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Must-Have Essentials for your Disney Vacation

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Finally, you’ve decided to take the plunge and treat your family to a memorable trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. You imagine the moment of awe on your little one's face as they see the iconic castle or as they give their favourite Disney friends hugs with a Mickey shaped ice cream in hand. However, behind every successful Disney day is a Disney parent ensuring they have the tools for an enjoyable visit. A well thought out packing list is the key to creating those magical memories and avoiding manic meltdowns.  

That is why we are sharing our list of tried and true products to reduce the stress while travelling and exploring the Disney parks. 

Hop aboard your magic carpet and check out these handy tools to help you have worry and stress-free vacation.  

ThinkBaby thinksport safe sunscreen spf 50+ - family size

Sunscreen & Outdoor Protection

Diaper Wipes

Diaper Wipes

Disposable Diaper


Weleda sensitive care diaper cream

Diaper Creams

UPPAbaby MINU V2 Stroller

Lightweight & Travel Strollers

A Travel Stroller

One of the most important product to have during your visit to Walt Disney World is the perfect stroller. A typical adult guest will take a minimum of 10,000 steps each day when visiting a Disney theme park — that is even more for a kiddo with little legs! For this reason, it is not uncommon to have children up to the age of seven enjoy the convenience of a stroller throughout the parks.  

In the wide world of strollers, we know it can be overwhelming to know what features to look for, specifically for use when manoeuvring your way around a theme park all day. The ideal Disney parks stroller will offer a strong UPF hood, as you will be using it quite often throughout the day to shelter your little ones from the sun. To make the stroller even cooler, consider adding a clip on fan for maximum comfort! Even the shadiest of spots can feel hot in high temperatures, so the addition of a stroller fan is the perfect way to keep a breeze on your little one, especially during those mid-day naps (if you’re lucky enough!).  

Another important element to the stroller is easy foldability. You want to be sure you can easily and efficiently pop it up and fold it down. Whether you are utilizing the Walt Disney World bus transportation from your hotel or the parking tram to take you from your parked car to the park entrance, you will need to have your stroller folded. If you are trying to wrangle the kids AND carry your belongings, you are most definitely going to want a stroller that folds with ease and will be easy to carry. There are many consideration to think about when selecting a travel stroller, for more information be sure to check out our top picks of the year.  

In particular, one option we love is the Silver Cross Jet 3 Super Compact Stroller. This easy fold, compact stroller is airline approved and comes with a rain cover and travel bag! A travel bag is a necessity when checking your stroller or car seat. We speak from experience when we say airlines don’t exactly treat them with care. Without a travel bag, you may get yours back with a couple dings.

Pro Tip: Decorate your stroller with something colourful. This will help yours stand out in the crowd!

Don't Forget

Disney does have restrictions on the strollers you can bring into the park. 

Strollers must be 31” (79cm) wide and 52” (132cm) long or smaller. The only exception to this rule is if you have a medical tag on the stroller from little ones needing some additional assistance.

For those unable to bring their stroller with them, there is the option to rent a stroller directly through Disney. Disney offers two types of strollers: single strollers (recommended for children 50 lbs. or less) and double strollers (recommended for children 100 lbs. or less).

However, these strollers can not go everywhere you go. For example: you can't bring the strollers from park to park, to your resort, or to your car at the end of the day.

What about your wagon?

Walt Disney World does not allow wagons inside their theme parks. We know you love your Veer and WonderFold, but unfortunately you are going to have to save those for your trip to the beach or a beautiful summer picnic. The reasoning for this policy is that the parks are already so crowded the larger wagons would further disrupt the flow of traffic.

A Rain Cover

A must-have stroller accessory for any trip (especially to Florida) is going to be a rain cover. There are many spots around Walt Disney World where you will have you park your stroller. Many buildings, lines, and restaurants will not permit strollers in order to keep the flow of traffic moving — therefor you will be asked to park it outside. Florida is known as the sunshine state, so it may come as a shock to you but it does actually rain there! Many times, a shower comes out of the blue, so we are sharing this valuable travel tip with you — do not leave your stroller parked without the rain cover on to avoid getting your belongings soaked or walking around the rest of the day with a wet stroller.

If your stroller did not come with one, we love this universal weather shield by Jolly Jumper.  


One other product that will be a lifesaver is a baby carrier. Many carriers allow usage from about 7 lbs up to around three years of age. As we have previously mentioned, there are many places where strollers will not be permitted within the theme parks. Baby carriers offer a hands-free way for you to carry your little traveller while still being able to experience select attractions (select rides will allow you to board while wearing your baby). You may even be able to enjoy a Mickey ice cream bar or take those vacation photos.

There are basically three types of carriers you can choose from and we go through them all in our article explaining our top carriers, but of course, you'll want to figure out which one is the best fit and most comfortable for you. One option we love is the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Harmony, which is made with a breathable 3D mesh fabric that keeps baby cool but also dries quickly (it’s Florida, the sweat is real for anyone who is human!)  


Clip-on Stroller Fan


Silver Cross

Jet 3 Super Compact Stroller


Jolly Jumper

Weather Shield for Travel System


Diaper Bag

Think about what you would bring on a trip to the mall with your little ones or on a visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I am sure you pack that diaper bag full to the brim to ensure you have everything for any kind of scenario. Well now, double that, because that is what you will likely be toting around during your day at the theme park.  

It all starts with the perfect park bag! What are you packing it all in? You of course want a bag that's big enough, but also one that offers convenience. A bag like the Axis Backpack Diaper Bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom offers multiple pockets and sections so you can access essentials quickly. It also provides an insulated portion to help keep your snacks or drinks cool.

Parent Organizer

To avoid the hassle of digging into your bag every time you need something, you are going to want to equip your stroller with a parent organizer. An organizer on the top of your stroller will allow you to have quick access to a water bottle (be sure everyone stays hydrated!) or use it to hold things like your phone that you will be using more often than not!  

Mommy Hook

Lastly, one storage hack that even we have been guilty of forgetting about is the Mommy Hook!

If you are storing your diaper bag in the under seat basket, where are you going to put all the souvenirs you purchase? With a shop around every corner and located at the exit of most attractions, it is inevitable you are going to be bringing home something you did not arrive with. Minnie Mouse ears, a plush toy, a souvenir popcorn bucket...we are sure you won’t want to be carrying these items around all day. We tried and tested the Mommy Hook and it will hold quite a few of those Disney Parks plastic shopping bags making it easier to shop until you drop. 

Petunia Pickle Bottom

Axis Backpack Diaper Bag


Brands in Motion

Stroller Organizer


The Mommy Hook

The Mommy Hook


2-IN-1 Provisions Breast Pump & Diaper Bag Backpack Brioche


Overpacked Means Overprepared  

It’s time to run through the ultimate checklist for your Disney park bag. You probably think you have thought of everything at this point, but let us take a minute to remind you of some often forgotten items that will allow for the most seamless experience.

Sun Safety

First things first, don’t forget about the basics of sun safety! We have discussed how to keep your little ones shaded using your stroller canopy, but for those inevitable times they will be in the direct sunlight, be sure you have slathered on that sunscreen...and don’t forget your sunhat (this goes for you too mom and dad!). That Florida sun can be hot and if you plan on enjoying a long park day, the key to success is knowing how to handle it!

Diaper Bag Essentials

Next up, diaper care. If you are going to be travelling with diaper wearing Mousekateers in tow, it is important to have all of your supplies with you for their ultimate comfort. Of course, this consists of your diapers, baby wipesand your wipes travel case. But what can often be forgotten is your diaper cream! Between the hot weather and the friction on your baby's skin from being in a diaper all day long, you want to be sure to be proactive in avoiding any kind of diaper rash! We also love having a wet bag available to carry any soiled or wet clothing.

Meal-Time Must-Haves

Lastly, be ready for feeding time! Whether you are enjoying quick service, a grab-and-go type meal, or table service joined by some of your favourite Disney characters — there are some products that just make meal time more enjoyable. One of those products is a sleeved bib. We are speaking from experience when we say there is nothing worse than picking out the cutest outfit to get those first Mickey hug photos in and it being stained with food!

Another meal time convenience might be a place mat! A place mat will allow you to have meal time wherever is convenient for you, without having to panic that your little one may be eating off an unclean service!

Finally, we find one of the best ways to keep the kids satisfied while waiting in line for a ride or sitting around anxiously awaiting the parade to make its way down Main Street USA is with snacks! Have some easy to grab snacks readily available in your favourite snack containers or snack bags

Sleeved bib

Sleeved Bibs

LouLou Lollipop Silicone Placemats


Large patterned wet bag

Wet Bags

Patterned Small Snack Bag

Snack Bag

Package of crackers

Food & Snacks


Final Thoughts 

We hope this article has prepared you for the ultimate Disney experience.

Don’t fret if you have forgotten something because Disney will always have you covered. In each of the four theme parks there is a Baby Care Center. Here you will find plenty of amenities to take advantage of that will make travelling with young ones easier.

Each center offers quiet rooms with rocking loungers to parents needing a cool place to feed their babies, multiple spacious and clean changing tables, a tv and chairs for little tykes just needing some quiet time, and a fully-equipped kitchen that includes a microwave and bottle warmers.

Every center will also have a cast member ready to assist you in any way possible, including selling you products you may have forgotten at home, such as diapers, wipes, formula, and more!

Hope you have a magical trip!