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Veer's Universal Cruiser Wheeled Travel Bag is the perfect travel companion and storage bag for any Cruiser - either the All-Terrain Cruiser or the Cruiser City. Padded in all the right places and made of rugged 600D fabric, this Wheeled Travel Bag keeps your Cruiser safe when checked at the airport. Large zipper front panel allows for easy loading and access while keeping your entire Cruiser within the bag. Built in wheels make for smooth sailing through airports, hotels, cruise ships and more. Simply place your Cruiser in the bag, zip it up, and you're off and running!

This Travel Bag has generous space and will accommodate your 2-seat or 4-seat Cruiser and a variety of accessories, including 2 Retractable Canopies, 2 Cup Holders, your Drink & Snack Tray, your Storage Basket and a Comfort Seat for Toddlers at the same time.

Size: Cruiser


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