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Stokke Limas vs. Limas Carrier Flex

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Babywearing is one of the most rewarding ways to bond with our little ones. It can also be a necessary aspect of parenting multiple kiddos — the infant is safe and secure in the carrier, keeping your hands free to deal with another child or do other tasks. So, a baby carrier that’s comfortable and easy to use is an essential purchase for many new parents.  

In this article, we’re taking you through two carrier options that we absolutely love: the Stokke Limas Baby Carrier and the Stokke Limas Carrier Flex. Which one will be right for you?

Why Choose a Stokke Carrier? 

At first glance, these two Stokke carriers seem very similar, but each has some key advantages. One thing both the ‘classic’ Limas Baby Carrier and the Limas Carrier Flex share is a luxuriously soft, organic cotton fabric and high-quality stitching. Both of these carriers will grow with your child...literally. The cotton material expands over time to keep your little one comfy, close, and cool. Thanks to the adjustable base and back panel, these carriers can be expanded to ensure your baby has a comfortable, ergonomic seating position all the way through their early years.  

Both the Limas carriers are super easy to keep clean. Small spills will wipe off easily, but if you have a bigger spill, built-up drool, or a leaky diaper, you can pop them in the washing machine at low temperature and low spin to have your carrier looking (and smelling) like new. It is also worth noting that both these carriers can be used straight out of the box — there’s no need to wash before using!  

The classic Limas Baby Carrier and the Limas Carrier Flex can be used for either front or back carrying. The best position for the first few months is the front carry — this helps keep your little one close to your chest and allows you to see their face and check in on them regularly. Once they’re over five months, you can switch to back carrying for longer adventures and to let your little one see more of the world!  

​Having both front and back carrying options give parents a lot of flexibility — however, it is important to note that the ‘classic’ comes with a separate chest belt that needs to be attached before using for back carrying, but the Flex has one built in.

Side by Side: ‘Classic’ Limas vs. Flex 

 Let’s take a look at the specs on these two great carriers:

Limas Baby Carrier: 

  • Half buckle (waistbelt only) 
  • Suitable for use from birth (7 lbs) up to 2+ years (33 lbs) 
  • Carrier weight: 1.8 lbs 
  • Materials: 100% organic cotton* (*Valerian beige only: 55% organic cotton, 45% linen) 

Limas Carrier Flex:  

  • Full buckle (waistbelt and shoulder straps) 
  • Recommended Ages: 1 month (8.8 lbs) to 3+years (44 lbs–back carry only) 
  • Front carrying suitable for 8.8 lbs up to 20 lbs 
  • Carrier weight: 1.8lbs 
  • Materials: 100% organic cotton* (*Valerian beige only: 55% organic cotton, 45% linen) 

Key Differences 

Now that we’ve seen the specs and some of the details that these carriers have in common, let’s talk about the key differences. 

The classic Limas Baby Carrier combines the advantages of a baby wrap with an ergonomic carrier and can be used from birth up to toddler. 

The carrier is easy to use: 

  1. Buckle the waistbelt 
  2. Put the carrier on
  3. Pull the shoulder straps tight and tie them in a double knot.

The straps are made of double-layered fabric, and can be spread out to help evenly distribute your little one’s weight. You can even insert the included extra padding into a special sewn-in pocket to really dial in your carrier experience.  

The Limas Flex, on the other hand, has a full-buckle system, which means you can put it on quickly and easily without tying. For another option, the waistbelt of the Flex can be easily removed, allowing it to be used as an onbuhimo — a traditional Japanese style for baby back carrying. The Flex also features fully padded shoulder straps and a wide, ergonomically shaped waist belt with a padded buckle for comfort and ease while carrying. 

Which Stokke Limas is Right for You?  

If you’re planning on carrying your newborn right away, the classic Stokke Limas Baby Carrier may be the best choice for you. The half-buckle system also means the ‘classic’ is a little softer and more customizable — there are no extra buckles flopping around or getting caught on things. The knotted straps also allow you to get a fit that works best for you and your baby. This is great for parents who may not have the ‘average’ torso size and shape.   

In contrast, the Stokke Limas Carrier Flex is only suitable for slightly older infants (from one month). If this is your first child, you may not need (or want) to use the carrier during these first few weeks anyways. Despite not being able to use it right away, the Flex is more versatile overall — that’s why it’s called ‘Flex!’ The option to remove the waist belt adds a third carrying option, and the full buckle system is a little less complicated to get on and off — no tying and untying, or stressing about whether your knot might slip. Just click the buckles in securely, adjust the straps, and you’re good to go. 

The Verdict: Two Great Choices 

When it comes to comfortable, easy-to-use baby carriers, it’s hard to go wrong with either the Stokke Limas Baby Carrier or the Stokke Limas Flex. These carriers are made from the best materials, they both allow for multiple carrying options, and they come in super chic colours and patterns to match any parent’s style. 

If you’re still not sure what type of carrier is right for you, make sure to check out all of our articles about baby wearing over at the Snuggle Bugz Learning Centre!  

Happy Shopping!