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Must-Have Accessories for Your Veer Cruiser All-Terrain Wagon

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If you’ve already purchased the Veer Cruiser All-Terrain Wagon, you probably already know what a treat it is for both parents to use and for kids to enjoy. I mean, who wouldn’t like to be chauffeured around in a high-end wagon!? But did you know you can get more out of this amazing baby ride? It’s true! Veer has an accessory line that enhances comfort, adds convenience, and even provides superior protection for your little passenger.

Here’s a list of everything you can purchase to customize your Cruiser and ensure your baby has the most stylish ride on the block. 


Veer offers various cover attachments that keep your baby safe and comfy in all kinds of weather:

CANOPY: For adventures on those beautiful sunny days, your little one will definitely need some shade. This sun protection canopy clips to the wagon’s frame, has a peekaboo window with hidden magnets, and is fully retractable. You can also install dual canopies on the ends of the wagon for full coverage.

ALL-WEATHER COVERS: The all-weather goes over the top of the veer and the retractable canopy to protect both your baby and the Cruiser itself from any inclement weather. A large clear vinyl window lets babies look out, and vents can be opened to cycle fresh air into the wagon.

BUG SHEILD: When you take your Cruiser on beautiful tree-lined paths, things can get buggy. Never fear, the bug shield zips to the canopy and stretches over the Cruiser to protect your baby from pesky bug bites. Of note, because it attaches to the opposite end of the wagon, the bug shield is designed for use with only 1 passenger.

TRAVEL BAG: The travel bag is made from rugged nylon to fully protect the collapsed wagon when travelling. You can also slip this bag over the Cruiser to keep it safe when storing it.

Cruiser Retractable Canopy



Cruiser All Weather Cover



Cruiser Bug Shield


Phil & Teds

Universal Travel Bag



Hot days have never been cooler when you use the Cruiser’s Misting Fan!

Looking like a glorified fast-food cup, the fan’s design allows it to be stored in a cup holder on the wagon (see below). It’s super safe for baby, as it comes with a fan cover that keeps their tiny hands away from the blades.

You can use it to produce mist for a superior cooling effect, or simply use it as a fan. Also, the reservoir holds 250 ml of water, and the rechargeable battery can return 10 hours of use on the low setting. 


The Nap System transforms the Cruiser into a safety-certified bassinet for children to sleep in on those long days outdoors.

For use from birth up to 20 lbs., it fits the wagon perfectly and includes a soft mattress for comfort. You can then use the canopy and bug shield for some extra privacy. When you’re done with it, the pieces in the Nap System fold up like an accordion for easy out-of-sight storage. 



The Cruiser Comfort Seat is designed for children from 6 months up to 35 lbs.

It's a padded seat that saves children from sore bottoms when sitting in the wagon — especially for long periods of time! The seat has a harness that keeps children securely in place. If you have two kids, you can insert seats at both ends of the Cruiser.

Speaking of seats, even the smallest members of your family can join in the fun! Many brands of infant car seats can be used with the Cruiser with an adapter.
Cruiser Misting Fan



Cruiser Misting Fan

Sale Price: $34.99

Regular Price: $64.99


Cruiser Nap System



Cruiser Comfort Seat for Toddler



Cruiser Infant Car Seat Adapter - UPPAbaby



For fashionista parents that love bells and whistles, Veer offers the Sidewall Kit. It allows you to change out the side panels and wheel inserts to a colour of your choosing, for a more customized ride.

Another accessory you may want to grab for your Cruiser is the Foldable Storage Basket. It attaches behind the rear seat so it’s out of the way and gives you a place to store up to 15 lbs. Bags, food, nap system, covers — it can hold everything you need for your day out!

With the Cruise Wagon Bundle, you get the canopy and storage basket with your wagon.
Cruiser Sidewall Kit



Cruiser Foldable Storage Basket



All-Terrain Cruiser Wagon


Cruiser Retractable Canopy



When you’re out and about on a fun-filled day of adventure, both parents and children will need food and drinks to stay energized and refreshed, which is why Veer made the Cup Holder 2-Pack as well as a Drink & Snack Tray. No hangry families here!

The snack tray is designed to span the width of the wagon, making it easy for your child to feed themselves on the ride.

Note: The Cruiser comes with a snack tray. Likewise, 2 cup holders are included with the Cruiser. However, it can hold up to 6, so the 2-pack is perfect for adding more if needed. 

All-Terrain Cruiser XL Wagon


Cruiser XL Retractable Canopy



Cruiser Cup Holders (2 Pack)



The Cruiser XL Wagon is the new and larger-than-life Cruiser model. The main difference is that it’s almost double the size and can hold four kids instead of two. This gives parents a lot more flexibility when towing children, bags, or even the family’s furry Fido!

Veer offers a similar range of accessories for it, however, due to the larger sizing they are specific to the XL model:


The Veer Cruiser is one of Snuggle Bugz’s most popular products, lauded for its convenience and durability. Though it’s pretty much perfect straight out of the box, the addition of various accessories takes it up a notch and lets you get the most from your wagon.

From plush seats to generous canopies, to covers that shield your child from bugs, rain, and snow, Veer has pretty much thought of everything to make using their Cruise Wagon that much more enjoyable.