides a 130° viewing angle and comes with Nanit’s Breathing Band (see Breathable Wear section below) as well as their Alert Zone feature which sends you a notification if motion occurs within a specific area of the room.
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Pro Baby Monitor & Wall Mount  

This bundle comes with the Nanit Pro camera and a Wall Mount, giving you an overhead view of your baby in their crib. Nanit includes the Breathing Band as well as cable covers to ensure safety by concealing the camera’s wires from curious hands (and making it look more streamlined at the same time!).
Read our full review, here, or get a step by step installation guide, here.

3. Smart Baby Monitor + Floor Stand 

Looking for an overhead view but you don’t want to mount the camera to your wall? (We see all those renters out there!) This bundle is for you! It comes with Nanit’s Floor Stand that hovers the camera over the crib, so you can use it in any room. The Breathing Band is included, and the Floor Stand has 4 different height settings to accommodate bassinets, cribs, and toddler beds. Cleaning things up is an included cord cover which also removes any hazards from your child’s room. 

4. Nanit Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System 

The best “bang for your buck” option, this bundle has everything you need at a great price! It comes with the Pro camera, Wall Mount, and Flex Stand for the most versatility. Nanit also throws in the Breathing Band, and a pair of Smart Crib Sheets (see Nanit Extras section) for use with the app.
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Simply App-etizing  

Pairing the camera with the Nanit app (available for Android and iOS) gives you access to a host of advanced analytics to track your baby's sleep patterns. It can even detect when your baby falls asleep, wakes up, and if there are any disturbances during the night. 

You’ll get personalized sleep tips and recommendations to help improve their sleep quality, a function that captures and saves precious moments (which can be stored in a digital baby book), and two-way communication for you to talk to them or play soothing sounds from the camera itself. 

Nanit also gives you multiple-user access (depending on your subscription plan), allowing other family members or caregivers to keep an eye on your little one as well. 

The Nanit Pro comes with a year’s subscription to their Basic plan (normally $50/year), or you can upgrade to their Premium for $100/year, or Ultimate for $300/year. The more you pay, the more features you get, however, all plans include essential features like sleep analysis and personalized tips. 

Additionally, The Nanit Pro camera works seamlessly with the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot, allowing you to watch the stream from anywhere in your home!


Breathing Wear Swaddle



Breathable Wear 

With Nanit’s Breathing Motion monitoring, you can keep a watchful eye on your baby's every breath right from the app! It's safe and non-invasive with no sensors or electronics coming in contact with your child. 

To take advantage of this feature, you’ll need to invest in Nanit’s line of Breathable Wear. These clothing items are designed with a special pattern that's tailor-made for the Nanit camera to accurately track baby's breathing! 

There's the Swaddle (perfect for those teeny bundles of joy), the Breathing Band (a versatile choice that can be worn over any existing pajamas or sleep sack), and even Breathing Pajamas (which come in various colours and sizes). Additionally, Nanit offers a Breathing Sleeping Bag for year-round use after they graduate from the Swaddle. Made of 100% soft cotton, these breathables are cozy and comfortable, so your baby sleeps peacefully while wearing them.

Accessories for the Nanit Baby Monitor

You can enhance your Nanit experience even more with their range of accessories that are designed to make parenting even more convenient! 

  • Smart Crib Sheets: In the market for new crib sheets? These Smart Crib Sheets track your baby's growth using unique patterns the Nanit camera reads, providing in-app height measurements immediately. Smart and simple! 

  • Mounts: Depending on which camera package you purchase, you can add in their Wall Mount, Baby Monitor Flex Stand, or Pro Floor Stand. 

  • Travel: Spending the night away from home? No worries, pick up Nanit’s Travel Case to easily store your camera and take it on the go with you! 
Baby Monitor Flex Stand



Baby Monitor Flex Stand

From Sale Price: $49.99


Nanit Wall Mount


The Nighttime Ninja

In summary, the Nanit camera is a comprehensive baby monitoring solution that combines live streaming, sleep tracking, personalized insights, and more, all in one easy-to-use package to help parents ensure their baby's safety and sleep quality. 

With innovative features such as Breathable Wear, Smart Crib Sheets, and versatile mounting options, Nanit caters to every facet of modern parenting. They offer all the tools needed to understand, protect, and cherish those precious moments of your child's development, while ensuring you can rest easy and relish the joys of parenting with confidence.