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The Second Baby Checklist

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Having a child is an exciting adventure for new parents! It’s a time filled with discovery, growth, and wonder that usually leads to a second child sooner rather than later.

Though you’ve graduated to Supermom and Superdad status, you’ll still need to be prepared for your newest bundle of joy.Hand-me-downs from your first child will likely be available, but there will still be items you’ll need to buy for baby number two. If you’re lucky, you may have them gifted to you during your sprinkle shower.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a sprinkle shower is a mini shower for parents having their second child. Attendees give smaller gifts rather than the big-ticket items first-time parents need.

So if you’re planning on going to a sprinkle shower, or you’re having your second child, keep reading to find out how our Ultimate Second Baby Checklist covers all your bases for bébé numero deux!


Everyone knows babies love to sleep, and there are a few things you’ll likely need to keep them comfortable as they doze in dreamland.

  • SHEETS: Not all sheets are created equal, and for our money, it doesn’t get much better than the Premium Knit Fitted Crib Sheets by Copper Pearl. Lightweight, breathable, and fashionable, their ultra-soft premium knit fabric makes babies feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud. 
  • WHITE NOISE MACHINE: A white noise machine such as the Whish or Hushh masks any outside racket to give your baby consistent, uninterrupted sleep. While you may have one already for their older sibling you will likely need a second machine, unless the kiddos will be sharing a room. 
  • HUMIDIFIER: A humidifier such as the BreatheFrida 3-In-1 Humidifier keeps moisture in the air, alleviating potential breathing issues (a lifesaver especially in the winter months!). As a bonus, the BreathFrida also has a diffuser setting and a nightlight!
  • PAJAMAS: The Bamboo Footed Sleeper is a temperature-regulating outfit that keeps kids cool and comfortable all night long no matter the season. 
For information on bedtime routines, check out our Learning Centre article, Managing Bedtime With Multiple Children.


A secondary camera or baby monitor is invaluable for keeping a watchful eye on your newborn.

We highly recommend the Nanit Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System. Controlled via app, it allows you to monitor your children on your phone or device. Not only is it broadcast in high-definition, but it also has two-way audio, monitors your baby’s breathing, and allows parents to split-screen multiple cameras at the same time (perfect for families with two children).

For more options, check out our Learning Centre article, Top Baby Monitors.


The logistics of pushing around multiple strollers on a day out with children is downright incomprehensible!

The easiest solution is to attach a second seat to your existing stroller (if it has the capability) or purchase a double stroller.

Our Tandem vs. Side-by-Side Stroller article gives you an in-depth rundown of these strollers and which ones will work best for you and your sproglets.


Depending on the age of your first child, you may want to go the route of using a ride-along board with your original stroller.

Designed to hold toddlers up to 55 lbs., the board attaches to the rear of your stroller. This gives your first child a place to stand (or sit) while your second child is in the stroller’s seat. Parents can then push the stroller along with both children secured to it.


A second child requires a secondary car seat to keep them comfortable and protected while riding in your vehicle’s back seat. The Britax One4Life Covertible Car Seat  is one of our favourites because it grows with your child from birth all the way up to big kid booster size (up to 120 lbs!).

For more information on the Britax One4Life, check out our article How To Choose A One-And-Done Car Seat With Britax.


If you didn’t join the babywearing club the first time around, the demands of having a second child will surely change your mind.

Using a baby carrier makes multi-tasking with multiple children so much easier, whether you’re going on walks, running errands, or doing outdoor activities like hiking.

Check out our Top Carriers article to get a better idea of which baby carrier can enhance your lifestyle.


You most likely have a leftover diaper bag, but it’s probably been severely depleted due to inactivity.

Update it with the following essentials:


Having a second child may also be the perfect excuse for parents to consider upgrading any outdated products they might have.

For bedtime, the 4Moms Sleep Bassinet is one of the first motorized bassinets to incorporate app control, allowing parents to customize baby’s sleep motions and sounds directly from their device.

Another product many parents upgrade for their second child is their baby’s high chair. This could be due to getting rid of the first one too soon, or simply because they’re not happy with the one they currently have. Whatever the reason, we explore high chairs in-depth in our Top High Chairs article, highlighting the best in baby chairs like the Clikk and Tripp Trapp.


Baby number two is a joyous occasion for any family. Parents are seasoned the second time around, and won’t find the prep work as overwhelming as it was with child number one. That being said, getting your ducks in a row now will help you relax and really savour that special time with your newborn later.

With this checklist both parents and newborns should have no trouble adjusting to their new life together.