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Nuna TRIV Stroller Review

Snuggle Bugz | | Comments 0

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You’ve heard about some of Nuna’s hottest car seats like the PIPA and RAVA, but today, we want to dive-in on the newest stroller in their line-up – the TRIV.

City dwellers, listen up because this stroller might be for you!

The Nuna TRIV is a single stroller that has pretty leatherette details, a convenient one-handed fold, and an impressive seat that can easily change based on the wind and weather. It weighs 19.4 lbs (that does not include the seat insert, belly bar or canopy), and can hold up to 50 lbs. To compare – that is the same weight limit found on the UPPAbaby Cruz V2, and the ability to carry 5 lbs more than the Baby Jogger City Select.

Are you ready? Let’s dig in on the TRIV!

The Seat

The seat on the TRIV is considered “newborn ready” with a near flat recline to comfortably transport your little one or for napping on the go. Just pull up on the lever located on the back of the seat to make this adjustment, or choose between 1 of 3 recline positions to suit your child. Speaking of napping babies – the included Merino wool insert naturally whisks moisture away from a sweaty baby, and we can get behind that kind of innovation.

The toddler seat can also be used on the frame in both directions. This means you can have your little one facing you when they are younger – and facing out to the world when the time is right. This gives your rider the ability to look for birds and bunnies or busses and excavators – a toddler's dream, really. To change the direction of your seat simply press the silver buttons on the side to release – then lock it back in the direction you prefer.

If you live in a warmer climate or are using the TRIV as a travel stroller then you will be super impressed with its ability to morph based on your surroundings. What do we mean? Read on—next we are going to share about how the TRIV’s all-season seat can keep up with you in any climate and the included accessories to help you take on all the elements.

Take On the Elements

Any season.
All the elements.


The TRIV has UPF 50+ extendable canopy to keep the sun of your little one's eyes and features a flip-out eyeshade and peekaboo window. The coverage is impressive which is great for a napping baby.
Now, how does it morph based on the seasons?

All-Season Seat

You can easily remove the merino wool seat insert to expose a mesh back, allowing for lots of airflow on warm days to keep things breezy for babe inside.

Rain Cover

The TRIV also includes a rain cover with your purchase which is ideal for adventuring and at no additional cost to you.


The TRIV has all-wheel suspension, rubber tires, a one-touch brake and front swivel wheel locks. You can easily take on the elements with this bad boy. To be honest, you wouldn’t want to power through the snow with this stroller – but for a compact, full-featured stroller, the performance and maneuverability are impressive.

Grow With Your Little One

The TRIV has an easy-to-use quick-release, five-point no re-thread harness. What does that mean? No need to ruin your manicure when you need to adjust the straps on your stroller. You can easily move them up or down depending on the size of your rider. You’ll appreciate that Nuna took their 50 lbs weight limit into consideration and included features that allow the stroller to grow with your child until they reach that limit.

One of these being the adjustable calf support! Pop it up or down dependent on your child’s age, height, and development to find an ergonomic and comfortable position for children of all sizes!

Next is the ability to turn your 5-point harness into a 3-point harness for independent movers and shakers. This also makes it easier for the parent when your child can't decide if they want to stay in the stroller or get out and run. Using the lap belt only vs. the shoulder straps is just less of a hassle if you’ve got an independent toddler on your hands.

The TRIV also grows with the parent! You can use the height-adjustable handlebar for a customized feel.

Innovative Adapter & Travel System

Yes, the TRIV can be converted into a travel system when paired with any Nuna Infant Car Seat by using the included ring adaptor! Adapters have gotten a bad rap for being annoying to fiddle with, remove when not in use, oh – and not to mention losing one in your trunk. So huge bonus points that you can fold the adaptor WITH the stroller frame [we know, right?]

Just grab the leatherette carry handle and the ring adapter to fold automatically in half with the stroller. This kind of smart innovation is exactly what parents need in their lives.

The overall weight of the stroller with the frame and ring adapter is 14.6 lbs.

The Fold

The TRIV can be folded with the seat facing in or out, which is a rare feature to find on some strollers. For the best “self-standing” experience we recommend having the seat forward-facing and the handlebar in the lowest position. Once you’ve done that just pull the silver lever up and collapse the seat into itself. Then, give the leatherette carry handle a pull-up, and voila!

Hit the Road!

Overall, we think the Nuna TRIV is packed with some thoughtful features for city-dwelling parents on-the-go – what do you think?

Trust us – we know JUST how important this decision is which is why we've done tons of reviews and comparisons that you can find in our Learning Centre, and in the Related Content below!