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Keenz XC+ Luxury Comfort Stroller Wagon Review

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Are you a new parent looking to explore innovative and stylish options for transporting your little ones? If you're tired of the traditional stroller routine and crave a change, the XC+ Luxury Comfort Stroller Wagon from Keenz just might fit the bill!  

Wagons have come a long way since the classic red Radio Flyer days. Today, they're not just a nostalgic piece of our childhoods but a practical and trendy choice for parents. This sleek, four-passenger wagon not only transports your tiny passengers but does so in absolute luxury! 

Wagons like the Keenz XC+ are a lifestyle upgrade, crafted with a sturdy frame, spacious interior, and a plethora of features that make every outing a breeze. With this wagon, you're pushing more than a standard baby ride — you're steering a stylish and functional space for your children! 

Let's first dive into the world of wagons, discover how they differ from strollers, and explore why savvy parents are making the switch.

Why A Wagon? 

So, what sets a wagon apart from a stroller? The most apparent distinction lies in its design.  

Wagons typically boast a more spacious and open concept compared to the confined spaces of traditional strollers. The Keenz XC+ takes this idea to the next level, offering a comfortable and safe haven for up to four (yes, four!) passengers. Gone are the limitations of single-child strollers — you can now accommodate your growing family or share the ride with friends! 

Another reason parents are gravitating towards wagons like the Keenz XC+ is because they’re super easy to use. Loading and unloading your little ones is a breeze and you won’t have to struggle with awkward buckles and tight space. Additionally, the spacious storage it allows ensures you can bring all the essentials without compromising comfort!

Built For Adventure 


  • Suitable for children 6+ months 
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 326 lbs. (55 lbs. per seat) 
  • Wagon Dimensions: 43.5” L x 29.5” W x 56” H  
  • Folded Dimensions: 24.25” L x 29.5” W x 44” H 
  • Wagon Weight: 54 lbs.

When it comes to embarking on family adventures, the Keenz XC+ is truly durable and rugged. Built tough and ready for any terrain, this wagon is not just a stylish accessory – it's a reliable companion for your active lifestyle. 

Designed with a seriously impressive weight capacity of 326 lbs. (55 lbs. per seat), the XC+ is suitable for children six months and older. The robust construction is evident in its generous dimensions, providing ample space for four children to comfortably enjoy the ride. 

Weighing in at 54 lbs., the XC+ may be solid, but its foldable design allows for convenient storage when not in use. This means you can easily stow it away in your car or home without compromising precious space! 

But where this wagon truly excels is in its ability to handle the demands of various terrains. The four-wheel suspension ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for your little ones, even when navigating bumpy paths. The all-terrain wheels add an extra layer of versatility, making this wagon the ideal choice for family outings to parks, nature trails, or even the beach! 

The massive weight limit of over 300 lbs. not only showcases the wagon's sturdiness but also emphasizes its adaptability for carrying more than just your little ones. Whether it's groceries, beach gear, picnic supplies, or everyday essentials for you and your kids, the XC+ transforms into a reliable utility cart, making it a multifunctional asset for your family adventures. 


Safety is a top priority so you can enjoy worry-free adventures with your little ones in the XC+. Here's a closer look at its robust safety features:

  • Adjustable Harnesses: The XC+ outfits each seat with a dedicated 5-point harness, offering customizable restraint for your child's safety. 
  • JPMA Certified: You can rest easy knowing that the Keenz XC+ is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), meeting stringent safety standards and regulations. 
  • Canopy System: Shield your little passengers from the elements with the wagon's canopy system, complete with blackout panels for privacy, naptime, and safeguarding their delicate skin from the sun's UV rays. 
  • Mesh Panels: Your kids will be comfortable with optimal airflow, thanks to the mesh side walls that promote ventilation during warm weather outings.


Elevate your little one's comfort with the XC+ wagon’s thoughtful design. It boasts cushioned reclining and removable seats, ensuring a cozy and customizable experience for your child. Seating is also raised to provide an elevated view of their surroundings, fostering engagement and curiosity.  

Adding a touch of luxury, the dual leather handlebars not only exude style but also offer a comfortable grip for effortless steering from either side. An included snack tray rounds out the wagon, providing a convenient and accessible space for on-the-go munching!

Roll In Comfort 

The XC+ Luxury Comfort Stroller Wagon from Keenz transcends the ordinary, offering a lifestyle enhancement for contemporary parents. Its sturdy build, impressive weight capacity, and adeptness on all terrains make it an ideal companion for diverse family escapades!  

Prioritizing safety through features like the 5-point adjustable harness and JPMA certification, this wagon ensures peace of mind. You’ll get the perfect balance of comfort, style, and functionality, with the XC+ transforming routine outings into delightful memories. 

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