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How Light is the Nuna PIPA Lite LX Infant Car Seat?

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Please note: The PIPA Lite LX has been discontinued. To learn more about the existing PIPA car seat lineup, be sure to check out our Learning Centre article comparing the Nuna PIPA vs. PIPA Lite vs. PIPA Urbn.

You’ve been familiar with the saying, “step on a crack and break your mother’s back", since your rhyming days on the playground.

Fast Forward a few decades to present day. Now an older, wiser, version of yourself – you know full well that a desk job, a bad night's sleep, or lugging around heavy baby gear can do the same kind of damage to that back of yours.

Let me break it to you, Mama. 
[some news, NOT your back]

Kids. Get. Heavy.
So how do you avoid straining your back during that first year? 

Enter the PIPA Lite LX from Nuna! It weighs in at only 5.5 pounds – making it one of the lightest infant car seats on the market!


Meet the PIPA Lite LX

How Light is Lite?

Great question!

Allow us to help. We’ve created a round-up of products that you probably have on hand that will help you to truly understand what 5.5 pounds feels like.

Take our little grocery store weight test next time you are out for a few things OR grab what you have on hand for a quick comparison to the Nuna PIPA Lite LX of just how heavy [or light in this case] we are talking.

11 Lemons

When life hands you lemons – compare them to a car seat.

11 of them to be exact!

This pretty bowl of lemons weighs in at about 5.2 pounds. Our bet is that a dozen of them would have rounded out nicely to exactly 5.5 pounds.

A Bag of Potatoes

While we’ve got you in the produce section it’s time to grab a 5 pound bag of potatoes.

Start: produce
End: dairy department

This little jaunt will give you an idea of what it will be like to carry the PIPA Light LX infant car seat around when you pop-into the grocery store next with baby in tow.

2 Litres of Milk

You made it!

Now that you’ve made it to the dairy department grab a 2L carton of milk to experience what 5.7 pounds feels like.

The milk in your hands weighs slightly MORE than this car seat. Might as well grab a pint of ice-cream now that you’re here.


6 Cans of Pop

Thirsty for more than milk?

A 12-pack of soda weighs approximately 10 pounds. According to our calculations this means that 6 cans of pop is 5 pounds--close to the weight of this car seat.

A Can of Paint

A gallon of paint weighs 11.5 pounds. Perhaps what your PIPA Lite LX might weigh with your baby in it on their trip home from the hospital.

Looking to get a feel for JUST the car seat weight?

You’ve probably got a half-full can of paint sitting in your basement storage right now—am I right? Go give your leftover nursery paint a little lift.

It'll probably weigh close to the 5.5 mark.

How About Safety?

Now – how does Nuna maintain the safety but keep the PIPA Lite LX lightweight?

Nuna uses Aeroflex foam which is lightweight but still resilient and minimizes force transferred to baby in case of a collision by absorbing and diffusing energy. Nuna also uses aerospace aluminum, meaning that it’s the same material that is trusted on aircrafts so it’s durable and tough and a great structural material – which is what you want when bringing your babe home from the hospital!

How to Install?

Speaking of bringing babe home from the hospital, this infant car seat must be installed in your vehicle using the base, unlike some other car seats that can be installed using a belt path.

The base is super easy to install using the lower latches in your vehicle - remember baby will only ever be rear-facing in this car seat. The base installation system features a steel reinforced true lock base installation system which pretty much means there’s an added layer of protection ensuring your base is properly secured to your vehicle at all times and the colour indicator on the side here confirms when the base is locked in place and you’re ready to roll.

Something we’ve heard from parents when they Dry-Fit this car seat in their car is that the base is longer than some others that they have tried – we want to assure you that as long as you’re using the 80/20 rule of “no more than 20% of the base hanging off the seat” you’re good! If you have any doubts at all though, head into a Snuggle Bugz location and we’d be happy to dry fit it for you before you buy to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

P.S. – you can use this infant car seat from 4-22 pounds or up to 32”, whichever one comes first.

Once your baby has outgrown their PIPA Series Infant Seat you'll need to transition them into a convertible seat –like the Nuna RAVA!

They grow up so fast!

What Do You Think?

Is the Nuna PIPA Lite LX the perfect match for your family? Plus! The PIPA series infant car seats pair perfectly with the Nuna MIXX Next Stroller. Check out more in-depth reviews below!

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