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Enjoy the gentle comfort of the Philips Avent portable manual breast pump. With Natural Motion Technology, inspired by the baby's own suckling action for a quick let-down. A unique, portable manual breast pump – ideal for mothers who need to gently release their milk while away from home or before breastfeeding. The breast pump is small and lightweight, which means it is easy to store and transport, making pumping on the go simple and discreet. Relax and sit comfortably while you express - thanks to our design that lets you sit upright, rather than having to lean forward. You can easily adjust rhythm and vacuum. The innovative silicone flange - inspired by the baby's unique suckling action - stimulates the nipple to help start your milk flow, fast. For comfortable and effective expression. One size fits all. The silicone cushion gently flexes and adapts to fit your unique anatomy. To feed using your expressed milk, simply attach the soft teat to the bottle container. To store your milk for feeding later on, close the bottle using the sealing disc.



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