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Stokke Nomi High Chair Review

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Looking for a solution to your child's fidgeting and fussing during mealtime? Look no further than the much-hyped Nomi High Chair from Stokke.

The Nomi High Chair is a versatile and adaptable masterpiece designed to grow alongside your tiny tot! Crafted with a strong focus on safety and quality, the Nomi has undergone rigorous testing, plus parents get a perfect balance between style and functionality.   

But does it live up to all the hype? We are breaking down everything you need to know about this high chair before you make your purchase — let’s dig in! 


What Is the Nomi High Chair? 


  • Recommended Age: From birth up to 6 months with Newborn Set. 
    6 months to 36 months with Baby Set 
     24 months+ just the Chair 
  • Weight Limit: 330 lbs. 
  • Product Weight: 12.1 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: ‎33" x 21" x 23" 

From Scandinavian designer Peter Opsvik (the same mind behind the Stokke Tripp Trapp), the Nomi High Chair elevates your child to table level while ensuring their feet rest comfortably at the same time.  

While it’s a simple addition to the chair, this adjustable footrest is a top feature, as dangling (or tucked) feet often lead to discomfort and restlessness. This discomfort can become a long-term issue as children struggle to sit properly in adult-sized chairs until they're around 10 years old. Improper seating can also affect swallowing and even hinder speech development.  

Versatility is at the core of this chair. Built to last, it boasts an impressive 330 lbs. weight limit, making it a lifelong companion. With an adjustable seat accompanying the footrest, it seamlessly transforms from a high chair to a regular chair, growing with your child. You can even use it with newborns (via the proper attachment), ensuring your new addition is part of family mealtimes from the very beginning!  

Lightweight for moving around your home with ease, the Nomi High Chair is a hassle-free option. Whether you opt for the complete bundle or just the chair and add attachments as you go, this is a long-term investment in your child's comfort and well-being during their formative years and beyond!

Stage 1: Newborn 

The Nomi High Chair can embrace your child's journey from day one. Thanks to the Nomi Newborn Set, this chair transforms into a bouncer for your newborn!  

The Nomi Baby is an ideal height for 'talking,' playing, feeding, and maintaining perfect eye contact with your little one. It effortlessly adjusts between nearly horizontal and more upright positions, catering to your baby's evolving needs. During those early weeks, when your baby needs extra support, you can use it in the horizontal/flat position, providing a secure and comfortable space. 

Stokke knows safety is paramount, so it includes a 5-point harness to keep your baby snug and secure when in their chair. Coupled with the plush mattress, your child will experience a “cocoon of comfort”! 

As they grow stronger and start kicking those adorable legs, the Newborn Set bounces gently with them, ensuring their head remains stable. When your little wants to relax, transition the bouncer attachment to a near-flat position! 

If you’re looking to save some money, you can purchase the first-generation Newborn Set although, it doesn’t have as many colours to choose from. 

To enhance baby’s time in their little nest, you can add on the Activity Play Bar. It allows you to attach your child’s favourite toys to the Newborn Set, encouraging the development of their motor skills! 

Stage 2: Baby Years 

The next stage of baby’s journey will require the proper seat. If you’ve only purchased the chair, you’ll need to elevate your child’s mealtime with the following upgrades: 

  1. Baby Set Seat: The Nomi Baby Set offers unparalleled comfort and support as your baby learns to sit. With a simple click, it attaches securely underneath the seat and on the backrest, creating an ergonomic and cozy highchair that allows unrestricted movement. Suitable from around six months (or when baby can sit unassisted) and designed for use up to 36 months, it provides exceptional side and back support, fostering your toddler's exploration, tasting, and interaction at the family table. What’s more, it's crafted from recyclable, toxin-free plastic, so it’s not only safe but also environmentally conscious! 

  2. High Chair Tray: While the Nomi High Chair is designed for direct use at the dining table, the Nomi Tray offers added versatility. This handy accessory slides on and provides a convenient surface for your child's mealtime essentials! Crafted from high-quality, food-grade plastic and available in various stylish colours, it's both practical and safe. Of note: The tray is not intended to secure your child in the chair, so always use it in combination with the harness.  

Stage 3: Toddler & Beyond 

Once your kiddo is over 24 months, they can use the Nomi Chair on its own. The high chair easily transforms to a chair by simply removing the Baby Set. As previously mentioned, the seat and footrest are adjustable, so your child will continue to have the most ergonomic postion as they grow. In fact, with a weight limit of 330 lbs, this chair is with your kiddo for the long run. 

Enhance your child's dining experience with the Nomi High Chair Cushion, a versatile and functional addition to their seat!  

These cushions not only add a layer of softness and comfort to the chair but also infuse a touch of personality into mealtime. Whether you’ve equipped your chair with the Baby Set or without, these cushions are the perfect complement for a cushioned bottom well into their young adult years.  

Designed with practicality in mind, these cushions come in 4 different colour options and are reversible to suit your personal style, mood, and home decor. Each set includes one seat and one back cushion, making assembly and removal a breeze.  

Plus, the ease of maintenance is a bonus; these cushions are machine-washable for added convenience when they have to be cleaned. Tested and approved by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, the world's leading health certification standard for textiles, you can trust in their quality and safety.  

Believe the Hype 

The Nomi High Chair from Stokke lives up to its well-deserved hype, offering a versatile and ergonomic seating solution for infants, toddlers, and beyond. Crafted with a Scandinavian design and a weight limit of 330 lbs., this high chair accommodates children from infancy through their growing years. The Newborn Set attachment ensures newborns can join family mealtimes, providing a safe and comfortable space. 

The Nomi Baby Set and High Chair Tray enhance the chair's functionality, offering exceptional support and convenience. Additionally, the Nomi High Chair Cushions provide comfort and style, making mealtime cozier and more personalized. 

Simply put, the Nomi High Chair is a versatile, safe, and stylish investment, seamlessly adapting to your child’s changing needs.