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Vtech 5” Smart Wi-Fi 1080p Video Baby Monitor Review

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Remember when baby monitors were little walkie-talkies that alerted parents to a fussy baby in their crib? Well, those days are long gone! 

In fact, today’s modern baby monitors are embracing technology like never before. 

One of this year’s top models is the 5” Smart Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor from renowned electronics brand Vtech 

What makes this video monitor really stand out is that it comes with two cameras for keeping an eye on your little one all around the house! Vtech does offer a single-camera model for $50 less, but for the price, its no wonder parents are flocking to grab the two-camera version. 

On top of that, it comes with so many modern features to help out during your baby’s first few years. So, why should you consider this your family’s new guardian angel? Let’s get to the good stuff! 

What’s In The Box? 

Unboxing the VTech 5” Smart Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor reveals a treasure trove of essentials for vigilant parenting!  

The package includes a versatile monitor that can either stand freely or be wall-mounted, providing a lot of flexibility when it comes to placement. With two cameras, a parent monitor, three AC adapters, wall mounts, screws, anchors, and a detailed installation guide, VTech ensures you have all you need for a quick and easy setup. 

The inclusion of a built-in wide-angle lens (which covers up to 110 degrees) acts as your second pair of eyes, capturing the entire room in a single glance. Notably, the camera feed's AES 128-bit encryption guarantees the utmost privacy and security for your family — no hackers here! This commitment to safety is complemented by thoughtful features designed to enhance the monitoring experience. 

Vibrant Video 

When it comes to monitoring your little one, video quality is non-negotiable, and VTech delivers dual 1080p cameras for stunning resolution! 

The integrated CMOS lens (working in tandem with the wide-angle lens) ensures you witness every detail in the room with unparalleled high-definition clarity.  

The parent monitor provides 720p “true-colour video” during daylight and night vision is included as well. The monitor automatically transitions to night vision in low light, accompanied by invisible infrared LEDs that won't disturb your baby’s peaceful sleep. Additionally, a cutting-edge video filter guarantees vibrant and clear images in varying light conditions, eradicating the frustration of grainy or faded visuals! 

Now, we know what you’re thinking… 

Why does the video monitor only output 720p when the cameras shoot in 1080p? Sounds like an oversight on Vtech’s part, right? Wrong!  

They actually did it to save you money. 

For getting the full 1080p viewing experience, download (for free) the MyVTech Baby app (available for iOS and Android) for use with your devices. Add it to your smartphone or tablet and you won’t even need to use the included parent monitor! The app allows you to stay connected on the go, ensuring you’ll never miss a moment in 1080p glory! 

Beyond Monitoring 

Vtech includes a wide range of thoughtful features that elevate this system way beyond traditional monitoring: 

  • Serene Sounds: Immerse your baby in a calming atmosphere with five soothing melodies and four ambient sounds. 
  • Nighttime Illumination: The cameras come equipped with a night light featuring three different colours, seamlessly activated by ambient noise, providing a comforting glow in the nursery. 
  • Capture Moments: Enjoy the convenience of recording precious moments with options for motion detection and on-demand, ensuring you never miss those heartwarming milestones! You can also create a digital scrapbook to share with loved ones, fostering a sense of community around your growing family. 
  • Perfect Climate: Stay informed about your nursery's climate conditions with the built-in temperature sensor, accompanied by alerts that offer an extra layer of reassurance. 
  • Two-Way Talk: Utilize the built-in talk-back feature to communicate with your little one from a distance, offering comfort and reassurance in moments of need. 
  • 360° Pan, Tilt, and Zoom: Achieve unparalleled visibility with panoramic viewing capabilities, spanning 360 degrees. The camera zooms up to 10 times on the app and four times on the viewer, allowing you to monitor every nook and cranny of the room!

Must-Have Monitors 

The two-camera 5” Smart Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor stands out as a technological marvel, redefining the way parents monitor their little ones.  

Vtech has crafted a comprehensive solution that transcends expectations, ensuring a seamless blend of technological innovation and parental convenience. 

With an array of features ensuring top-notch video quality, privacy, and additional perks like soothing sounds and remote access, this cutting-edge baby monitor will give you peace of mind while your baby grows.