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Nuna TRIV Next Stroller Review

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If you're like us, always on the hunt for baby gear that's both chic and practical, the Nuna TRIV Next Stroller is a game-changer you need to know about!  

Building on the beloved Nuna TRIV (read its review here),  It's packed with features designed to keep your baby safe and comfy, while also making your life easier — think one-handed folding, travel system compatibility with Nuna PIPA infant car seats, and a sleek design that stands out in any crowd.  

Let's dive into why the Nuna TRIV Next is a must-have for modern parents who refuse to compromise on style or convenience.


Triv Next Stroller - Caviar



TRIV Stroller in Rainbow

Sale Price: $880.00

Regular Price: $1,100.00


DEMI Next Stroller + Rider Board


The Upgrades 


Recommended Use: Birth (with infant car seat) to 50 lbs 
Weight Capacity: 50 lbs 
Assembled Dimensions: 22.5” W x 42.25” H x 37” D 
Folded Dimensions: 22.5” W x 15” H x 24” D 
Rear Wheel Diameter: 9” 
Front Wheel Diameter: 7” 
Seat Size: 21” from seat to canopy, 17” from seat to footrest 
Seat Height: 20” from floor to seat 
Stroller Weight: 18.4 lbs (without insert, arm bar, and canopy) 
Insert, Arm Bar, and Canopy Weight: approx. 2.6 lbs 

The Nuna TRIV Next takes everything parents loved about the TRIV and takes it up a notch with improved seating, larger rear wheels, and a redesigned ergonomic handlebar, making it one of the best compact fully-featured strollers for urban living. 

Other upgrades include:  

  • Widened rear wheelbase for more stability 
  • Built-in footrest at front of the stroller frame 
  • Improved, ergonomic magnetic harness buckle 
  • One-touch, sandal-friendly rear brake with simple top tap 
  • More leatherette on the canopy 
  • Zip-off canopy 

With larger 9-inch rear wheels and a widened frame, the TRIV Next still manages to weigh 1lb less and fold slightly more compact than its TRIV predecessor. Making it a lighter, smoother ride for all your adventures with your little one.

Bigger Wheels for Bigger Adventures 

The wheels on the TRIV Next are a total game-changer! With larger, tougher rubber tires that are foam-filled, this bad boy is ready to tackle any terrain like a champ. Whether you're cruising through bumpy sidewalks or venturing off-road in the park, these wheels make for a smoother ride that's all about comfort.  

Plus, with swivel lock front wheels and all-wheel suspension, maneuvering around tight corners or stopping on a dime with the one-touch rear brake is a breeze. It's like having the best of both worlds: tough enough for any adventure, yet smooth and easy to handle when you need it most.

Luxurious Lounging 

The seating on this stroller is truly impressive! It features a spacious, wide seat that allows plenty of room for your little one to kick back and relax, whether they prefer facing you for a cozy chat or exploring the world to satisfy their curiosity. Plus, you can effortlessly fold the stroller flat regardless of which way the seat is facing, ensuring convenience without compromise.

Buckle Up, Buttercup 

The magnetic harness buckle has been redesigned with a more ergonomic shape, making it a breeze to release and secure in place — because let's face it, wrangling squirmy toddlers is a full-time job! As your child grows, transitioning from the secure five-point harness to a more independent three-point setup is seamless, giving them the freedom they crave during their toddler adventures. Plus, with a versatile all-season seat and an easy-to-remove extendable UPF 50+ canopy, this stroller is ready to adapt to any weather or whim. With built-in spring suspension under the seat, bumps and rough terrain are no match for this smooth operator, ensuring a comfortable ride for your little one while you conquer your daily adventures.

Fold and Go Magic 

With just one hand, you can collapse the TRIV Next effortlessly while still holding onto your little one or juggling bags of snacks (because, priorities!). And get this — it stands on its own when folded, like your trusty sidekick ready to hop into the car or neatly tuck away at home. No more wrestling with a bulky stroller — this one's all about convenience without the hassle. Perfect for parents who need their gear to keep up with their on-the-go lifestyle!

Seamless Travel System 

When it comes to on-the-go parenting, this stroller doesn't mess around — especially when it comes to its travel system compatibility. This bad boy is all set to pair up with any of Nuna's PIPA series infant car seats, thanks to its included folding ring adapter. Just snap the car seat into place with one quick move, and you're ready to roll in style. And get this — the ring adapter folds right along with the stroller, so there's no need to detach it when you're switching between strolling and driving. It's a match made in stroller heaven, exclusively designed to fit Nuna's PIPA car seats like a glove. Talk about sleek convenience for savvy parents on the move!

The Final Spin 

The TRIV Next Stroller from Nuna isn't just a ride — it's your ultimate sidekick for navigating parenthood with style and ease. From its spacious, comfy seat, and clever foldability to its seamless compatibility with Nuna's PIPA car seats, this stroller is designed to make your life smoother.  

So, why wait? Take the plunge and explore more about the TRIV Next on our website today.  

Your next adventure awaits!