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Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 vs. City Elite 2 Stroller

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We love a good stroller comparison, don't you?

Today, we are comparing 2 of our favourite 3-wheeled strollers from Baby Jogger, the City Mini GT2, and the City Elite 2. So, what do these strollers have in common and which one is best for your lifestyle? Let’s dig in because we are about to find out.

City Mini GT2 VS. Elite 2

Both strollers are simple and compact but let’s first start with a quick breakdown of the top x3 stroller features that families often consider before they buy:
  • How much does it weigh?
  • How much can it hold?
  • How much is it going to cost me?

Stroller Weight:

Stroller Weight Limit: 


Price difference [currently] of just $100.

As you can see, the City Elite 2 weighs about 4 lbs. more than the City Mini GT2 but it can also hold 10 lbs. more. Give a little get a little, right?

Generally, a larger stroller comes with more features, but we will get to those differences shortly. First, let’s explore some of the great features that both strollers share.



The Fold

Travel System Compatibility: 

*other adaptors sold separately

Baby Jogger is known for designing strollers that are built to last [a lifetime warranty on your stroller frame is a big deal] and often boast a functional fold. Both strollers have a sleek adjustable handlebar, a rugged hand-operated parking brake, and they share the same convenient one-handed compact fold. Simply lift the strap in the middle of the seat with one hand and voilà! The auto-lock will take care of the rest—then into your trunk, it goes!

Next Question: can this stroller become a travel system?

We are so glad you asked. Yes, both strollers allow for the versatility of click and go! You can pop the Baby Jogger City GO Car Seat on top using the included set of adaptors but, if you opt for a different infant car seat model, you will need to purchase a set of adaptors separately. 


Now let’s dig into the features and benefits of each of these 3-wheeled chariots. 


  • City Mini GT2: UPF 50+ canopy with x2 magnetic peekaboo windows
  • City Elite 2: UPF 50+ canopy with x1 magnetic peekaboo window + additional mesh side vents
  • Adjustable canopy height to accommodate your growing child.


  • City Mini GT2: rubber foam filled + all-wheel suspension
  • City Elite 2: rubber foam filled + all-wheel suspension.
  • Lockable front swivel wheel.



  • City Mini GT2: near-flat recline + adjustable calf support
  • City Elite 2: near-flat recline + adjustable calf support + footrest
A canopy with sun protection is standard these days, and the good news is that both strollers offer UPF 50+ coverage. What feels luxury to us are the magnetic close peek-a-boo windows on both models – no Velcro to wake a sleeping baby is a good thing!

They both have impressive rubber foam-filled wheels and all-wheel suspension. Pair the suspension with a near-flat recline and baby will be able to nap comfortably on the go.

The City Elite 2 does come out on top with added value when comparing the features above. You’ll love the x2 innovative mesh side vents on the canopy which allow for optimal airflow when cruising on warm summer days. It also has a storage compartment at the back of the seat for small toys, a sippy cup, or even your phone and keys.

Lastly, it has a footrest that is different than the calf rest located above the front wheel. This will come in handy when your little one wants to climb independently into the stroller as they get older, allowing for a little bit of a boost to help them get in.
Baby Jogger

City Mini GT2 Double Stroller - Jet


Baby Jogger

City Elite 2 Stroller


Baby Jogger

City GO Infant Car Seat


The Verdict

There is a lot more than meets the eye with these 3-wheeled strollers – have you learned more about the differences?

The City Elite 2 is considered an all-terrain stroller and the lockable front swivel wheel proves gives you the power to keep up with your active lifestyle. The 75 lb. weight limit and height-adjustable canopy means you’ll get a lot of use out of this stroller – even into elementary school in some cases.

The City Mini GT2 has a 65 lb. weight limit and is a remarkably compact stroller that is also available in a double! It may not have extra storage but for its class it's impressive and lightweight.

The best news of all is that both strollers meet the Disney World stroller guidelines. Yup, we checked – and with a price difference of just $100 and the Baby Jogger name on both, the choice is yours. 

So, which one will it be?

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