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Ameda Mya Joy PLUS Breast Pump Review

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If you’re planning to breastfeed when your little one arrives, a breast pump is one of the smartest investments you can make. Whether you want to build up a freezer stash of milk or incorporate bottles into daily feeding, a good pump can make all the difference in your breastfeeding experience.  

One of the most functional and easy-to-use pumps on the market is the Ameda Mya Joy PLUS Pump–the newest member of the Ameda family of pumping solutions. Mya Joy PLUS is small and quiet, offers two adjustable suction modes, and integrates seamlessly with the Ameda HygieniKit you may receive in the hospital. It’s the perfect balance of portability and performance, with lots of practical features.

Hospital-Strength Performance  

The Mya Joy PLUS is a truly remarkable breast pump. Small and lightweight with an integrated rechargeable battery for up to three hours of operation, the Mya Joy PLUS also offers whisper quiet operation (less than 45dB), so you can discreetly pump anywhere. With USB charging capabilities (and the ability to operate after only 15 minutes of charge time), this breast pump is easy to pop into your diaper bag 

What truly sets the Mya Joy PLUS apart from the competition is Ameda’s commitment to offering the same quality (and suction) you’d find in a hospital setting in the comfort of your home. The Mya Joy PLUS offers two suction modes: stimulation mode (with six adjustable levels) and expression mode (with 12 levels!). At the highest setting, this pump goes up to 250 mmHg suction strength.  

Because not all bodies (or breasts) are the same, Ameda has made the Mya Joy PLUS compatible with their CustomFit Flange System and offers a wide range of flange sizes. To complement this incredible flexibility, the large, backlit digital LCD display with timer and push button controls means you’ll be able to easily customize your pumping experience — even in the middle of the night.

Comfort & Safety 

The Mya Joy PLUS Pump is designed with your comfort and safety needs in mind. The PLUS is easily adaptable to single or double pumping, and features a two-minute auto switch to Expression Mode, so you can ensure you’re expressing milk quickly and efficiently. In addition to coming in a range of sizes, the CustomFit Flanges are designed with your comfort in mind and are entirely BPA and DEHP free.  

One of the key concerns for new parents is ensuring the milk your newborn needs is safe to eat. With this in mind, Ameda has developed the HygieniKit Milk Collection System. The HygieniKit true closed system not only helps protect breast milk from backing up into the tubing but also prevents the system from potential contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and mold growth, and the removable parts are easy to keep clean.  

On top of all these benefits, Ameda backs up the Mya Joy PLUS with a two-year limited warranty through the Ameda ParentCare Support program.  

What’s in the Box? 

The Mya Joy PLUS breast pump comes with all of the essentials you need to get started on your breastfeeding journey: 

  • Ameda Mya Joy PLUS Breast Pump 
  • AC Power Adapter with USB-C cord 
  • Dual HygieniKit Milk Collection System 
  • CustomFit Flanges (25mm, 28.5mm) 
  • 2 Extra Valves and Diaphragms (for HygieniKit) 
  • Instructions for Use (Quick Start Version)

Looking for More?  

Consider upgrading your experience with the Mya Joy PLUS extra value package. This is a Snuggle Bugz exclusive offer that includes everything in the box with the Mya Joy PLUS pump along side some exciting add-ons that are perfect for moms who plan to breastfeed on the go.   

With the extra value package, you’ll receive: 

  • Two additional HygieniKit diaphragms 
  • a stylish yet discrete large tote bag 
  • the Cool & Carry cooler bag with three ice packs 
  • six 4oz containers with lids 
  • 50 Pump & Protect milk bags (with two bonus pumping adapters) 
  • an accessory bag for spare diaphragms, flanges, etc. 
  • Breast milk storage guidelines

Mya Joy Plus Pump - With Rechargeable Battery


Mya Joy PLUS Rechargeable and Portable Double Breast Pump with Tote

Snuggle Bugz Exclusive!


Mya Joy PLUS Rechargeable and Portable Double Breast Pump with Deluxe Tote



Custom Fit Breast Pump Flanges - Large 30.5mm



Mya Joy Car Adapter


Pump for Joy! 

The Mya Joy PLUS is a powerful, portable, breast pump with tons of great features. We love this amazing pump so much we’ve added it to our Top Breast Pumps of the year list.  
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