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Baby Proof Your Home in Style

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Are you expecting a little one? Think you have to get rid of everything nice in your home to baby-proof your house? Well, I've got good news for you. Your home can still look amazing and be safe for your baby.

Gone are the days where gates, electrical outlets and drawer locks were eyesores. A lot of the time they not only looked icky but they were super impractical to use as well. I couldn't be happier to share that I have found some amazing options that not only look INCREDIBLE in our home but that function extremely well for our family.

I work in the design industry. I photograph our home on a regular basis as it showcases my work in the best way possible. I love creating spaces for families that function for their lifestyles and that are cozy and casual while still being stylish. If you're expecting a baby or if you have children already, I want you to drop the notion that you can't have nice things. Ok... maybe that Waterford Crystal vase can be tucked awhile for a little while, but we can get you some practical decor options ha!

Things You Need 

When it comes to safety for your baby what are the key items you'll need to invest in? For us it was:

Not a long list right? Corner covers are a great option for tables and corners of your kitchen island. Qdos actually have some that can stick on the top and bottom.

We have an open-concept main floor so I like to curate the space often to remove clutter. The less accessories you have the cleaner and less busy your space will look. With that said, we opted for the Crystal Gates from Qdos. These gates blend into our home and allow my design aesthetic to shine. There was a great instructional video online to help us assemble our gates. Their gates come both hardware or pressure mounted. Qdos Crystal pressure mount gates can only be used at the bottom of stairs or in any opening or doorway whereas hardware mount gates are approved to be used at the top or bottom. If you need help selecting the right baby gate for you, Qdos has a handy, dandy gate selector on their website.
Once they're installed... that's it! We can finally let our little one walk around aimlessly on our main floor and she absolutely loves that. We secretly love it too because it tires her out for her naps and for bedtime. Win-win!
When it came to cupboard locks we wanted an option that would be practical for us when cooking in the kitchen. We're opening and closing our drawers all the time so we needed something that worked for our family while still protecting our daughter from what's inside. The most dangerous cupboard (in my opinion) is right below our sink. We tend to keep our cleaners, dish detergent, and garbage bags here. Of course, this needs to be locked away. What I love about the Qdos cupboard locks is that they're so versatile. My cupboard has a backboard directly in the middle of my two cupboard doors and the lock sticks right onto that. All we have to do to release it is squeeze the two sides which is too difficult for our daughter to ever figure out. I also love that they're not an eyesore either which is a major plus in my books!