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Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Butterfly Complete Ultra-Compact Stroller

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Purchasing a stroller for your family is all about finding the right fit. You don’t want just any stroller; you want the stroller that will make your everyday life as a busy parent as easy as possible, while also maximizing your child’s comfort.  

Whether you’re living life in a big city with limited space or have a family that loves to travel often, Bugaboo is a brand that always delivers exactly what you need.  

Bugaboo’s Dragonfly Complete Compact Stroller and Butterfly Complete Ultra-Compact Stroller are two of our favourite compact and lightweight strollers that are a great fit for families who are constantly on the move and manoeuvring their child around small spaces. 

So, which one is the best fit for you? Let’s dive into the similarities and differences between these two strollers.

The Specs 


  • Suitable for Ages: 6 months (from birth in pram or infant car seat) – 50 lbs 
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 41.73” L x 20.47” W x 40.94” H  
  • Folded Dimensions: 14.17” L x 20.47” W x 32” H (with pram) / 35.43” H (with seat)  
  • Stroller Weight: 22.9 lbs (with pram) and 17.4 lbs (with seat) 


  • Suitable for Ages: 6 months (from birth in infant car seat) to 48.5 lbs
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 36.42” L x 17.72” W x 40.31” H 
  • Folded Dimensions: 17.72” L x 9.06” W x 21.26” H 
  • Stroller Weight: 15.21 lbs

Right off the bat, you will notice that the Butterfly is lighter than the Dragonfly, and its folded dimensions show how much more compact it can be.

Awesomely Alike 

Easy Compact Fold: Both Bugaboo strollers can be folded easily using just one hand, making it an effortless and quick storing process when you’re out and about with your little one. You can hold your baby in one arm, while simultaneously folding or unfolding the stroller, so you can get in and out of places with no fuss. Once folded, the strollers have a free-standing position too!

Adjustments: Both toddler seats seats can be reclined to multiple positions to meet your child’s needs. They also have adjustable leg rests!

Storage: The Dragonfly and Butterfly both have large storage baskets under your child’s seat. You can pack all your essentials and have them within arm’s reach no matter where you go.  However, the Dragonfly allows you to stow 22 lbs worth of gear, while the Butterfly can only accommodate 17.64 lbs.

Smooth Ride: The suspension design of the wheels on the two strollers gives you the Bugaboo guarantee of a smooth ride every time. You can push your stroller one-handed knowing your child will enjoy a bump-free ride.  

Canopy: To ensure you can use the Dragonfly or Butterfly stroller in any weather, both come with an extendable canopy to keep out the sun, rain, wind, or snow. The Butterfly has a four-panel sun canopy with the extendable breezy panel, while the Dragonfly has an extendable, multi-functional canopy with a pop-out visor.

Travel System: You can turn either of these strollers into a travel system with a compatible infant car seat. 

Contrasting Characteristics   

Compact Size: The Butterfly offers a significantly more compact fold than the Dragonfly, small enough to fit in the overhead luggage compartment of airplanes and trains, as well as trunks of cars. The Butterfly can even be stored under tables when you’re out at a restaurant or coffee shop. 

Lightweight: The only thing better than a stroller that offers a quick and compact fold is a stroller that is also lightweight. The Dragonfly and Butterfly are both lightweight options that are easy to lift with their carrying straps when folded. However, here the Butterfly has the advantage, as it weights just just over 15 lbs, while the Dragonfly weighs several pounds more (22 lbs).

Travel System Ready: In order to attach your infant car seat to the Butterfly, you'll need to buy  Car Seat Adapters separately. However, the Dragonfly has car seat adapters included and is ready to be used as a travel system right out of the box.  

Newborn Use: With the purchase of the Dragonfly Pram Body, the Dragonfly Stroller becomes newborn friendly. The stroller can be fully folded even with this pram installed! The Butterfly does not offer a pram attachment and can be used only once your child is 6 months old or with an infant car seat.  

Reversible Seat: While the Butterfly stroller seat is set in its place in world-facing position, the Dragonfly stroller seat is reversible, allowing you to choose whether you want your child facing you or facing out to enjoy the world around them.  

Reclining Options: Both strollers have a wide range of reclining adjustments, however the Dragonfly can be reclined lower, to an almost completely flat position.  

Storage Quantity:  As previously mentioned, the Dragonfly offers a slightly more spacious storage basket that holds just under 5 pounds more than the Butterfly storage basket. The Dragonfly also comes with an expandable storage pouch that can be moved to the back, front, or on the handlebars of the stroller, offering even more storage room.


If you’re a fan of add-on options, oh man, is Bugaboo the brand for you! The brand has a wide range of accessories to enhance your stroller:

Dragonfly Sun Canopy: This canopy will protect your child through rain or shine, with a pop-up visor for extra protection.  

Dragonfly Breezy Sun Canopy: This canopy comes with an extra boost of breathability in its mesh side panels, so your child can enjoy the breeze while still being protected from the elements.  

Dragonfly Rain Cover: Enjoy your stroller outings in any weather with this durable full coverage rain cover for your Dragonfly Stroller.  

Universal Cup Holder: Whether its to hold your water bottle, coffee cup, or a sippy cup, this easily attachable cup holder is just the thing to keep your hands free to steer your stroller.  

Stroller Organizer: This extra storage option has multiple pockets and can easily be clipped to your stroller or carried like bag when you’re on the move. The water resistant fabric makes it a great buy that guarantees you can have all the essentials for a day out on the town.  

Universal Stroller Footmuff: For those cooler autumn days, this water repellent footmuff is a great addition to your baby’s stroller experience. 

Smartphone Holder: No need to go digging into your purse or pocket for your phone while on the go. With this attachable phone holder, your phone will always be in reach.  

Butterfly Stroller Bumper Bar: Add a little bit of extra safety to your child’s ride with this effortlessly attachable handlebar.  

Comfort Transport Bag: Fully-equipped with wheels and a carrying strap, this durable bag will make it easy to travel with your stroller.  

Bugaboo Universal Parasol: This adjustable parasol offers your child full coverage protection from the sun.  

Butterfly Comfort Wheeled Board+: Your Butterfly Stroller can accommodate your baby and your toddler, who can ride along on the board. 

Wool Seat Liner:  amplify your child’s comfort with this soft wool seat liner.  

Final Verdict 

The Dragonfly Complete Compact Stroller and Butterfly Complete Ultra-Compact Stroller really pack a punch in the compact, easy to fold stroller market. Both Bugaboo products have the signature lightweight, sturdy design, and simple-to-use elements we know and love.  

Whether you’re looking for a stroller you can use straight from birth like the Dragonfly, or a stroller that offers a uniquely compact effortless fold that will guarantee you an easy time travelling with your little one, like the Butterfly, you truly can’t go wrong with either of these strollers.  

Still on the fence about which of these strollers is right for you? Read the in-depth Bugaboo Dragonfly Complete Compact Stroller product review and Bugaboo Butterfly Complete Ultra-Compact Stroller Review to learn more.  

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