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Baby Jogger City Select 2 & City Select 2 ECO Stroller

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Say “hello” to the City Select 2 from Baby Jogger!
Today we are giving you all the details about the Baby Jogger City Select 2 and the City Select 2 ECO Collection. Both strollers have aesthetics you are going to love! The canopy has an earth-friendly TENCEL™ fabric* and the handlebar and [now included] belly bar* is wrapped and detailed in a pretty leatherette. Did we mention the indestructible frame and improved compact fold?

Okay, we don’t want to give it all away – so read below for the 411 on the Baby Jogger City Select 2.

*Features found only on the City Select 2 ECO Collection


The City Select 2 is a versatile, expandable stroller that can grow with your family.

What does that mean? It can be used as a single stroller and as a tandem double stroller down the road by purchasing a second seat kit. The City Select 2 offers 24 configurations to choose from [parent facing for young riders + the ability to face the world once they get older] along with plenty of other options when the time comes to add a second seat and or glider board to accommodate a second or third rider as your family grows.

We are always impressed with the versatility that Baby Jogger brings to their strollers – as we mentioned above both the included seat and the second seat [sold separately] hold the same amount – 45 lbs. We mentioned it again as this is not the norm with other stadium-style strollers.

Weight + Weight Limits

The City Select LUX that you know and love came out back in 2017 and has been a great stroller for growing families for many years. However, one common piece of feedback received was that it was “just so heavy!” so, the team at Baby Jogger went to work to address this on the City Select 2 models and you are going to be thrilled with the outcome. The City Select 2 weighs in at just 26.4 lbs. which is 4 lbs. less than Baby Jogger's previous full-size strollers.

This reduced overall size also allows the Select 2’s a more compact fold – 20% smaller than some of the other models we sell.

Best part? The City Select 2 and City Select 2 ECO both offer a solid 45 lb weight limit per seat.

The Seat + Frame

Okay, here is where you are going to start noticing some of those aesthetic differences between the City Select 2 and the City Select ECO  it is more of a fabric difference than function. We will review the differences at the end of this article, or you can compare both models for yourself HERE. Both strollers boast an all-black frame and a 50+ UPF rated canopy to keep your little one protected from the sun's harmful rays. The canopy has a soft close magnetic window at the top that exposing a mesh peekaboo window allowing you to check on baby – or give them extra ventilation and air flow without having to wake them with noisy VELCRO. The canopy is also adjustable for taller riders, simply move it up the frame a few inches.

Inside the seat, you will find multiple harness positions that you can re-thread as your little one grows. Keep them buckled in a 5-point puzzle piece harness that you can easily open with one hand [tested by team Snuggle Bugz!]. It also has a nice deep adjustable footrest that is weatherproof so it can handle muddy or snowy boots once your little one begins to walk and explore when on walks.

The seat is reversible and can recline with multiple positions depending on if baby wants to sit up and interact with the world or lay back to snooze. Finally, at the top of the stroller, you’ve got an adjustable telescopic handlebar to accommodate whoever wants to push.


What is a stroller without storage?

It’s like your home – storage space is something you can never have enough of. The City Select 2 has a big basket with little zippers on the side that allow it to open to allow for extra space when needed. There are also x2 NEW mesh pockets within the basket to keep things like your keys or wallet separate from the main compartment. There is also a mesh pocket on the back of the seat that you can use at your leisure. We suggest using this pouch to keep your little one's favourite toy or blanket close by.
Baby Jogger

City Select 2 Stroller


Wheels + Suspension

It’s clear the Baby Jogger City Select 2 is packed with features – but can it keep up with you?

The answer to that question is YES!

With the front-wheel suspension, you will have no problem taking on the park or the playground with ease. Baby Jogger refers to their wheels as “forever air tires ” as they aren't pumped up with air – but are filled with a material that allows you to keep going wherever life takes you.

City Select vs. City Select 3 Eco

We dig in on the differences between the City Select 2 and the City Select 2 ECO Collection in detail HERE but for today – here are the Coles notes:

Everything we note above applies to both strollers. However, the Select 2 ECO Collection uses soft, breathable, thermal-regulating TENCEL™ fabric on the canopy and padded seat. It also has a very pretty look with the leather details on the handlebar and [included] bumper bar – it's a modern vibe. The bumper bar is a new feature and an updated inclusion on the City Select 2 ECO only.
Baby Jogger

City Select 2 Second Seat Kit


Baby Jogger

City GO Infant Car Seat


Baby Jogger

Glider Board (2019)


Ready to Roll?

So, what do you think?

If you are still shopping around and researching all of the great products that Baby Jogger has to offer, check out our Related Content!

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