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Top Accessories for Your Bugaboo Fox 5 Stroller

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Want your new Fox stroller to stand out from the crowd? It’s time to start accessorizing and soup up your baby ride!

From cup holders to phone mounts, seat liners to rain covers, Bugaboo ensures the possibilities are nearly endless when treating your stroller to some bling.

The Fox 5 Complete Stroller is pretty epic on its own, but adding these must-have items will take your stroller to the next level and make it more functional and comfortable for you and your little one.

Keep reading to find all about the fun and fashionable accessories you can add to your baby’s ride!

Comfort Add-Ons

Bugaboo Newborn Inlay: This soft cotton inlay keeps baby warm year-round. Made from a mix of chemical-free cotton, polyester, and elastane, the extra layer helps regulate their body temperature while in the pram.

Bugaboo High Performance Footmuff: Designed to keep your snuggle bug toasty during harsh Canadian winters, this footmuff is a must-have when using the pram on chilly days. It features a down-filled cover to keep babies warm and protected against the elements while wicking away moisture at the same time.

Bugaboo Wool Seat Liner: Made with knitted cotton jersey on one side and Woolmark-certified 100% pure new wool pile on the other, this reversible liner gives your child a naturally soft surface for extra comfort.

Bugaboo Dual Comfort Seat Liner: Machine-washable for parents (hallelujah!) and fully reversible, this 3D mesh liner increases airflow and ventilation while preventing gross bacteria.

Newborn Inlay - Light Grey



Wool Seat Liner


Configuration Add-Ons

Infant Car Seat: The Fox 5 comes with a pram and a toddler seat, but can be turned into a travel system by attaching your child’s infant car seat to the frame. The Fox 5 is compatible with Bugaboo infant car seats and with seats from Cybex, Nuna, Maxi-Cosi, and Clek (adapters sold separately).

Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board: Have more than one little one? No problem. This board attaches to the stroller frame and allows older children to catch a ride, keeping the stroller seat free for younger siblings. The Fox 5 also repositioned the attachment point on the stroller frame by a few centimetres, so parents get more room to walk while using the board.

Changing Essentials

Bugaboo Changing Clutch: Changing diapers in style? You better believe it! Bugaboo’s Changing Clutch compactly fits into the Fox 5’s under seat basket, and houses a changing mat, 4 diapers, wet wipes, and a tube of cream for no-fuss changing anywhere you are.

Bugaboo Changing Bag: Available in grey melange or black, this stylish bag can hold all your baby essentials. It comes with 3 clutches, a changing mat, an insulated bottle holder, multiple compartments, and an integrated attachment hook (so you can hang it off the stroller).

Bugaboo Changing Backpack: Similar to the Changing Bag, this fashionable backpack is made from 100% recycled fabrics! Designed with a zip-open front for easy access, it can also be hung from the stroller, and comes with 2 clutches, a padded changing mat, an insulated bottle holder, and a dedicated laptop compartment for tech-savvy parents.

Changing Backpack



Changing Bag



Comfort Wheeled Board


Weather Protection

Bugaboo Breezy Sun Canopy: The Fox 5 Stroller has a huge canopy for sun and wind protection, but if you’re looking for one with a bit more ventilation, look no further than this breezy option! Available in multiple colours, its mesh panels have UPF 50+ protection and an integrated mosquito net that can attach to the pram and toddler seat. If you really want to jazz things up, you can also replace the Sun Canopy that comes with the stroller with a cool colour like the all-new Astro Purple.

Bugaboo Parasol: While the Fox 5 comes with a pretty healthy-sized canopy, it can be hard to get full protection as the sun changes direction. Thankfully, this UPF 50+ parasol provides the ultimate shade on sunny days! Roughly 27 inches in diameter, it’s easy to attach and adjust no matter the sun’s position overhead — and in case it rains, the fabrics are water-repellant as well!

Bugaboo Mosquito Net: Humid days by the lake or in the woods can have you defending yourself and your baby against endless amounts of mozzies. Protect your bundle of joy by attaching this mosquito net to either the pram or toddler seat, so they don’t get feasted on by those annoying bugs!

Bugaboo Universal Parasol



Cameleon Mosquito Net



Bugaboo Organizer: When you use this organizer, you’ll never again feel like you've forgotten something at home. It easily attaches to the stroller via velcro tabs, and comes with multi-functional compartments to keep all your baby’s essentials at arm’s reach.

Bugaboo Cup Holder: This cup holder attaches to the Fox 5’s handlebar and can hold anything from sippy cups and bottles, to mom or dad's mush-needed coffee cup. This is a must-have to keep your little one hydrated throughout the day.

Bugaboo Smartphone Holder: If you want to keep your phone handy to capture those impromptu photo ops, look no further. The Bugaboo Smartphone Holder effortlessly mounts to the stroller’s handlebar and has a 360° ball joint for optimal positioning. Use it to listen to music, take pics, use Maps, track your workouts, or keep you in the loop when notifications come through.

Bugaboo Snack Tray: Yummy yummy in baby’s tummy! This snack tray connects to the stroller frame, making it simple for your child to feed themselves. It also has a cup holder (which can be used even when the snack tray isn’t attached), rotates 90 degrees (so it’s out of the way), and can be tossed in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Bugaboo Comfort Transport Bag: If you’re travelling with your stroller, you can protect it from getting dinged up with Bugaboo’s fashionable and handy transport bag. It has a strap for easy carrying, but also has built-in wheels, making it easy to pull like luggage, with the handle resting at hip-height.

Universal Cup Holder



Snack Tray - Fox2 / Bee6 / Cam3 / Donkey3



Comfort Transport Bag


Supersize Your Baby's Ride

These Fox 5 accessories provide both practical and aesthetic benefits. Adding things like a cup holder, a smartphone holder, or a breezy canopy can make your stroller more convenient and comfortable for you and your child.

Additionally, Bugaboo accessories such as a seat liner or a footmuff can add a pop of colour or style — allowing you to customize it according to your personal taste. With a range of accessories available, you can create the ultimate baby ride that meets your specific needs and be the coolest stroller on the block.