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Britax Performance Fabrics

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We know life can be messy!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever proclaimed that you would never have a dirty car seat.

Yup, we are right there with you.
My declaration to have a squeaky-clean car seat may be laughable to some but Britax is making it possible. 

Yes, most car seats see everything from poop explosions [#honesty #sorrynotsorry] to cracker crumbs and even those what-is-this-sticky-substance kind of messes.
BUT it doesn’t have to be this way.

Having a performance fabric on your car seat will be a huge lifesaver — and in more than one way since car seats DO save lives. These Britax car seats feature premium performance fabrics that will keep life's little messes your little secret.

Today we are giving you a breakdown of all of the Britax performance fabrics.
What do they mean? How do they work?

We'll be dishing on which fabrics repel liquid, how to keep baby feeling cool and comfortable, and even the 411 on when it's time to give that baby [your car seat not your actual baby] a wash. 

Read on, your questions are about to be answered!

Cool ‘n Dry Collection

Just like the name suggests, you can keep your little one cool and dry with 30 % bamboo fabric that wicks away moisture.


The Cool 'N Dry collection features what Britax calls its "Thermo5 fabric." This fabric is designed to wick away moisture [read: sweaty baby bed head] and naturally allows airflow. 

Thermo5 is man-made and blends 30% bamboo charcoal with polyester, resulting in a high-performance fabric. The wicking nature of this fabric is IDEAL for little ones who run hot! 

Best part? The fabric is guaranteed to last for at least 6 years!
As you know, newborns and toddlers can generate a lot of heat leaving them hot and sticky. The wicking feature helps keep kids drier and more comfortable, and the knit weave of the fabric naturally allows air to flow to help keep them cooler.

Consensus? We. Are. In.
…and so are our sweaty little rascals.

Safewash Collection

Safety that holds up in the wash. Machine wash and dry your SafeWash fabrics without worrying about the integrity of the fabric.  


Oh, did you think you were raising a baby? Sorry, you must be mistaken.

Sometimes it feels like you’ve actually been raising a little piggy who can’t help but make a mess wherever they go. A fave spot to really let loose? The car seat.

When mama is driving, and her back is turned – babes just can't help but crumble their crackers into 1,000,000 little pieces while adding splashes of milk to REALLY create a masterpiece.

This is why we LOVE the Britax SafeWash collection. When the spills are so ridiculous there is no choice but to:
  1. Head straight to the farm to drop your little piggyback to the pen 
  2. Keep calm knowing that your SafeWash fabric cover can easily be thrown in the washer [and dryer]  for up to 30 washes
We are going to hope you went with option #2. Here's how you clean your car seat for bad spills.
  • First make sure all the hook and loop fasteners are secured. 
  • Then, machine wash the cover on a delicate cycle with cold water and a mild detergent. 
  • Tumble dry, and remove right away. 
  • Do not iron, bleach, or dry clean your cover. 
  • Pat yourself on the back for being so clever and choosing a car seat that can easily be laundered again and again!

Stayclean Collection

With premium accents and sleep, sophisticated design without sacrificing safety. StayClean with Nanotex features exclusive nanotechnology that resists stains, moisture and odour. Making it easy to keep it all looking brand new. 


They say not to cry over spilled milk — and now you won’t.
Enter the Britax StayClean collection!

Let’s get technical!
What is nanotechnology?
Nanotex changes the fibre on a molecular level, so it permanently resists spills [like milk + pee-pee] and stains.
The change in surface energy keeps moisture on the top of the fabric, instead of sinking or staining.
StayClean fabric makes clean-up easy so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff [like spills] go ahead and put it to the test — we did!

It resists stains.
It resists odours
It resists moisture.
On second thought, they should have considered naming this fabric “toddler” because it sure can resist like one!

We know we are talking fabrics here but it’s important to note the sleek black base and sides found on all StayClean seats which blend in nicely if your vehicle has a dark interior

Similar to the SafeWash, you can absolutely wash this car seat BUT it is best to hand wash and air dry your Nanotex cover to ensure the quality of the product is maintained for the life of the seat.

Time to Make a Decision

Now you and your little piggy can cry "wee wee wee" all the way to your closest Snuggle Bugz location to chat with one of our Store Advisors about these Britax performance fabrics and more. 

They'll happily help you “pig” out a car seat suitable for your family and vehicle. 

Now that’s something to squeal about!