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Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 Lounge vs. 4-35 Nido Infant Seat

Melissa Sulley | | Comments 0

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When it comes to infant car seats, safety and comfort are top priorities for parents. After all, you want your little one to be safe and secure from that very first car ride home.

That’s where one of the most trusted names in baby gear comes in — Peg Perego!

Peg Perego has been one of the top designers and manufacturers of infant gear since 1949. Made in Italy, their top-quality car seats reflect the most sophisticated Italian trends while ensuring your little one is the safest they can be during all your roadside adventures.

Today we are comparing the Primo Viaggio 4-35 Lounge Infant Seat and the Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido Infant Car Seat to help you decide which of these Italian Stallions is best suited for your family.

The Specs

Peg Perego 4-35 Lounge Infant Seat:
  • Suitable for children: 4-35 lbs or up to 32” tall
  • Dimensions: 31” x 17” x 27” 
  • Car Seat Weight: 12 lbs 
  • Car Seat Base Weight: 11 lbs 
  • Side Impact Positions: 6 
  • Expiration Date: 7 years from date of original purchase

Peg Perego Viaggio 4-35 Nido Infant Car Seat:

  • Suitable for children: 4-35 lbs or up to 32” tall
  • Dimensions: 28.5” x 17” x 27” 
  • Car Seat Weight: 9.9 lbs 
  • Car Seat Base Weight: 11 lbs 
  • Side Impact Positions: 6 
  • Expiration Date: 7 years from date of original purchase

As you can see, both infant car seats are suitable for babies from birth (4 lbs) up to 35 lbs or until they reach 32 inches tall (whichever comes soonest). As your baby grows, you can also adjust the Side Impact Positions to 6 different heights.

Both infant car seats use the Nido Base, so the specs are the same. The main difference between the seats is that the Lounge weighs a bit more and is a bit longer (due to its unique recline feature). The extra weight isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are looking for a sturdier car seat and one that reclines — which the Nido does not provide (but more on that later).

Both infant seats can be used with Peg Perego Strollers to create a travel system too!


Peg Perego takes their safety very seriously. Both infant car seats provide full coverage protection and pass safety tests with flying colours.

The Lounge and Nido have adjustable Side Impact Protection and a 5-point harness system. As your little one grows, you can adjust the sides to 6 different positions to ensure the best fit for your babe — and the best part is neither seat requires re-threading (there’s nothing worse than trying to adjust a car seat fit with a squirming baby)!

Both infant car seats use the Nido base with a built-in Anti-Rebound Bar and an adjustable load base with 10 positions. These features work together to keep your little one stable and secure while significantly decreasing the risk of injury in case of an accident or sudden stop. The Load Leg stabilizes and reduces the force on your baby’s head and neck, while the Anti-Rebound Bar minimizes force and rotation if someone hits you from behind.

However, the Lounge also includes Kinetic Pods to help move forces away from your baby in case of a side-impact collision.


The Nido and the Lounge can be installed in seconds with the base or with the vehicle seatbelt, keeping the seat firmly in place at all times.

The load leg unfolds from the underside of the base and once positioned you level the car seat using the large plastic dial and Trizone bubble level included — which provides the proper angle based on your baby’s weight.

The base is also equipped with the Right Tight System, which easily and securely locks the base in place for added stability when secured with either the LATCH strap or the seat belt.

Both infant car seats have top-rated safety even without the base, making it a great urban mobility option for many parents when riding in an Uber, plane, or rental car. When using the vehicle’s seatbelt, there is a colour-coded belt-routing path, making it easy to find where to thread the seat belt and the handlebar positions forward acting as a rebound bar for added safety.

Comfort & Style

When it comes to comfort and style, Peg Perego does not skimp out. Following the most sophisticated European trends, the Lounge and Nido infant car seats include superior comfort, high-quality fabrics and foams, and a variety of modern colour schemes that match anyone’s palette.

Both infant car seats include an extendable UPF 50+ Pagoda canopy that zips out for extra coverage. The sides include mesh ventilation so that when your baby is tucked away sleeping the day away they are well ventilated and protected from all the elements.

The breathable, easy-to-clean, Fresco jersey fabric keeps your baby cool while the EPS and EPP foams provide optimal protection and comfort throughout the shell and headrest. Each car seat includes the Dual Stage Cushion System which includes two cushions to keep your baby’s neck and bottom properly supported in their newborn days and as they grow.

The feature that sets the Lounge and the Nido apart is the Lounge’s ability to recline. One of the few car seats with this feature, the backrest reclines and leg rest extends into 3 different positions — sitting, relaxing, and laying down. While in your car, the Lounge acts as a typical car seat, but when attached to a stroller it has the ability to act like a flat stroller seat or bassinet making for a much more comfortable and safe ride for your little one.

Which One Will It Be?

Both the Lounge and the Nido are top-notch, quality car seats made directly in Italy, not China, like most of its competitors. With safety and comfort as a top priority, either of these car seats would be an excellent choice for your tiny ones.

With similar safety, installation, and comfort features, what sets these two infant car seats apart is the incredible recline feature and added Kinetic Pods safety feature on the Lounge. But, if you are looking for a lighter car seat and don’t care for the recline feature, the Nido may be your choice!

To learn more about the Primo Viaggio 4-35 Lounge, read our full review, here. To learn more about the Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido, you can check out its features in our product listing, here. Either way, we believe that you will make the best choice as you welcome your new little one into your family!

If you still aren’t sure which infant car seat is best for you, we have some more great suggestions in our Top Infant Car Seats of the year article.

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