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SureCatch Magnet Lock: The combination of the patented dual depth SureCatch and the multi-position Mounting Plate, helps you achieve perfect installation in the absolute majority of drawers and doors.

No Tools Required: Adhesive Installation means no drilling and no screwing into your cabinets. (*certain cabinet designs require one screw)

No Need to Remove Drawers: The Qdos Magnet Lock installs with adhesive, unlike traditional magnet locks that require you to remove drawers to drill and screw them in.

Qdos Perfect-Installation Tool: Lining up the catch and the magnet lock is tricky business. The Qdos Perfect-Installation Tool takes all the guess work out of installation. Get it right the first time.

Qdos ExtendSecure Safety: Stealthy magnetic locks are hidden so children have a harder time understanding and defeating them. Use for an extended time protecting contents from snooping children and even teenagers.

Completely Closed: The Magnet Lock keeps the door or drawer completely closed, leaving no gap for little hands or paws to reach into. This means they are less likely to figure out how the lock works.

SKU QD-17-10006


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