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Amazon vs. Snuggle Bugz Baby Registry

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In the digital age where convenience reigns supreme, two giants of the baby registry world vie for the attention of expecting parents…, and the dedicated, loving, and heartwarming Snuggle Bugz (no bias here).  

This isn't merely a choice between two retailers — it's a decision about where to place your trust as you prepare for one of life's most beautiful adventures. 

When preparing for your bundle of joy, the baby registry you choose can significantly impact your experience. While Amazon might be the giant with a vast selection, we’re here to convince you that Snuggle Bugz should be your go-to choice for curating your dream baby registry! 

Amazon vs. Snuggle Bugz 

Sure, browsing through Amazon feels like having the world at your fingertips. Aisle after aisle (or rather, page after page) of baby gear, toys, and essentials.   

But here's the thing…  

While Amazon boasts the sheer volume of choices, Snuggle Bugz offers a huge AND meticulously curated collection. Every product and brand on our shelves is there because we believe in its quality, story, and ability to make your parenting journey smoother.  

We're more than just sellers, we're seasoned guides in the baby industry! We don't just sell baby items — we instill confidence in families navigating the early stages of parenthood. It's about making you feel equipped and assured, knowing that what you're bringing home has the Snuggle Bugz seal of approval! 

Snuggle Bugz Perks 

There’s a whole lotta perks when you sign up with our Snuggle Bugz Baby Registry 

  • Spend More, Earn More: When you use our registry, we’ll give you money! That’s right, you can earn up to $200* in Snuggle Bugz gift cards upon completion of your registry. The more your guests spend, the more you make! 

  • Completion Discount: 10% off remaining items.*
  • Free Shipping: Canadian orders over $99*(before taxes) automatically qualify for free standard shipping. Just another way we’re saving you money! 
  • 90-Day Returns: You may have had a change of heart about a product or received a duplicate. Whatever the case, you have 90 days* to return any registry items purchased in-store or online — hassle-free! 
  • Lowest Price Guarantee: At Snuggle Bugz, you’ll always get the lowest price*, as we’ll match (or flat-out beat) our Canadian competitors on regular or sale-priced items.   

  • Refer Friends: Have a friend (or two) who is also expecting? Refer them to our registry and we’ll give you $15 off your next purchase of $100 or more!

    *Click here for more details.

Q: How many items should be on a baby registry?
A: It all depends on your situation. Some expecting parents have small registries with 25 (the minimum amount required to access our perks) to 50 unique products, while some top 100! 

Q: Is there a universal baby registry?
A: Yes there is! It’s called and can link up your Snuggle Bugz Baby Registry! Learn more in our How To Get Snuggle Bugz Perks With article.

Q: How long are Closeout Baby Registry Perks redeemable for? 
A: Our Perks are redeemable until three months after your due date.

Amazon Registry Perks 

So, what does Amazon give you for baby registry? 

  • Completion Discount: Amazon offers a 10% (15% for Prime members) completion discount for items left on your registry, usable 60 days before the baby's expected arrival and expiring 180 days after. Only the primary registrant can use this discount, up to $500 ($750 for Prime members). 
  • Free 365-Day Returns: Gifts purchased from your Baby Registry are eligible for free returns within 365 days of the receipt of your shipment. 

  • Free Gift: The free Welcome Gift (not to be confused with the Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box which is only available in the US) comes filled with samples for mom and baby. It’s available to Prime members who meet certain criteria.

Q: How do I qualify for a welcome box?
A: To receive a welcome gift you need to have an active Amazon Prime account, create a Baby Registry, add 20+ items on your Checklist to your registry, and have over $25 of purchases from your registry (by you or others).

Q: Do you need a Prime account to make a baby registry?
A: Not technically, but you’ll get more perks if you’re a Prime member.


A Quick Glance 

At Snuggle Bugz, our mission extends beyond just selling baby products it's about building a community of support for families embarking on the parenting journey.  

Founded in 2006 by the Ben & Tanya Burmaster, Snuggle Bugz was born out of a personal understanding of the overwhelming world of baby gear. With an emphasis on supporting Canadian businesses and providing unparalleled customer service, our growth from a single store to a beloved national brand is a testament to our commitment to quality, community, and care.  

With each team member bringing personal experience and extensive training, we offer in-depth knowledge and heartfelt advice, ensuring parents feel confident and supported. Our unique approach includes a robust online Learning Centre, hands-on product demos across social media, and a strong focus on community giving, reflecting our core philosophy of loving and supporting people.  

This dedication not only makes us a trusted resource for baby gear but also a pillar in the communities we serve, fostering a space where parents can find not just products, but also guidance, support, and a sense of belonging.

The Dry Fit Program 

Our Dry Fit Program is something else you won't find at Amazon.  

Before you commit, you can test ANY of our floor model car seats in your vehicle when you visit any of our retail locations 

It’s not about selling you what’s most popular or has the most margin. It's about making sure you have the perfect fit for your family’s needs and peace of mind at the same time. 

Amazon might have algorithms, but do they have people you can talk to?  

Can you ask them which travel system would work best for your budding family and get an informed, honest answer? (hint: nope!)  

At Snuggle Bugz, you have a knowledgeable friend ready to assist you in-store, online, or over the phone whether you need a travel system, baby monitor, or jolly jumper! 

Learning Centre 

Our Learning Centre isn't just a couple of articles. 

It's a comprehensive resource filled with product reviews, comparisons, and expert advice!

The Learning Centre was created to support you through those first few years and contains a wide ange of articles designed to answer your questions and help you make the best decisions for your family. 

Curious to know what the Top Single Strollers of the Year are? 

Exhausted and need some advice on how to get a good night's sleep?

Or maybe you’re having trouble deciding between the Veer Cruiser vs. BOB Renegade Wagon? 

You can find the answers to all those questions and many more, plus get endless baby registry ideas in our ever-growing Learning Centre! 

Online Authority 

With a strong online authority and an engaging social media presence, we bring the conversation to where you are.  

From our various YouTube demos to insightful content (not to mention sale notifications) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, we're not just a store — we're a community here to enrich your journey into parenthood!

Snuggle Bugz Supremacy 

So, what is the best place for a baby registry? 

The answer largely depends on what you’re looking for — there’s really no one-size-fits-all solution. Some people want the convenience of Amazon, while others want a more personalized touch like you’ll find here at Snuggle Bugz.  

We may be a bit biased, but we prefer the latter! The choice isn't just about the range of products but the quality of the shopping experience. Our personalized approach, expert guidance, and meaningful perks, have been carefully designed so you can cherish every step of the parenting path.  

If you’re looking for a mix of quality, support, and community engagement, Snuggle Bugz offers an inviting alternative to the vast, impersonal expanse of Amazon.  

So, embrace our Baby Registry — the one that not only meets your needs, but understands your journey.  

For more information on how to close your registry, check out our Baby Registry Closeout article.