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Baby Jogger City Elite2 Stroller Review

Judith Little | | Comments 0

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Baby Jogger strollers are known for their rugged nature and patented quick-fold technology.

You’ve probably heard of the City Select + City Select LUX but today we are focusing our attention on the 3-wheeled Baby Jogger City Elite 2 all-terrain stroller.

If you are an active family who spends a lot of time outdoors hiking the trails, playing at the park, or cheering on your team at the baseball diamond then the rugged City Elite 2 from Baby Jogger might be the stroller for you.

To commemorate this 3-wheeled beauty we are sharing the top 3 things that we love about the Elite 2 stroller.

Have we piqued your interest?
Read on!

Large Cushioned Wheels + All-Wheel Suspension

The City Elite 2 is a three-wheeled stroller that boasts “forever-air” rubber tires which simply means that you don’t have to worry about pumping them up, but you can have confidence knowing that they will perform no matter where you go. These wheels can handle any terrain like grass, gravel, or mud--you name it and we guarantee that these tires will coast through it.

The City Elite 2 also has all-wheel suspension allowing for a comfortable ride for your little and a smooth push for you.

This stroller is not intended for jogging—but you sure can go off-roading with it!
We say, let it roll!*

*Well, don’t actually let it roll – use the hand-operated parking brake first.

Versatile + User-Friendly

Whether you are a city dweller or a weekend warrior you will appreciate the comfort and convenience that the City Elite 2 has to offer both the parent AND the rider. 

Let’s talk versatility...

You can use the City Elite 2 from birth in one of two different ways.
  • Adjust the seat to a near flat recline—baby can be nestled safely inside.

  • If you are looking for the convenience of a travel system, simply use the included set of City GO infant car seat adaptors to connect your infant car seat to your stroller and head out with baby in tow. 

Best part? The adaptors can easily and quickly be removed when it’s time to ditch the car seat and let your little one ride freely in the stroller seat.
Speaking of your little one growing like a weed, when the time comes you can modify the stroller to ensure a perfect fit and a smooth ride for your little one.

The City Elite 2 has adjustable calf support and of course a puzzle-piece 5-point harness for safety. Bonus points for the built-in step assist found above the front swivel wheel for babe to use when climbing in and out [and in and out and in and out] of the stroller. We are convinced that the innovation team at Baby Jogger must have toddlers at home because only a parent could appreciate this little bonus.

Take it from us, once your little reaches the “do-it-self” phase they crave being I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T and allowing them to climb in unassisted will help to make them feel like a big kid--they can ride comfortably up to 75lbs.

Last but not least, every family is unique so we love that this stroller has an adjustable handlebar that can accommodate various heights.

Impressive Canopy

Since the City Elite 2 is meant for adventuring it only makes sense that it comes with an oversized UV50+ canopy with lots of cool features.
It has a magnetic peek-a-boo window up top so that you can keep an eye on baby and boasts two innovative magnetic side vents that can be used to allow for optimal airflow for your rider on those warm days. 
Take THAT Mr. Golden Sun!

Final Thoughts

Oh, and did we mention the frame is guaranteed for life? Ya, we told you it was a rugged stroller that could keep up with wherever life takes you. Don’t forget—you can customize your City Elite 2 with other Baby Jogger accessories like a belly bar, rain cover, or child tray.

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