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Baby Jogger Summit X3 vs. Thule Urban Glide 2 Stroller

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You’d move mountains for your child — that’s a given. But would you take them up one?

With the right all-terrain jogging stroller, it might be easier than you think! These featherweight strollers come fully equipped with gear perfect for runners, hikers, and active parents, including soft tires, safety features, smooth suspension, and more. But you don’t have to be a fitness buff to appreciate a buggy that’s ready to go off the beaten path should life demand it.

Here, we compare two all-terrain jogging strollers: the Baby Jogger Summit X3 and the Thule Urban Glide 2 Stroller.

The Baby Jogger stroller offers great value while the Thule — which retails for slightly more— features quality-of-life improvements that could sway your decision. However, there’s more to a stroller than its price tag. Let’s put the specs side by side for a quick look at what you could be pushing down the street or, say, up a mountainside.

The Specs

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Specs:
  • Weight capacity: 75 lbs 
  • Unfolded dimensions: 45" x 26" x 43" 
  • Folded dimensions: 34" x 26" x 13.8" 
  • Stroller weight: 28.2 lbs Stroller height: 43.5" 

Thule Urban Glide 2 Stroller Specs:
  • Weight capacity: 75 lbs 
  • Unfolded dimensions: 40" x 27.2" x 41.1" 
  • Folded dimensions: 34.25” x 27.1” x 13.4” 
  • Stroller weight: 24.4 lbs 
  • Sitting height: 20.9” 

As you can see when looking at the specs, the strollers share similar dimensions when folded, however when extended the Urban Glide 2 is a bit smaller. Both the Summit X3 and the Urban Glide 2 also support children up to 75 pounds, which could make the weight of the buggy itself more of a deciding factor. So…what are your thoughts on melons? The Baby Jogger is heavier than the Thule by almost four pounds — that’s the weight of a honeydew!

While the difference might not jump out at you during an average trip to the grocery store, it could feel more pronounced during a hilly hike or a longer family jog.

All-Terrain Wheels and Suspension

Summit X3: Three air-filled tires, all-wheel suspension, front wheel lock

Urban Glide 2: Three air-filled tires, 16” rear wheels, locking front wheel

As anyone who hits the road, track, or trails can tell you, lacing up the right pair of shoes can matter as much as your level of fitness. The same goes for your stroller’s wheels.

In this case, the Summit X3 and Urban Glide 2 strollers share a few similarities. Both models possess a swivel front wheel for ease of navigation, plus a handy feature that locks said wheel in place to help you stay the course when running over rugged terrain or tearing down a straightaway. (Baby wants a PB!) A smooth ride is a given with the air-filled tires, which can be pumped up to your liking.

The two strollers diverge when you look at their suspension systems. The Summit X3 features all-wheel suspension, while the Urban Glide 2’s premium suspension cushions the 16” rear wheels.

Brakes & Safety Features

Summit X3: No-slip handlebar, hand-operated deceleration brake, tether strap

Urban Glide 2: Ergonomic adjustable handlebar, twist brake, five-point safety harness, reflective panels

Both models offer premium-feel handlebars that put speed control at your fingertips with deceleration brakes, though the Urban Glide 2’s brake system stands out for its twist-to-slow functionality. If things get out of hand — literally — safety tethers will keep the stroller within reach at all times.

The Urban Glide 2 stroller also uses a five-point harness system for an extra layer of safety. Reflective details on both the wheels and the canopy allow for improved visibility for those after-dark strolls.

Canopy & Seating

Summit X3: UV 50+ canopy with peekaboo window, fully reclining seat

Urban Glide 2: 50 UPF, multi-position canopy with side-ventilation windows

What do you do when the little one cries, “I’m tired!” after an exhausting day of being pushed around by yours truly? You could go for the classic “Hi tired, I’m Dad!” or let your stroller’s canopy and seat system help you catch a well-deserved break.

The Summit X3’s generous canopy and peekaboo window (secured with a toggle button) protect your little one from the sun, and its seat folds almost completely flat for maximum z’s.

If your willpower’s flagging after that last stretch, the Urban Glide 2’s one-handed recline is just what the supremely exhausted parent ordered. The canopy’s visor goes from zero to full coverage and then some with an extendable visor, and includes a magnetic peekaboo window that lets you peek in on your sleeping passenger.


Summit X3: Seatback storage, under-seat basket

Urban Glide 2: Covered cargo basket

They’re conked out — now’s your chance! Break out the snacks (Paw Patrol gummies are for grown-ups, right?) and your beverage of choice from the stroller’s spacious storage baskets.

The Summit X3 has two places you can stash everything from snacks to toys: a vertical pouch behind the seat and a larger basket underneath.

The Urban Glide 2 boasts a fully covered zip-top cargo basket that keeps its contents completely enclosed and protected from mud and other elements. Two interior mesh pockets can fit a water bottle, snacks, and more.

Car Seat Compatibility

Summit X3: Baby Jogger, Britax, Chicco, Clek, Cybex, Graco, Peg Perego, or Maxi-Cosi infant car seats Urban Glide 2: Thule infant car seat adapter

Hitting the provincial park or just the other side of town? Both strollers are compatible with car seats, though the Baby Jogger Summit X3 offers the most versatility. With a car seat adapter —sold separately — the Summit X3 accommodates a wide range of infant car seats, including Baby Jogger, Britax, Chicco, Clek, Cybex, Graco, Peg Perego, or Maxi-Cosi.

The Urban Glide 2 will connect with the brand’s own car seat adapter, as well as the Thule Bassinet system when you're cozying up at home.

If you’re not using a travel system, note that both models can be folded and stowed with one hand.

Which One Is Your Speed?

Diana Ross sang, “There ain’t no mountain high enough” and now you’re ready to prove it! Whichever jogging stroller you decide to go with, you can rest easy knowing that the Baby Jogger Summit X3 and Thule Urban Glide 2 are versatile, safe, and the perfect fit for your child.