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Keenz 7S+ 4 Passenger Stroller Wagon Review

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Have a few kids in tow? We’ve got something special to make your family adventures so much easier  — and x4 the fun! 

It’s the 7S+ 4 Passenger Stroller Wagon from Keenz 

Keenz is known for making a wide range of high-end powerhouse wagons — you can check out the full Keenz line-up in our round-up article, here. 

Holding up to four kids at once, the 7S+ is one of the best stroller wagons currently on the market. Not only is it a practical solution for carting around multiple children, it's easy for parents, nannies, and even grandparents to push! 

Let’s delve deeper into what makes this wagon exceptional and why it could be the perfect solution for your family adventures. 

What Is a Stroller Wagon? 

Stroller wagons aren’t as popular as traditional strollers, so you might be wondering what the heck a stroller wagon actually is! 

Simply put, a stroller wagon blends the seating and comfort of a stroller with the ruggedness of a wagon. This combination offers families a versatile, safe, and spacious mode of transporting their little ones. Think of it as a roomier, more flexible stroller that caters to the diverse needs of modern family life! 

For more information about wagons, check out our Learning Centre wagon articles.  

So, why should you consider incorporating the Keenz 7S+ into your family outings?  

We’re glad you asked… 

Travel With Ease 


  • Suitable for children 12+ months 
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. (75 lbs. per seat) 
  • Wagon Dimensions: 38” L x 25” W x 47” H (33” W including wheels) 
  • Folded Dimensions: 19” L x 25” W x 33” H 
  • Wagon Weight: 51 lbs. 

For starters, the 7S+ comes with a ton of features that make it a joy to use and a convenient way to get around with kids. 

Four all-terrain wheels say goodbye to the limitations of standard strollers. Rugged for tackling the toughest of terrains, they ensure a smooth ride on any surface — be it the park, the beach, or any rocky paths you may encounter. 

The inclusion of a snack tray and cup holders means your little explorers can munch, sip, and keep themselves entertained while you’re on the move. It’s a recipe for happy and content kids! 

Designed with a peaked roof for ample headroom, built-in mesh with side curtains ups the privacy factor. This makes the wagon perfect for quick diaper changes or providing a sheltered space when your little ones need a break or a nap. 

The 7S+ also comes with abundant storage options, including a cooler box compartment, storage baskets, ventilated shoe storage under the cooler, a removable storage/organization panel, and various internal and external pockets for efficient organization. 

A Safe Space 

Safety always comes first, and the 7S+ is meticulously crafted to ensure your children are protected during rides. Keenz creates a secure environment for them via the following safety features: 

  • Five-Point Harnesses: Each of the four seats is secured with a five-point harness, ensuring kids stay comfortably in place while the wagon is moving. 
  • Durable Frame: Crafted from lightweight, durable aluminum, the 7S+ is not just robust but also easy to handle and maneuver for added convenience. 
  • Adjustable Handle Design: With 10 different handle positions, anyone in the family can comfortably push (or pull) the wagon, reducing strain on your back and shoulders. 
  • Certified Safe: The 7S+ has the stamp of approval from JPMA and meets strict ASTM safety standards, making it uber-safe for your children to sit in! 

Bonus Points 

In addition to the aforementioned features, the 7S+ offers a range of bonus features that elevate its value: 

  • Fold ‘n Go: The wagon conveniently folds up to a more compact size for effortless transport or storage. This feature is incredibly handy, allowing for easy storage in the trunk of a car or a corner of your home. Its collapsed size ensures the wagon doesn't take up much space, offering practicality and convenience during your day-to-day activities or travel days.

  • Extra Room and Footwell: The added footwell and cover plate provide ample space for little legs to stretch out and relax!

  • Built-In Shades: The canopy system isn’t just for sun protection. It helps to reduce noise and overstimulation, making transitions smoother when moving from outdoor play to quieter moments at home.

7S+ 4 Passenger Stroller Wagon



7S+ 4 Pass All-Weather Cover



Parent Console for Stroller Wagons

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Is It Worth It? 

In short…absolutely!  
The 7S+ 4 Passenger Stroller Wagon is a fantastic product that brings together the best of convenience, safety, and comfort in a comprehensive package. It’s a practical and versatile investment that caters to the real needs of family life. 

Whether you're planning a day at the park, a trip to the farmers' market, or just want an easier way to stroll around the neighbourhood with your crew, the Keenz 7S+ is the upgrade you’ve been seeking! 

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