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Braun. No. 1 brand among doctors*

Braun certified lens filters ensure accuracy reading after reading. The only correct way to take the temperature with Braun ThermoScan is to snugly fit the probe tip of the thermometer into the patient's ear canal. Disposable lens filters that are placed over this probe tip, help to virtually eliminate risk of cross contamination when the ear thermometer probe is inserted into the ear of multiple patients or used during multiple illnesses.

Remember to always replace disposable lens filters after each use to maintain accuracy and hygiene. The Braun ThermoScan conveniently has a lens detector that beeps if the lens filter is not properly in place before each use. And once the reading is complete, the lens ejector button allows to conveniently and safely discard the lens filter so you are ready for the next time you have to take a reading.

How it Works

Attach a new lens filter by pushing the thermometer probe straight inside the lens filter box and then pulling out. Its as simple as 1-2-3

Key Features
  • Virtually eliminate the risk of cross contamination
  • Can be used with all models of Braun ThermoScan® IRT ear thermometers
  • 0% latex rubber for improved safety.
  • 0% bisphenol A for improved safety.
  • 40 lens filters per box



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