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BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss Review

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You heard it here first – the BabyBjörn  Bouncer Bliss is sprinkled with some sort of magic that little ones just LOVE. The simple design of their Bouncer Bliss uses a simple [you guessed it] bouncing motion to calm baby. When your arms are aching and you just need a second to yourself, you need to find a reliable and safe space for baby – enter the Bouncer Bliss.

Here are just a few reasons why we think you’ll love it!

It's Basic (In A Good Way!)

Being basic isn’t a bad thing. The BabyBjörn  Bouncer Bliss looks pretty basic but there is a reason parents have been raving about this baby product for years!

We love that there are no batteries required or cords to trip over—simply take it out of the box and get bouncing! The Bouncer Bliss has 3 reclining positions to choose from depending on the age and stage of your child, so it can be their favourite place to hang out from 8lbs all the way up to 29 lbs.

So, how does it bounce?
Your little one can easily bounce themselves with each kick or wave of their tiny arms and legs.

It's Compact

When you think of all of the gear you will need for baby, a lot of it is BIG and takes up a large footprint – much like a piece of furniture in your home.

The Bouncer Bliss however is lightweight and compact so you can easily bring it with you wherever you go. Bring it to the bathroom so you can shower, the kitchen so you can cook, the backyard so you can enjoy your cup of coffee and fresh air. It folds up flat when not in use to you can take back your or easily pack it up and throw it in the car for an afternoon at Grandma's house [convenient travel bag sold separately].

How to fold? Pull the red lever underneath the bouncer to change the recline position or collapse the bouncer all the way. There is a reason why we’ve featured this product in our Top Products for Small Space Living!

Choose Your Own Aesthetic

The Bouncer Bliss is available in many different fabric options. Each one offers a comfy cozy seat for your little one that is ergonomic; giving them the support they need. Choose between a variety of cottons, the softness of 3d jersey, the breathability of mesh, or add texture with a quilted fabric.

Blend the Bliss into your home decor, or maybe you want to stand out with a wild leopard print—leopard is a neutral after all, right? Not only are all the colourways amazing, but these beautiful covers are fully removable so you can toss them in the wash [extra handy if you have a code brown situation to manage].

Accessories for Days!

As your child gets older and more alert you may want to keep them entertained by adding the removable toy bar accessory. The beautiful and bright toys to keep baby stimulated so you can enjoy your own minute of bliss—coffee anyone?

Oh, and that fabric we mentioned, why choose only one? You can purchase a second seat [available in meshquilted, and 3d jersey] to add new life to your bouncer, or just to have options – and one can never have to many, are we right?

We mentioned it above but we love that you can bring the Bouncer Bliss with you on-the-go using the lightweight travel bag. Your baby will appreciate the familiar comfort of their Bliss in any new setting, and we know it will quickly become their second fave place to hang out [outside of your arms].


Cover for Carrier



Transport Bag for Bouncer



Extra Fabric Seat for Bouncer Bliss - 3D Jersey


What Do You Think?

We love bouncers and swings for providing a safe place for baby to chill and play while you go hands-free, and their ability to soothe your babe with their calming motions.

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