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How To Potty Train Your Toddler

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No more diapers they said, potty training is easy they said. Well, here I am – prepared as ever with my ‘every must-have necessary to successfully potty train’ kit, my two-year-old man(iac), and pee all over the floor. Little Levi = 1, this mom = 0.

Currently, my husband and I are scratching our heads whether Levi is more into running around naked than ‘letting it go’ in the potty. Regardless, we’re slowly starting our potty training experience and warming him up to diaperless tooshes forever. Curious about my experience and prep work? Read on, friend!

Potty Training Essentials

First and foremost, I went to school! I spent many days reading google articles, chatting with my mommy friends, and learning all about the act of confining poop + pee. Once I was educated on what tools I needed to combat this mission, I purchased the OXO TOT Potty Chair, Potty Seat, Step Stool & the Zoocchini Organic Training Pants based on reviews, design, and reliability.


OXO TOT Potty Chair

I am a stickler for home décor and colour stories - after all, I’m a designer by trade. The potty market is oversaturated, exploding with endless colours and graphics. Over the past two years, Levi and his toys have decorated my entire home in an array of (WAY TOO MANY) beautiful, bright colours. Well kid, the bathroom is mommy’s spa, and the OXO TOT Potty Chair’s muted colour story + sleek design fit in perfectly with my aesthetic (applause to the OXO TOT designer team!). The potty’s removable inner bowl is easy to empty and clean (while keeping your hands mess free) and with a rubber non-slip base, there will be no scoot & poop situations – thank goodness! Levi spent many days sitting on his OXO TOT throne, reading books and eating popsicles – so in addition, comfort and back support are definite perks of this potty. Overall, the OXO TOT Potty Chair gave us everything Levi needed for a successful potty training experience, with an adult approved seamless design to boot!

OXO TOT Sit Right Potty Seat

Levi is an opinionated little man. I knew if I pushed him to use his potty, he would insist on sitting on the big boy toilet instead. Well my little genius, mama was 1 step ahead of you! I made the smart move of purchasing the OXO TOT Sit Right Potty Seat as well. The potty seat is once again very sleek and minimalistic, with easy to grip and comfortable handles on either side of the seat. Once again, OXO TOT did it right with their non-slip base – no need to worry that your child may fall into or off the toilet. The seat is adorable and tiny, fitting our dimple-bum tots perfectly. In addition, the seat comes with a flat base, so standing it next to the toilet is easy and keeps things clutter free. Bonus: BPA and PVC free!

OXO TOT Step Stool

OXO is at it again with the muted and beautiful design of their toddler line-up. The soft grey accents paired with crisp white aligns the OXO TOT Step Stool perfectly with the other two OXO TOT pieces I purchased, creating an ideal colour story for our home. The step stool offers 7” of added height, perfect for encouraging toddler handwashing and climbing independence. The non-slip top and base are once again added features – keeping your toddler safe and sturdy. Lastly, either side of the stool has a little easy-to-grip handle, making maneuverability simple from toilet to sink.

Zoocchini Training Pants

First and foremost, call me an overly obsessed / protective / only wanting the very best mother (I think I’m not alone here, yes?). If something is offered in organic, I buy it.

Well, thanks Zoocchini  – not only did you craft adorable, fun and bright training pants, but they’re safe for the toosh too!  Plus, the animal prints are TO. DIE. FOR! Levi was overly eager to get these on, and once bedtime arrived, we had WW3 on our hands to remove those little whale undies. The Zoocchini Training Pants provide extra layers of very soft terry for added absorbency, and are super easy to pull on and off, no buttons or velcro necessary! Overall, I love these for Levi. The bright designs paired with organic softness, extra padding and ease to pull on and off are the perfect 1st pair of underwear for my little man!

My Potty Training Experience

Is Levi potty trained? NO! Does he love all of mommies latest purchases? ABSOLUTELY.

In our current state, we are consistently talking about poop and pee and encouraging him to speak up when he needs to go. Levi is all about ditching the diapers, putting on his Zoocchini’s and running around the house, with the whales on his toosh or around his ankles. He’s quite our little nudist, I must say.

Levi has peed on our floor a couple of times, Zoocchini’s around his ankles and not catching the mess. The act of #1-ing scares him, and he starts crying whenever he realizes what is actually happening. We’re constantly telling him that water coming out of him is good, and that mommy and daddy go potty all the time too (he joins us in the bathroom so he can see that in fact, this is part of life). He has however, pooped once in his potty (cue fireworks)! He was running around in his big boy undies, stopped, and gave us THAT FACE, that ‘about to push, turning red, squishy face that is too adorable and funny to miss’. I rushed him over to the potty, pulled down the Croc undies, waited 5 seconds and voila, there it was! He got up, looked in the potty, pointed and started crying. However, with mommy and daddy jumping for joy, clapping and endless treats of prunes (yes, he loves them I swear… and they encourage good bowel movement #winning), he knew he did something right!

Until Levi is more vocal on when he needs to ‘go’, our journey continues. Until then, we will keep encouraging him to use his potty and toilet seat, and to wear his 1st pair of underwear whenever he likes. Good luck parents, the struggle IS REAL and the pee does get messy. But hey, we’re in to win it and we have no doubt that in the next few months our little Levi will get the poo-int of the potty.