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What is Flame-Retardant Free Baby Gear?

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We all want the best baby products to protect our children — afterall, keeping our little ones safe is every parent’s number one priority. But have you ever considered the materials used to make the products themselves? 

A growing concern among parents is the use of flame retardants. 

You may wonder, is this concern valid? When it comes to your child’s safety, all concerns are valid! 

In this article, we’ll shed some light on flame-retardant-free baby gear and answer common questions to help you make an informed buying decision that protects your little bundle. 

Let’s get to it! 

What Does Flame-Retardant Free Mean? 

“Flame-retardant free” means that a product is made without the use of chemicals designed to inhibit the ignition or spread of fire. These products rely on material choices and manufacturing processes that reduce flammability without the addition of chemical treatments. 

What Is the Difference Between Fire Resistant & Fire Retardant? 

Fire-resistant materials are inherently less susceptible to catching fire and do not require additional chemical treatments to prevent flames.  

Fire retardants, on the other hand, are chemicals applied to materials to make them less flammable.  

The key difference lies in the intrinsic properties of fire-resistant materials versus the chemical augmentation of fire retardants. 

What Restrictions Are Currently in Place? 

Various countries and regions have implemented restrictions on the use of certain flame retardants due to health and environmental concerns. These restrictions vary widely, with some focusing on specific chemicals known to be harmful, while others regulate the use of flame retardants in children's products and furniture. 

To learn more about the restrictions in Canada, click here.

Why Do Some Parents Choose to Go with FR Free Products? 

Parents may opt for FR-free products to avoid exposing their children to potentially harmful chemicals. The concern stems from studies linking certain flame retardants to health issues, including developmental delays, endocrine disruption, and cancer.  

By choosing FR-free products, parents aim to create a safer, less toxic environment for their children. 

What’s the Alternative to Flame Retardants? 

Alternatives to chemical flame retardants include using naturally flame-retardant fabrics like wool or tightly woven cotton. These materials can provide a degree of fire resistance without the need for chemical treatments, offering a safer option for baby gear. 

Are Car Seats Without Flame Retardants Less Safe? 

In the event of a fire, car seats without chemical flame retardants might perform differently than those with such chemicals.  

However, safety standards ensure that all car seats meet federal flammability requirements, whether they use chemical retardants or rely on inherently resistant materials. The focus on non-toxic materials in FR-free car seats addresses long-term health concerns without compromising immediate safety in fire situations. 

What Brands Have Flame-Retardant-Free Car Seats? 

As the baby gear landscape evolves, many brands have started to offer flame-retardant-free options, prioritizing the health and safety of the youngest members of our families. Among the frontrunners are UPPAbaby, Nuna, Britax, and Cybex, each bringing unique contributions to the market.  


UPPAbaby’s popular Mesa V2 Infant Car Seat features fabrics that contact the child without fire-retardant chemicals and has GREENGUARD Gold Certification for low emissions (this certification tests for more than 15,000 VOCs known to pollute indoor air).  

Notably, the Mesa V2 in Jordan and Henry utilizes a Merino wool blend for enhanced safety and comfort, aligning with European REACH standards. Check out our UPPAbaby Mesa V2 Full Review for more information on the seat. 

Additionally, UPPAbaby also offers a FR-free Jordan model of their Knox Convertible Car Seat as well. You can learn all about this seat via our Knox Car Seat Review article. 


Nuna sets a remarkable standard as the only brand with an entirely FR-free car seat lineup! 

Starting in early 2019, Nuna began incorporating naturally flame-resistant materials in their seats, eliminating the need for added chemicals across their entire range. This includes their beloved PIPA models and their RAVA Convertible Car Seat

For a full run down of Nuna’s baby rides, check out our Nuna Car Seat Lineup article. 


Britax offers the SafeWash line, with the Poplar Convertible Car Seat standing out for its FR-free cover. While the entire seat isn't claimed to be FR-free, significant components have been tested to be free from these chemicals, making it a safer choice for parents. You can read our Poplar Convertible Car Seat Full Review here. 



Cybex joins in the fun with the Cloud G Lux SensorSafe Infant Car Seat being their FR-free option, emphasizing safety without compromising on the materials' quality and effectiveness. This is a great option as it comes with their SensorSafe technology and a load leg for extra protection while the vehicle is in motion. For more information, check out our Cloud G Lux Full Review. 

Safer, Chemical-Free Baby Gear 

The shift towards flame-retardant-free baby gear marks a step forward in child safety practices. Moving to safer, chemical-free baby gear reflects a broader commitment to protecting our little ones and the planet they will inherit. By exploring FR-free options from brands like UPPAbaby, Nuna, Britax, and Cybex, you are now empowered to make informed decisions that prioritize both the immediate safety and long-term health of your precious bundle of joy.