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UPPAbaby Ridge All-Terrain Jogging Stroller Review

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UPPAbaby has been known for its superior quality, and chic, sleek strollers. Now, they’re taking on the jogging world by STORM with their new UPPAbaby Ridge All-Terrain Jogging Stroller.

If you’re a fan of the UPPAbaby Vista, Cruz, and Minu, then this jogging stroller may just be calling your name! Let’s break down some of our favourite features.

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Summary + Specs

  • Weight: 30 lbs 
  • Weight limit: 55 lbs
This all-terrain jogging stroller is made to carry your child until they are 55 lbs, which is about the age your little one may start biking or walking beside you anyways! Meanwhile, the Ridge weighs just under 30 lbs, so if you can lift your little one this stroller will be no problem. Growing family? Add on a Piggyback Ride-Along attachment and your oldest can hop on and enjoy the ride until they reach 55 lbs.

It’s important to note that other popular running stroller options available can hold a larger child [the BOB AlTerrain Pro and the Thule Urban Glide 2 can hold up to 75 lbs], BUT the convenience that comes with the Ridge is what really sets it apart as a great option—so let's dig in on some more of the features you will love.

For our full comparison of the BOB Alterrain Pro and Thule Urban Glide 2, check out this article.

Removable Fabric

What sets the Ridge apart from the other jogging strollers that we carry, is that you can remove the fabric seat completely to convert it to an everyday stroller when you're not yet running with your child. This way, you have the frame of the stroller with just your infant seat connected on top [hello, beautiful Mesa V2 Infant Car Seat]!

You can also attach other UPPAbaby accessories to it, including the UPPAbaby Bassinet, so you can go on long walks when baby is young, knowing they’re riding in comfort. Once your little one is old enough – ditch the infant car seat, re-attach the original seat and fabric, and head out for a few km's! This is truly the feature on a jogging stroller you never knew you needed until you experienced it with the Ridge.

*You will need a set of these adapters in order to conveniently connect the Mesa + the UPPA Bassinet if you decide to make a stroller system for those first few months.

Ridge Stroller Adapter - Mesa Infant Seat + Bassinet


Never Flat Tires

UPPAbaby has thought of just about everything with this all-terrain running stroller, right down to the Ridge's wheels. These 12” by 16” EVA "Never Flat" foam-filled tires allow you to never, ever need a tire pump! Trust us. this is a very bold move from UPPAbaby – as all the other jogging strollers we currently carry feature air-filled tires, so this really makes it convenient, knowing you won’t ever have to think twice about your tires before heading out on a walk.


The adjustable handlebar on the Ridge comes complete with a wrist strap for added safety when running up and down hills, and the advanced disc hand brake system is a new way to achieve advanced responsiveness when running downhill –  just like you would find on the handlebars of a bike.

Bonus points for the included water bottle holder that technically hangs off the side of the frame, but it’s close enough to the handlebar that we're going to include it here.


The Ridge also features a five-point, no-rethread padded harness with lumbar support nestled comfortably in the deep, padded seat. Safety is important when it comes to a running stroller, and UPPAbaby's made that a priority with the reflective material used to help you stand out early in the morning, late at night, or on a rainy day.

One of the other things you’ll love about this jogging stroller is that is has a lifetime warranty [we wouldn’t expect anything less from UPPAbaby as their Customer Service is next level], so you won’t be left high and dry if anything were to go wrong.

Ready for Anything

Go ahead and splash through that mud puddle, push through snow, and take on any terrain with the UPPAbaby Ridge Jogging Stroller! Want to take your Ridge to the next level? Be sure to check out this article on all the top accessories for your stroller.

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