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Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller Review

Judith Little | | Comments 0

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The oh-so-popular Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 stroller has been upgraded with stunning new fashions!

Stone Grey
Opulent Black
Briar Green
Storm Blue

There are many reasons that this stroller is one of the most popular strollers you’ll see strolling the city streets, and we’re going to touch on them here!

The New Fashions

The new fashions on the GT2 offer softer, more textured fabrics with a simplified cut & sew and new colour blocking on canopy. The previous year’s models had the canopy and seat fabric as one, whereas the new fashions maintain a sleek black seat, with the accent colour appearing on the canopy and seat back only.

The canopy also now contains a sleek stitching specifying the stroller - “City Mini GT2”.

The Wheels

This stroller is equipped with all-wheel suspension and forever air tires, making pushing through slushy sidewalks on the way to daycare drop off in those cold winter months an easy [well, easier] feat. The front wheel is also lockable, so that if you’re out before the plow you can still manage to get where you’re going on time! They’re powerful while still maintaining a compact size of 8.5” on all 3.

The Canopy

The GT2 canopy is rated UV 50+ and provides a good amount of coverage from the sun. It has x2 pop out positions so you can adjust the level of coverage as needed. It is equipped with TWO plastic peek-a-boo windows with soft magnetic closures [again, ideal for winter parents – your child won’t get hit with snowflakes but can still peep up and see them coming down!]

The Fold


  • Open: 44”L x 24.5”W x 30-43.5”H 
  • Folded: 31.5L” x 24.5W” x 9.75”H 
  • Stroller weight: 20.9 pounds

The fold on this stroller simply can’t be beat. There are two pull tabs right in the middle of the seat [where baby’s bum goes] that you pull up on and the entire frame will close in on itself – completely one-handed – and locks automatically with a lock located on the side of the seat! City parents, we’re talking to you here – this is perfect for tossing in the trunk of an Uber, storing in a tight front hall closet, or folding up under your desk if you’re heading into the office after morning drop off!

    The Seat

    The City Mini GT2 holds up to a 65 lbs child! It also has a crazy high seat back [26”] for lots of space for taller passengers. This stroller will last you years and years before having to worry about your child outgrowing it [for context, by 65 lbs they can’t even fit in a harnessed car seat in Canada anymore!] The seat on this stroller is not reversible so the child stays facing the world when using the seat. The back reclines to a NEAR flat position using a strap/buckle mechanism on the back of the seat. It can recline with one hand, but requires two hands to adjust upright. Since the seat does not go completely flat, it is not recommended for newborns BUT it can be used once baby has head control in a sitting position. But don’t fret… in the meantime your purchase of the GT2 stroller includes car seat adapters for the Baby Jogger City GO Infant Car Seat to use your stroller as a travel system right from birth. Simply pop the car seat right on top and away you go.

    Another huge bonus of this seat is the adjustable calf rest. It easily pops up and gives baby room to stretch those legs when snoozing [which some babes find more comfortable], and it also gives you access to the storage basket from the front of the stroller!

    There is currently no bassinet available for the City Mini GT2 stroller in Canada.

    The Handlebar

    The handlebar on the City Mini GT2 adjusts using a button located on either side of the stroller. It is two-handed, but it really is easy to do. It has rubberized grips on the handlebar with feels sturdy and gives peace of mind that it won’t rip or damage in the elements. The handlebar pivots up and down, as opposed to telescoping like it does on the Baby Jogger City Select 2 strollers.

    Right next to the handlebar on the frame you also have a hand-operated parking brake, as opposed to a foot brake.

    The Storage

    The storage space on this stroller is decent. It’s one that we’d recommend having a parent console also in use. The basket underneath can hold a diaper bag, but it isn’t the most user-friendly design for accessing in a hurry due to the bar located right across the back. This bar was necessary for several other features we LOVE about this stroller, so the trade-off isn’t bad [AKA the fold!] They did make up for the under-seat storage space with a big pocket located on the back of the seat for storing things like your phone, wallet, keys, etc.

    Verdict: The back pocket combined with a parent console and the basket is more than enough space to tote the necessities!

    Final Thoughts

    The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller is a great option for busy parents. The forever air tires are ready to tackle tough Canadian winters, while the UV 50+ extendable canopy has baby covered (literally) during those sunny summer months. The one-handed fold is easy to maneuver, allowing parents to stow the stroller away in the trunk of their car without any fuss. We also love that the stroller can hold up to 65 lbs., that’s 15 pounds more than the average stroller seat! Throw in the reclining seat, adjustable handlebar and calf rest, and we have a winner.

    Love the City Mini GT2 but have two children? Check out the double-stroller version, here!

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