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Turn your stroller into a sled and glide through winter with the PremiumSki Stroller Skis from Make My Belly Fit. Attach the skis to your stroller and glide through winter. A simple tool-free adjustment allows the skis to attach to just about any stroller wheels available on the market. The skis cut easily through snow and smooth out the ride over uneven terrain. Well-designed and made in Canada, your child is comfortably and securely seated in their own stroller; no worries about your baby falling out of a small sled or getting snow in their face. Your child can enjoy looking at the scenery as they slide along in the stroller and not just a view of your behind like when you pull a sled. Parents enjoy all the advantages of their regular stroller, especially the ergonomics; no more backache from pulling a sled. Excellent for winter strolls, snowshoeing on groomed trails and cutting through snowy sidewalks. 

Count: 3 Pack



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