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BabyZen YOYO2 Stroller Review

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If you are looking for a compact and cute travel stroller – then look no further than the YOYO² from BabyZen*. The YOYO² is lightweight, can be folded with just one hand and can be completely customized with fabrics and accessories to suit your style. If you value, the finer details in life then this stroller will have you “ohh-ing and ahhh-ing" all the way home while simultaneously making touring and travelling a breeze.

Are you ready to dig in on why we love it?

* Please note: As of January 2024, BabyZen has been acquired by Stokke, so this stroller will soon be known as the Stokke YOYO².

Video Review

13 vs. 30

We will admit – we love a good full-size expandable stroller like the UPPAbaby Vista V2 or the Baby Jogger City Select 2 ECO, but there is a time and a very necessary place for a practical compact stroller like this one. The YOYO² comes in at just 13 lbs! Once you start using this compact beauty – you won't want to go back to lugging around the “beasts” that we referenced above.

Weight limit? It can accommodate a rider up to 48.5. pounds and yes, we are impressed.

Features We Love

Okay, let’s start with the seat for the 6 Months + kit and the features that were meant for the rider to enjoy. The YOYO² offers a 5-point harness (it isn't no rethread, but we have a video showing you how to adjust it, here), a built-in footrest (this was an add-on for previous models), a near flat recline for cat naps on the go (see it in action, here), and a decent-sized canopy with built-in peek-a-poo window which is great for checking in on said napping traveller. The parent will get to enjoy wheels that actually easily manoeuvre, a padded handlebar with arm strap, and our favourite feature – the convenient padded shoulder strap for transporting the stroller when not in use.

The padded stroller strap isn't the only thing that makes this stroller travel-friendly – the YOYO² can be stored in the overhead compartment of an aircraft.

Now this calls for a celebratory “we’ve landed” clap!


We all love a big old basket and as far as travel strollers go – the BabyZen YOYO² has a decent-sized basket for you to keep necessities below your stroller. However, we are obsessed with the zipper compartment right behind the handle that can safely store your cell phone or allow you to keep snacks close by. If you are using this stroller for travel, it is an ideal space to keep important documents like your passport or boarding pass zipped away but within arms reach.

A Quick & Convenient Fold

The fold on this stroller is quite easy to figure out. Once you get used to it you could probably even fold this stroller down with baby on your hip. Simply locate the two white circles on the canopy and press them to collapse the handle and canopy. Arguably, you could do step 1 with baby still inside of the stroller. Step 2 is to locate the red lever/latch and white button underneath the stroller. Press the button and pull on the red lever/latch to collapse the stroller. Ensure the lock is on – then throw the stroller over your shoulder using the padded carry strap we mentioned above and you are good to board the plane.

Build & Customize

If you are ready to commit to the YOYO², here’s what you’ll need to get started! You can choose between a black or white frame and personalize the fabric to suit your style.

Alternatively, you can purchase everything in a bundle.

YOYO² Stroller Frame



YOYO² Stroller Frame

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Regular Price: $598.99

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YOYO+ Colour Pack - 6 Months+


YOYO+ Newborn Pack


YOYO² Stroller Bundle



Ready for Take-off!

Things sure have come a long way from the days of the basic umbrella stroller of the 90’s. Let us know if you decide to go with the BabyZen YOYO² and which colour you choose! If you are looking planning to use the YOYO² as a travel stroller for an upcoming trip you'll also want to check out our Top Baby Carriers – a baby carrier is key if you are a family on the go!