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Bugaboo Fox 5 vs. Nuna MIXX Next Stroller

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So you’ve got a little one on the way and you’re ready for some new wheels! We know how easy it is to become overwhelmed by all the different strollers out there. Which features do you need? Which ones can you do without? 

We’re here to help make things less confusing and more fun! 

Two of our top single strollers right now are the Fox 5 by Bugaboo and the MIXX Next from Nuna. These reputable brands always put out great gear, so we wanted to show you exactly what you’ll get with these bodacious baby rides!   

Join us as we embark on this comprehensive comparison, helping you navigate the diverse (and sometimes maddening) landscape of baby strollers. 

Video Review 

Head to Head 

Bugaboo Fox 5 SPECS: 

  • Suitable from birth (with included bassinet or compatible infant car seat) up to 50 lbs. 
  • Open Dimensions: 36.6" L x 23.6" W x 41.3" H  
  • One-Piece Folded Dimensions: 17.3" L x 23.6" W x 35.4" H  
  • Two-Piece Folded Dimensions: 35" L x 20.9" W x 13.4" H  
  • Stroller Weight: 22.9 lbs.  

Nuna MIXX Next SPECS: 

  • Suitable from birth (in bassinet mode or with PIPA series infant car seats) to 50 lbs. 
  • Open Dimensions: 32.7" L x 23.6" W x 45.3" H 
  • Folded Dimensions: 19" L x 23.6” W x 27.5" H 
  • Stroller Weight: 28.3 lbs.  

Taking a look at their specs, the main difference is that the MIXX Next is a slightly smaller stroller in both frame size and weight. The Fox 5’s fold is more compact if you remove the seat, but if folding with the seats attached, the MIXX Next is still the smaller option. 

Identical Baby Buggies 

Let’s begin by talking about what features these two baby buggies have in common: 

First and foremost, both the Fox 5 and the MIXX Next promise an all-terrain ride, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey for your baby. Equipped with an all-wheel suspension system and lockable front swivel wheels, these strollers handle challenging terrains with ease, making them versatile companions for urban strolls or off-road adventures. 

One key aspect that parents often consider is the flexibility of seating options. In this department, both strollers shine, offering the choice of world-facing or parent-facing positioning. This adaptability allows you to interact with your little one or let them explore the world around them, catering to their changing preferences as they grow. 

Safety is paramount, and both the Fox 5 and the MIXX Next prioritize it with their no-rethread harnesses. This feature simplifies the adjustment of the harness height as your child grows, ensuring a secure fit without the hassle of rethreading straps — a convenience appreciated by busy parents! 

Getting your child in and out of the stroller is a breeze with the Fox 5 and MIXX Next, thanks to their easily accessible arm bars. Whether you prefer to open the bars partially or remove them entirely, both strollers offer the flexibility needed for seamless transitions. 

Adding a touch of luxury, both the Fox 5 and the MIXX Next elevate their design with luxe leatherettes. The handlebar and bumper bar of these strollers are wrapped in supple leather, providing a sophisticated and comfortable grip for parents as they navigate through daily adventures. 

For families looking to use their strollers from the newborn stage, both the Fox 5 and the MIXX Next seamlessly transform into a travel system. The MIXX Next complements its design with the MIXX series bassinet and PIPA series infant car seats, while the Fox 5 accommodates a variety of infant car seats, including Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, Cybex, and Clek, with the help of adapters. 

Individual Identities 

Though they share many similarities, these two strollers are distinctly different in certain aspects! 

In The Box: The Fox 5 includes both a bassinet and seat, providing versatility for newborns and older infants. Meanwhile, the MIXX Next’s seat doubles as a pram, reclining to a true-flat position, offering a space-saving solution. 

Folding: The MIXX Next boasts a unique flat fold, laying parallel to the ground, while the Fox 5 opts for a standing fold. For those seeking an even more compact fold, both strollers allow you to remove the seat and wheels. 

Canopies: Both strollers feature extendable canopies with UPF 50 protection. The Fox 5 offers a wider canopy with a ventilation panel doubling as a peekaboo window, plus the added bonus of customizable canopies. The MIXX Next canopy includes a front flap, multiple ventilation panels, and a peekaboo window. 

Harness Buckle: The MIXX Next simplifies harnessing with an easy magnetic buckle, while the Fox 5 opts for buckle clips but ingeniously keeps the harness out of the way, reducing fuss during adjustments. 

Handlebar Height: Taller parents might appreciate the MIXX Next, which provides a few extra inches of handlebar height for a more comfortable pushing experience. 

Bumper Bar: The Fox 5's bumper bar is removable, easing the process of getting your child in and out of the seat with convenience. 

Seat Comfort: Nuna prioritizes comfort with a removable seat insert on the MIXX Next, ensuring your little one stays warm on chilly days and cool in warmer weather. 

Seat Extensions: The Fox 5 shines in adaptability with an extendable seat, offering an extra 2 inches in both the canopy and footwell as your child grows. 

Self-Standing Seat: The Fox 5 takes functionality a step further by allowing the seat to be removed and used on the ground during activities like picnics or soccer games. 

Adjustable Footrest: An adjustable footrest on the MIXX Next supports your little one's little calves, providing added comfort during rides! 

Baskets: When it comes to storage capacity, the Fox 5 takes the lead, with a basket that can hold over double the weight compared to the MIXX Next — 22 lbs. versus 10 lbs. 

Colours: The Fox 5 provides a broader spectrum of colour options, allowing parents to choose a stroller that matches their style preferences. 

Accessories: Nuna offers specific add-ons like the MIXX Bassinet and Rain Cover, along with a cup holder and snack tray. In contrast, Bugaboo boasts an extensive array of accessories for the Fox 5 (see our Top Accessories for the Fox 5 article). 

Price: While the MIXX Next comes at a more budget-friendly price point (approximately $400 cheaper than the Fox 5), the Fox 5 includes a separate bassinet, whereas the MIXX Bassinet (if desired) comes at an additional cost of $350. That being said, the MIXX Next Stroller is already newborn-friendly on its own, due to its true-flat recline. 

Final Thoughts 

Despite their apparent similarities, the Fox 5 by Bugaboo and MIXX Next from Nuna showcase distinct identities catering to diverse parental needs. The MIXX Next stands out as a slightly smaller and lighter option while both strollers promise an all-terrain ride with versatile seating options and unique features that set them apart. 

The Fox 5 boasts a standing fold and wider canopy with customizable options, while the MIXX Next excels in a flat fold and magnetic harness buckle. Each with adjustable features, and both having ample storage, these strollers offer varied solutions, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your lifestyle. 

To learn more about these strollers, check out our Bugaboo Fox 5 Stroller Review and Nuna MIXX Next Stroller Review.