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How to Choose a One-and-Done Car Seat with Britax

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So, you’re shopping for a car seat? In this article, we’ll be sharing how a single car seat really CAN be your one and only – for life.

We’ve previously shared information about Growing Up In the Car With Britax and how the Britax One4Life can grow with your child from baby to big kid booster. We’ve even gone so far as to compare the One4Life to the very popular second-stage car seat choice, the Britax Boulevard which you can find here!

Today, we are going to compare the stages of use for the One4Life to other similar Britax seats that will also work for the age or stage you are in. Remember, the right car seat for you is one that suits your needs, vehicle, and budget. Let’s dive in!


Okay, let's start with the obvious first choice.

Generally, parents opt to purchase a convenient “bucket seat”, or infant seat, like the Britax B-Safe Gen2 Flex Fit Infant Seat for the infant stage [check out our full review HERE].

Once the time comes [your child has outgrown the seat in height, weight, or fit], you’ll then switch your child over to a “second stage” convertible seat like the Britax Boulevard, Advocate, Marathon, or Emblem [and you guessed it - find the full comparison HERE]. These Britax seats can be used rear-facing to 40 lbs. And, you know we are going to tell you to keep your babe rear-facing for as long as possible. It can also be used forward-facing with a max weight limit of 65 lbs, or 49 inches.

Once the time comes, years down the road at this point, you’ll move your child up to a booster seat like the Grow-with-You Click Tight Harness-2-Booster Seat [full review HERE]! This specific seat from Britax can be used as a forward-facing 5-point harness, and can transition to a Belt-Positioning Booster that maxes out at 120 lbs [ or 63” tall].

If you do that math – that’s 3 cars seat you’ll need to account for, for the many stages of growth.


Alternatively, the One4Life car seat can be altered to fit and accommodate your child comfortably every step of the way. The 15-position headrest and harness on the One4Life car seat are what allows it to accommodate all the stages we mentioned above. The only downfall is that the One4Life doesn’t allow for the convenience of a bucket seat “travel system” in those first few months when your baby is teeny-tiny. This means you’ll have to move them in and out of the car seat when you pop out for groceries, doctors' appointments, or wherever life takes you. To be clear, you can use this car seat from infancy to middle school and it even morphs into a belt-positioning booster when the time comes. However, it is meant to always stay in the car.

A HUGE pro about the One4Life is that it’s a great choice for grandparents, second vehicles, or families with numerous children. Why? The ability to adjust the car seat to the rider no matter their age or stage is a big bonus. This removes the stress of the shuffle as you can feel confident knowing that, regardless of your child’s age or stage, your precious cargo will be safe and secure in a properly fitted car seat.


Let's dive in on the price difference – knowing that prices are always subject to change.
  • B-Safe® Gen2™ FlexFit Plus: $429
  • Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat: $549
  • Grow With You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Seat : $499
  • One4Life ClickTight All-In-One Car Seat: $699
B-Safe Gen2 FlexFit Infant Seat



B-Safe Gen2 Infant Seat

From Sale Price: $279.99

Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat Gray Contour


Grow With You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Seat



Remember each child is unique. Your 4-year-old may grow out of a specific seat while their friend from school is still at a different stage – that is okay – and very normal. Some families may opt to skip the Harness-to-Booster stage altogether if their child still has lots of room in their 5-point harness seat. Then when it comes time for a booster seat, they may choose to go with the Highpoint 2-Stage Belt-Positioning Booster Seat, the choice really is up to you. You can learn more about Booster Seat Readiness HERE or check out Episode 6 of the 40 Weeks to Forever Podcast where we chat all about car seat safety with the president of CPSAC. You'll want to listen before you head out on the highway.

So, what will it be? Is the Britax One4Life car seat the “one” for your family?
Will you opt to go with a “bucket seat” then choose the One4Life for the may stages after that?