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Silver Cross Slumber Playard & Travel Crib Review

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From across the pond comes the Slumber Travel Crib by Silver Cross! If you haven’t heard of them, Silver Cross is a popular English brand with a reputation for stylish designs and quality craftsmanship. In fact, they built their name by supplying The Royal Family with prams dating back to 1895! (Now that’s an endorsement.)

One of the hot new products in the Silver Cross line is the Slumber Travel Crib Playard, a 3-in-1 bassinet/toddler crib/playard. This innovative product gives your little prince or princess a place to play during the day and rest their head when the sun goes down.

The Slumber was also designed for on-the-go use. Whether you’re hopping on a plane, heading to a friend’s house, or simply having a picnic in the park, this crib is lightweight for carrying and easy to set up anywhere you take your baby.

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Simple Setup

  • Assembled Dimensions: 44" L x 31.5” W x 26.4" H 
  • Folded Dimensions: 35” L x 13.4” W x 6.7” H
  • Crib Mattress Dimensions: 28.54" L x 40.15" W 
  • Bassinet Mattress Dimensions: 28.54" L x 20.07" W 
  • Product Weight: 15.4 lbs. 
  • Restrictions: Bassinet: Suitable from birth up to 4-6 months (20 lbs.), or when baby is starting to push up or can roll over
  • Crib/Playard: For children who can't climb out (up to 35" or 50 lbs.) 

Setting up the Slumber is so easy even your baby can do it! Ok, not really...but it is designed for minimal fuss, and parents will love its quick deployment.

Once removed from the storage/travel bag, simply unfold the frame. Lift it and shake it once or twice from side to side. The legs will automatically lock into place, and you’ve now got yourself a nifty travel crib!

At this point, you can configure it to your baby’s needs.

Three-Way Configuration

The Slumber can be used as:

1. A Bassinet

Newborns can sleep in the bassinet by attaching a provided sling to the crib’s inner lining. The mattress then unzips to a smaller size and rests in the sling to provide sturdy support for baby. Once they age out of the bassinet, you can transform the Slumber into…

2. A Toddler Crib

As your newborn grows, they’ll need a larger sleep space. The crib provides almost double the amount of room so that toddlers get restful sleep every time. This configuration also gives budget-minded parents more use out of the Slumber.

3. A Playard

The playard is essentially the same space as the crib but used for playtime rather than naptime. It’s large enough for toddlers to move around comfortably and play with their toys while keeping them confined to a safe space at the same time.

Features that Make Life Easier

In addition to its multi-configuration design, the Slumber Travel Crib includes the following convenient features:

Mesh panelling on all four walls provides excellent ventilation.

Not only are the fabrics on the crib’s frame and mattress stain-resistant, but they’re also padded for comfort and safety (and add a touch of elegance to your home decor!) 

The mattress can be sized for the crib or the bassinet sling and connects with hooks for added security.

In crib mode, a zippered side panel gives quick access for parents to soothe their child. As a playard, this zippered panel can be rolled up and tucked away giving children easy in-and-out access.

Release buttons located on the frame collapse the unit with a single press. 

A weatherproof travel bag stores the Slumber when it’s not in use, and an adjustable strap makes for extra comfort when carrying it.

Break it Down

Follow these easy steps to break down the crib:

1. Unhook the mattress and fold it up (like an accordion).
2. Press the release buttons on the top corners of the frame to collapse the legs.
3. With the unit now flat, press the release buttons mid-frame to fold the unit on top of itself.
4. Stack the mattress on the compacted frame and slide everything into the travel bag.

Sleep Safely

Consumers can put a child to sleep in both modes of the Slumber. The Slumber Travel Crib passed the cribs, cradles, and bassinets regulations as a bassinet (bassinet mode) and as a crib in the playpen mode. The slumber also passed the playpen regulations. 

That being said, it is recommended that you always keep an eye on your child and use your judgment. You know your child best!

Click here to learn more about sleep safety and Canada’s regulations.

Ready, Set, Go...Anywhere

The Slumber Travel Crib is an excellent multi-functional playpen and sleep space that grows with your child. Its versatility allows you to use it at home, on playdates, or on family vacations. Designed with function, style, and safety in mind, Silver Cross has knocked it out of the park with this lightweight travel crib.