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UPPAbaby Vista V2 vs. Baby Jogger City Select LUX Strollers

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If you are shopping for a stroller, chances are you’ve considered or compared the UPPAbaby Vista V2 and the City Select LUX from Baby Jogger. You’ve probably heard of the term convertible stroller or expandable stroller. Simply put, "convertible" and "expandable" means you can transform your single stroller into a double by adding on a second seat. 

Both the Vista V2 and the City Select LUX are single strollers that can be converted into a tandem double stroller as your family grows. We often get asked which stroller is “better”, but since both have a long list of fabulous features, it really comes down to which ones you value the most --from there you will land on which one is right for your family.

They are same, but so different-- so let's dive in!

Product Weight Overview

Stroller Weight

Vista V2
  • Frame: 20 lbs.
  • Frame + Seat: 27 lbs.
City Select Lux:
  • Frame: 24.2 lbs.
  • Frame + seat: 30.4lbs.

Okay, let's discuss it!
The LUX is a slightly heavier stroller – but as we mentioned above it really comes down to what you value. It weighs a few pounds more BUT it can also hold more when used as a double stroller so let's dig in on all the weight limits below.

Weight Limit

Vista V2: 50 lbs.
City Select Lux: 45 lbs.

Second Seat Weight Limit

Vista V2: 35 lbs.
City Select Lux: 45 lbs.

Let’s dig in to really compare these seats!
Is the 5 lb. difference on the top seat that big of a deal? Seat weight inequality is a thing and makes a big difference when comparing how these strollers' function with a second rider or even a third rider.

The re-design of the VISTA V2 included a complete toddler seat overhaul with an impressive weight limit – it can now hold up to 50 lbs. + has a higher back and deeper footrest to really grow with your big kid. To compare, the weight capacity on the included City Select LUX seat is 45 lbs.

UPPAbaby refers to their second seat [sold separately] as the RumbleSeat. It has a lower weight limit of just 35 lbs. Additionally, in order to allow for different configurations on the V2 the calf support on the RumbleSeat must remain stationary and is not adjustable.

The second seat weight limit on the LUX is 45 lbs—it can hold the same weight regardless of which seat you are using which is a relief for those with twins or who want their little up top and big kid down below. The seat found in the second seat kit has a 45lb weight limit as stated above and allows you to adjust the calf rest and customize the seat for each individual rider no matter what configuration you are in.


Vista V2: more than 20 configurations*
City Select Lux: more than 20 configurations*
 [25% more than the OG City Select] 
*using accessories and attachments sold separately 

Talk about flexibility!

Both strollers allow for many different combinations that can change based on how you want to use your stroller—including using it as a convenient travel system. [more on that below] The Baby Jogger City Select LUX has a superior configuration combo that allows both riders to face each other and interact. It has 4 more configurations than its little bro [the City Select] made possible by the addition of a bench seat attachment which accommodates children up to 65 pounds!

The Vista V2 does not allow your children to face each other when being used as a double stroller but it still allows for lots of variety!

Both strollers can also accommodate a third rider with the use of a glider board [Baby Jogger] or piggy-back board [UPPAbaby] Again, the value of these configurations and features really come down to personal preference. Ask yourself these questions...

How old are your children?
Do you care if your kids can see each other?

NOTE: If the ability to have your riders interact is important to you –then perhaps you should look into a side-by-side stroller like the Bugaboo Donkey 3—you can read our Product Review  for more information.

Travel System

Vista V2: YES 

Nothing beats the convenience of turning your stroller into an instant travel system allowing you to pop your infant car seat right onto the frame and stroll! Both the V2 and the LUX can be easily converted into a travel system—yeah!

No adaptor required when using the UPPAbaby Mesa V2 on the Vista V2 which makes it a popular combination for families. If you choose to go a different route with your infant car seat you will need to purchase a pair of adaptors. More on what adapters are required for each infant seat [and what they look like] in our UPPAbaby Vista FAQs post. 

The City Select LUX includes a pair of adapters to be used with the Baby Jogger City GO infant car seat. If you choose to use a different infant car seat, no problem! You’ll just have to purchase the adapters separately. Check out our Car Seat Compatibility chart to find out what adapters you’ll need based on your infant seat.

Favourite Features 


Vista V2: Telescopic handlebar with 100% full-grain leather accents
Highest: 42”
Lowest: 39.5”

City Select Lux: Telescopic handlebar
Highest: 43”
Lowest: 40.5”

Both strollers have a telescopic handlebar that can be adjusted up or down depending on the height of the parent who is pushing. The difference in the stroller handle comes down to the materials used in this case. The LUX has a sturdy handlebar that almost seems to be rubberized where the Vista V2 boasts an extra little touch of leather accents on the stroller, including on the handlebar, that varies in shade based on the colourway you choose.
  • chestnut leather
  • saddle leather
  • black leather


Vista V2: Height adjustable.
 Zip-out extendable UPF 50+ sunshade with ventilation. 

CITY SELECT LUX: Height adjustable.
Extendable UPF 50+ canopy with peek-a-boo window + magnetic closure. 

Both strollers offer exceptional protection from Mr. Golden Sun—just in slightly different ways. The Vista V2 has a large canopy that allows you to extend it out even further with an extra fabric panel that can be zipped away when not in use. It also boats x2 mesh panels that allow for lots of airflow on those warm summer days.

Similarly, the LUX has a large canopy that can be tucked back away when not in use. It has a peek-a-boo window that has a nice soft magnetic closure –- no Velcro on either stroller means that you won't have to wake baby with a “rip” sound when looking to peek in if you are strolling during nap time.


Vista V2: 5-point harness no re-thread harness
City Select Lux: 5-point puzzle piece harness

Both strollers have a 5-point harness – but here is where you'll find a slight variation based on which stroller you choose. With the Vista V2 as your little ones grows you can adjust the straps up and down to ensure a comfortable fit as you cruise. The LUX does not have a no-re-thread harness which means you'll find yourself having to take some time every few months to adjust the straps of the harness. There is a zipper on the back of the seat that allows you to access the straps and adjust them up or down depending on your rider. It's a little more manual – but not hard to figure out and provides a nice clean look from the front of the seat.


Vista V2: One-handed, multi-position recline [5]
City Select Lux: One-handed, multi-position recline [4]

Both strollers offer a one-handed multi-position recline on the main seat with the option to have your rider facing the parent or facing the world—the choice is yours based on their age and stage!

NOTE: the LUX seats can fold inwards for easy and compact transportation the seats for the V2 cannot.


Vista V2: flip-flop friendly braking system
City Select Lux:: hand braking system for downhill control that doubles as the parking brake 

We told you there were minor differences between these two strollers and the brake is one of them. It really comes down to your personal preference. Do you prefer to have your brake on the handlebar or down below using a flip-flop friendly braking system?


Vista V2: up to 30 LBS.
City Select Lux: : up to 15 LBS.

Now we are getting into the nitty-gritty when it comes to the minor differences in these two strollers. Both strollers are known for their extra-large easy access baskets that can hold a lot of whatever you want to fill it with. 

Groceries? Check
Picture ledges from IKEA for your nursery? Yup, we've done it!


Vista V2: 8 in. foam-filled wheels + 11.5 in. rear wheels. Front-wheel locks with visual indicators.
City Select LUX: Lightweight & durable foam-filled wheels with locking front swivels


Vista V2: all-wheel suspension
City Select LUX: all-wheel suspension

Suspension? Same, same.

The Fold 

Vista V2: One-step fold. Stands when folded.
CITY Select LUX: Quick and simple fold - fold the seat & lift the sides 

The fold on both strollers is quite simple and easy to master. The real difference in the fold is that the Vista V2 is a free-standing stroller when folded and the LUX is not.


Vista V2: 3 years warranty
City Select LUX: Lifetime warranty on your stroller frame—limited 1 year on parts. 

Don’t forget to register your stroller!

Happy Shopping!

Well, now you are most certainly a pro on both of these fabulous strollers, and we trust that this information has been helpful in navigating which one is best for you.

Still, looking and researching?
Check out these great articles on our Learning Centre to help you choose the right stroller for you. 

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Happy Shopping!

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