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Stokke Steps vs. Tripp Trapp High Chair

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Get in my belly!

Babies are bottomless pits, wanting to devour anything you put in front of them. Heck, they’ll even try to eat their toys at some point! But a large appetite equals a healthy baby, and a hungry baby requires the proper seat to get their feast on.

Enter Stokke — a Norwegian brand known for making high-quality, eye-catching, and durable baby products. Their Steps High Chair and Tripp Trapp High Chair have earned raves for their superb performance and ability to grow with your child.

But is one better than the other? Let’s see how these high chairs stack up!



It’s never too early to promote good posture, and your baby’s formative years are the perfect time to start.

Stokke includes a footrest on each model — eliminating the dangling “flailing leg syndrome” (watch out!) associated with most high chairs. The footrest provides comfort during long sits and can be adjusted to the ideal positions as they grow.

Stokke provides options to buy their products in bundles or individually. 

The Steps High Chair comes with both the Steps Chair and the Steps Baby Set, so you have everything you need upfront.

However, you can add a couple of accessories to make your life extra easy.

During the newborn phase, you can attach the Steps Baby Bouncer to the high chair to keep your little one at eye level while you’re eating at the table. This bouncer is also useful because you can use it separately from the high chair.

You can also add the Steps Baby Set Tray, so you can feed your child anywhere. It can be removed for cleaning or to push the high chair up to your dining table when your little one is ready to join the big kids. To keep baby extra comfy you can pick up a cushion to fit in the Steps Baby Set. Alternatively, you can get the Steps High Chair with a tray and cushion in a bundle.

Similarly, the Tripp Trapp High Chair comes with the Tripp Trapp Chair and the Tripp Trapp Baby Set.

If you want to use the chair from birth you can purchase a Newborn Set, which attaches easily and features two angle adjustable positions (however it can't be used as a stand-alone product).

The Tripp Trapp High Chair Tray and cushion are sold separately, like with the Steps. However, if you want the whole shebang the Tripp Trapp High Chair is also available with its accessories in a bundle.

Both chairs are designed for life. As previously mentioned, they can be used from birth with the Steps Bouncer or Tripp Trapp Newborn Set. Around the 6-month mark, you can graduate to the Baby Set (and Tray). Finally, remove the seat after 3 years, and you can use either model as a regular chair!

The dimensions of these chairs are more or less the same and easily fit into any kitchen space.
  • Steps: 24.01” D x 16.92 ” W x 27.95 ” H 
  • Tripp Trapp: 19.29" D x 18.11" W x 31.1" H


Peter Opsvik is the brains behind Stokke’s clever designs, and he engineered both chairs for comfort and style.

The Steps is a more traditional look, with the seat resting on 4 independent legs, while the Tripp Trapp resembles a contemporary-designed bookshelf or staircase. Its visual “Z” improves ergonomics and lends itself well to the chair’s “grow-with-me” quality.

These chairs are constructed with durable, high-quality materials. They both use sourced-from-the-forests-of-Europe beechwood, while the Steps also has plastics in its seat and footrest, respectively.

The Steps has a weight limit of 187 lbs., which is more than enough to hold children until they graduate to a normal dining room chair. The Tripp Trapp can hold 60% more, with a massive capacity of 300 lbs.

The Steps is priced at $424.99.

The Tripp Trapp comes with the Baby Set and ranges from $414.99 to $458.99, depending on the model.


SECURITY: A 5-point harness is included on the Baby Set, Newborn Set, and Steps Baby Bouncer to keep your child from falling overboard.

FOOTREST FUN: The footrest has a hidden benefit — kids can climb into the chair all by themselves once they hit a certain age!

NON-TOXIC: All paints and plastics on these chairs are non-toxic.

EASY CLEANING: A damp cloth is all you need to clean any food and spills.

VARIOUS COLOURS: Both chairs are available in a range of colours to match your home decor and/or personal aesthetic sensibilities.


“Better” is subjective.

Both products are similar in price so it will really come down to your style and preferences. The Steps has the traditional high chair look, designed with a hybrid of wood and plastic, while the Tripp Trapp has a modern, all-wood construction.

The Tripp Trapp can hold a lot more weight than the Steps, but that might not be important to you as the Steps’ 187 lbs. limit is enough to accommodate any child (and many adults). The Newborn Set for the Tripp Trapp is $80 cheaper than the Steps Bouncer, but the Bouncer can also be used as a standalone product (the Newborn set cannot).

Whatever you choose, you really can’t go wrong. Both the Steps and Tripp Trapp are stylish, durable, and comfortable high chairs worthy of high-praise.
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