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Fun Baby Shower Games Guests Will Love

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Hosting a baby shower can feel overwhelming. It’s tough to balance the needs of the mama-to-be with the task of keeping your other guests happy. One way to be sure that everyone has fun — while keeping the focus on mama and baby — is with shower games. 

So, what makes a great baby shower game? We love games that are simple to explain, fun to play, and offer a mix of laughs and quirky challenges. Prizes for guests add an extra layer of engagement. A balance of different kinds of games will ensure everyone has a good time.  

In this article, we’ll help you decide which party games to choose and provide some hilarious suggestions to get your guests mingling and laughing from start to finish. We’ll look at three different types of activities: icebreakers, active games, and creative games. 

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Now, for the fun and games… 


Showers often bring together folks from different circles to celebrate the parents-to-be. These games can be a great way to help guests loosen up and get to know one another. 

Don't Say Baby 

A classic shower party game that’s sure to pique your guests’ ears and get new conversations flowing. 

What You’ll Need: 

  • A diaper pin for each guest 

How to Play: 

As guests arrive, give each one a diaper pin to wear on their shirt. Once everyone is present, announce that they cannot say the work ‘baby’ for the duration of the shower. If a guest hears someone else using the forbidden work, they can steal the rule breaker’s pin. The guest with the most pins at the end of the shower wins a prize.  

Who’s Who: Baby Edition 

This is a fun (and sometimes misty-eyed) way to get folks chatting and help build some excitement around the new arrival.  

What You’ll Need:  

  • This game takes a little bit of prep, as you’ll have to ask each of your guests to send you a picture of themselves as a baby before the shower starts (or bring along a hard copy). 
  • A place to post all these photos (poster board, cork board, empty wall). 
  • Pens and paper for guests.  

How to Play: 

Either in advance or as guests arrive, assign a number to each baby photo and arrange them on the wall or board — don’t forget to keep a master list of who’s who! Have your guests write down their guesses of which baby photo matches which guest. The person with the most right answers wins.  

Baby Sketch Artists 

A super simple game with a hilarious twist!  

What You’ll Need:

  • Sturdy paper plates and markers for each guest.  

How to Play: 

Pass out a plate and marker to everyone, and announce they’ll be drawing a picture of a baby on their plate. The only catch is, they’ll need to keep the plate on top of their head while they draw! Once everyone is done, prizes are awarded for best sketch (or any other categories you can dream up). This game is hilarious to judge and even more fun to watch. 

Baby Socks

Socks & Leg Warmers

Bottle nipple


Angel Dear Zipper Footies


Silicone Bibs

Bibs & Burp Cloths

Lucy Darling Party In A Box

Party Décor

Active Games 

These games help shake things up by getting folks out of their seats and moving around the party space. 

Diaper Derby 

This game is funny to watch and surprisingly difficult to do well, plus is sure to get folks up and moving.

What You’ll Need: 

  • A couple rolls of toilet paper (at least one roll per team) and a timer.  

How to Play: 

Divide guests into teams, and give each team a roll of toilet paper. Set a timer for five minutes and charge your guests with wrapping up one of their team members in a TP 'diaper.’ The team with the most creative approach to diapering wins. 

Find the Socks! 

This is a great game to include if you have younger guests at your party. Kids love digging into a big pile of socks.  

What You'll Need:  

How to Play:  

Mix up all the socks and dump them in a pile on the floor. Each guest must match as many socks as they can in one minute. The winner is the person who matches the most socks before their time is up. 

Baby Bottle Bowling:  

Exactly what it sounds like. This is a great game to have set up on the sidelines as an ongoing activity. 

What You’ll Need: 

  • Five (or ten) baby bottles filled with water, a medium sized ball  

How to Play: 

Set the bottles up like bowling pins and use the ball to knock them down. Consider dividing your guests into teams and playing for points. 

Creative Games 

Unleash your artistic side with word games or crafts. These activities take a little more prep time, but the creative pay off is worth it! 

What's the Story 

This game is a great way to get your creative juices flowing with hilarious results–think Mad Libs for pregnancy and childbirth. 

What You’ll Need: 

  • A list of 20 words: 10 that are baby-related and 10 that have absolutely nothing to do with babies/childbirth/pregnancy 
  • copies of the list, paper, and pens for your guests  

How to Play:  

Distribute copies of the list to each guest and give them five minutes to write a story that includes all 20 words. Take turns reading these hilarious stories out loud. The person who comes up with the funniest tale wins. 

Decoration Station 

A fun, hands-on activity you can tailor to your party’s theme (and your needs). Onesies and baby bibs are some of the most common items to decorate, but you can also supply blank building blocks or have your guests collectively build a mobile for the nursery. 

What You’ll Need: 

  • At least one item per guest (onesie, bin, blocks, etc.)  
  • Crafting supplies like fabric paint, iron-ons, permanent markers, etc. (If you’re decorating clothing you plan to use, be sure to read the product information carefully to make sure you’re not decorating with any materials that could irritate your baby’s skin) 

How to Play: 

Arrange up a table with your items to decorate and crafting supplies and let the creative juices flow. This is a great ongoing activity (which also means you don’t need to supply a full range of decorating supplies for each and every guest) 

Name That Tune 

What You'll Need:  

  • A playlist of children's songs and nursery rhymes 
  • paper and pens for your guests  

How to Play:  

Play the first five or ten seconds of each song, and have guests write down the title. Whoever has the most correct responses wins. 


Make a playlist of songs that have "Baby" or "Babe" in the title. Mix it up with classics like "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes, pop favourites (Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time"), and more recent hits. The guest with the most correct complete answers (title and artist) wins.  

Have Fun! 

There you have it, our very favourite baby shower games! With these great activities to choose from, your shower party is sure to be a hit. Don’t forget to include a mix of the icebreaker, active, and creative games to ensure your party has an engaging flow from start to finish.

 Have fun!