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Peg Perego Car Seat Lineup

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Peg Perego is a brand that is committed to both child safety and product innovation!  

Recognized for crafting top-tier car seats, Peg Perego ensures you’ll receive a well-rounded and comfortable seat for every journey. The promise of safety, style, and reliability... what’s not to love? 

In this article, we’ll break down Peg Perego’s Car Seat Lineup, giving the 411 on each of their infant seats, convertible seats, and boosters! 

Viaggio 4-35 Lounge Infant Seat


Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido Infant Seat


Peg Perego

Universal Viaggio Car Seat Adapter


Infant Car Seats 

Kicking off our exploration of Peg Perego's infant car seats is the reliable Primo Viaggio 4-35 Infant Car Seat. This base model sets the standard with its easily adjustable shoulder harness, energy-absorbing EPS-lined shell, and convenient travel system compatibility.   

From there, you can move up to the Primo Viaggio 4-35 Lounge Infant Seat.The Lounge boasts a unique reclining backrest that can be used on your stroller, kinetic pods for side-impact protection, and a pagoda hood with UPF 50+ sun protection. Check out our full in-depth review, here. 

Next up is the Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido Infant Seat, Peg Perego’s top infant seat when it comes to safety and design. With Adjustable Side Impact Protection, an infinite recline feature to set the base at the proper angle, and a dual-stage cushion system, the Nido guarantees your baby's comfort and security! Its urban mobility design allows for installation without a base, perfect for taxis, airplanes, or rental cars, all while maintaining top-tier safety ratings. To see how the Lounge and Nido seats stack up, check out our comparison article, here. 

All three models share travel system compatibility with Peg Perego strollers or third-party baby ride via adapters. 
Accessories for these infant seats include the Primo Viaggio Rain Cover, Breath Canopy, Car Seat Visor, and Infant Seat Clima Cover. 

Peg Perego

Primo Viaggio Rain Cover


Peg Perego

Breath Canopy for Car Seat


Peg Perego

Visor for Car Seat


Peg Perego

Infant Seat Clima Cover


Convertible & All-In-One Car Seats 

Moving beyond infancy, let's delve into Peg Perego's versatile  Convertible and All-In-One Car Seats.  

The SIP 5-65 Convertible lays the foundation with its easily adjustable latch connectors, shock-absorbing foam element, and a wide padded seat for newborns (see our full review, here). A Covertible Clima Cover, a Car Seat Travel Bag, and a Cup Holder are available accessories for the SIP 5-65 seat. 

Going up a step, the Primo Viaggio Kinetic Convertible boosts safety to a whole new level. With side impact protection, kinetic pods, and an anti-rebound bar, it provides first-class security for your little one. The Kinetic Convertible is designed to adapt seamlessly as your child grows, offering a quick-release 5-point harness and a Tri-Stage Cushion system for optimal support. 

For the all-encompassing solution, the Primo Viaggio All-in-One Convertible is a standout. Usable from birth through the booster seat years, it features an extendable anti-rebound bar, multiple reclining positions, and an Easy Tight Latch System for effortless installation. The 100% flame-retardant-free design, energy management system, and kinetic pods amplify safety, while the dream trim upholstery ensures cleanliness. Adjustability is also offered, with a one-hand adjustable headrest and a Tri-Stage Cushion offering optimum comfort at every stage. The thoughtful inclusion of a cup holder and the ability to fit three seats across in most vehicles add to the All-In-One's appeal. 

For more information, check out our full in-depth review, here. 

Peg Perego

Convertible Clima Cover


Peg Perego

Primo Viaggio All-In-One Convertible Car Seat


Booster Seats 

Finally, we look at Peg Perego's booster seats, designed for comfort, safety, and versatility as your child grows into their big kid years.  

Starting with the Viaggio High Back Booster Seat 120, this starter model sets the bar high (no pun intended) with adjustable features such as a 6-position head panel, a multi-position backrest, and a pull-out cup holder on each side. Designed for forward-facing use from 40 to 120 lbs., this booster seat offers a stylish yet practical solution with breathable microfiber fabric and elegant upholstery. 

Moving to the premium range, the Flex 120 Booster Seat takes it up a notch. With 4D Total Adjust Technology, an aluminum-reinforced backrest, and EPS throughout the side wings, it's a pinnacle of safety and comfort. The Flex 120 introduces practicality with its ability to fold onto itself, making it easy to transport and store. The rigid LATCH and blind lock attaching system ensure stability and security during your journeys, and taking it on the road with you is made simple with the Flex 120 Travel Bag. You can read our full review of the Flex 120, here. 

For those seeking a booster seat with advanced adjustability, the Shuttle Plus 120 Booster Seat is a standout. With 3D Total Adjust Technology, a removable backrest, and an aluminum-reinforced backrest, it provides a customizable and secure seating experience. The All Side Impact Protection and EPS energy-absorbing foam prioritize safety, while the fashionable upholstery adds a touch of style. 

Peg Perego’s Shuttle 120 Backless Booster completes the lineup with rigid LATCH for easy installation and stability. Ideal for long journeys, it features a double layer of expanded material for maximum comfort. The adjustable shoulder clip, fashionable microfiber upholstery, and a convenient carrying handle make it a practical choice for families on the go. 

Perfecto Perego 

In the ever-changing world of parenting, Peg Perego's car seats emerge as steadfast companions, blending safety with style at every stage of your child's growth.  

From the infancy cocoon of the Primo Viaggio series to the versatile adaptability of Convertible and All-In-One options, and finally, the comfort and security of Booster Seats, Peg Perego ensures a smooth and secure ride for your precious passenger.  

As you traverse the winding roads of parenthood, Peg Perego products stand as trusted allies, providing not just seating, but peace of mind for your family's journey ahead.