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Peg Perego Viaggio 4-35 Lounge Infant Seat Review

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The reclining car seat for lazing babies is here! WARNING: this seat looks SO comfy you will want one for yourself.

Parents looking for a multi-functional car seat that offers a mix of convenience and safety need look no further than the Viaggio 4-35 Lounge Infant Car Seat from Peg Perego. This superbly-crafted, high-end car seat is made in Italy with all the extras to guarantee your baby will be on cushiony cloud 9, both in the car or on a stroller.

Let’s get into all the reasons why you should seriously consider purchasing this top-rated infant car seat.

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The Italian Stallion of Car Seats


  • Size Restrictions: Suitable from 4 to 35 lbs and up to 32" tall
  • Dimensions (includes base): 31" x 17" x 27"
  • Seat Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Base Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Expiration Date: 7 years from date of original purchase.
  • 5 Year Warranty
The Lounge Infant Seat weighs a few extra pounds compared to some of its competitors, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The excess weight is due to its superior construction, which leans in with high-quality fabrics, foams, zippers, and plastics. This is most evident by how strong and sturdy it feels when you pick it up. Where other car seats can feel plastic-y and “loose”, the Lounge easily puts them to shame.

But the attention to detail and extra weight are also directly related to what we love the most about it...

What We Love: Safety Guaranteed

 We gotta say…this is one ultra-safe infant car seat!

While no parent wants to entertain the idea of getting into an accident, it’s something you need to plan for (better safe than sorry). Buying a seat like the Lounge (that passes safety tests with flying colours) will give you peace of mind when you’re on the road.

Securing your baby is a 5-point harness, while dense and plush dual-stage foam (EPS throughout and EPP on the headrest) envelopes their sweet little body for luxurious protection.

Car seats shouldn’t move, and this one certainly doesn’t when installed correctly.

Stabilizing it is a 10-position load leg, which Peg Perego gives you the option of using (we highly recommend it). The leg reduces the force on your baby’s head and neck during an accident, or even during a quick stop. An anti-rebound bar is included on the opposite end of the base, minimizing force and rotation if someone hits you from behind.

Side-impact collisions are also planned for. Kinetic pods on the seat sides move forces away from your baby in a side-impact collision, and the Side Impact Protection can easily be adjusted to 6 different positions to ensure the best fit for your little one with no rethreading required.

Install in a Snap

Installing car seats can be confusing and time-consuming. New parents ain’t got time for that!

But don’t worry, the Lounge is installation-friendly.

The Lounge comes with Peg Perego's Nido base that features a load leg that unfolds from the underside of the base. Once positioned, you’ll simply even things out using a large plastic dial and an included bubble level.

Viaggio employs their patented Right Tight Locking System to keep the base in place when used with your car’s seatbelt. If you prefer, you can use LATCH. Either way, the base installs in seconds and keeps the attached seat firmly in place at all times.

Additionally, if you’re “baseless” in a taxi or airplane seat, you can use their colour-coded belt-routing path to secure the seat, with the handle acting as an anti-rebound bar.

Just Like Nonna Used to Make

Ok, so maybe Nonna never had a car seat that was decorated in cutting-edge technology, but the Lounge Infant Seat certainly follows the Italian tradition of fine craftsmanship.

Let’s break down the highlights:
  • FABRICS: Breathable Freshco Jersey material is found throughout, keeping little ones cool while making cleaning it simple.

  • COLOURS: There are quite a few different colour schemes for you to choose from to complement both your car’s interior and your baby’s trendy wardrobe.

  • CANOPY: It comes with an extendable pagoda hood that provides UPF 50+ protection with mesh ventilation for your resting infant. Additionally, the hood can almost entirely cover your baby, which is great for ensuring your baby has a deep sleep and shielding them from prying eyes.

  • RECLINING SEAT: The seat has 3 separate positions: sitting, relaxing, or laying down. When fully reclined, the leg rests extend to support their tiny appendages. Of note, when used in the car, the seat only allows for the sitting position to be used (backward facing).

  • TRAVEL SEAT: The Lounge Infant Seat is compatible with most Peg Perego Strollers  and other brand-named strollers with the purchase of adapters. Simply detach the car seat from its base, and attach it to the stroller when you’re out and about! Of note: The seat can be reclined in all 3 positions when used with a stroller.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to love about the Viaggio 4-35 Lounge Infant Car Seat. Sure, it might be a bit heavier than other car seats, but it’s a small price to pay when the trade-off is superior safety features that keep your child protected. Plus, let’s not forget how stylish it is, how comfortable it is for babies, and the amazing 5 year warranty. With so many good things going for it, this is a definite winner from Peg Perego.