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Leander Matty Baby Changer vs. Keekaroo Peanut Changer

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Spoiler alert: as a parent, you can expect to be doing a lot of diaper changes – and that’s a fact!

When setting up your babe’s nursery, there are so many big-ticket items that need to be considered. From cribs and bassinets, to dressers and changing tables, it can be hard to know where to start, or which items are best (or necessary) for growing with your family.

If you are putting together your baby registry, searching through ALL the checklists ensuring you’ve got all the must-haves ticked off – don't forget a good quality changer.

Today we are comparing two very popular baby changers – the Matty Baby Changer by Leander, and the Peanut Changer by Keekaroo. Both are safe and hygienic, easy wipe-clean changing pads that can literally turn any stable surface into a changing table.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Easy Clean-Up

As parents, we’re convinced there are no sweeter words than “easy clean-up". Both the Matty Changer and the Peanut Changer are waterproof and wipe clean – which is music to our ears. This means no immediate need to do laundry or clean a changer cover in the middle of the night.

Both feature impermeable, solid shells, that are easily sanitized with the swipe of a disinfectant wipe or rinse. Their cushiony (but strong) foam means no extra pads or covers are needed, and your babe will be comfy cozy while laundry day gets a little bit lighter – can we get a hooray for that?

We love that both changing pads are resistant to rips and tears, and their strong outer shell limits bacteria growth, making both of these changers a hygienic and safe choice.

Best part?

BOTH of these changers feature a slight slant to ensure liquids flow away from your baby’s body. This is a huge plus in terms of clean-up as it helps keep the mess away from babe and their fresh OOTD, while assisting in creating a more sanitary environment.

What's the Diff?

Matty Baby Changer

  • 20” x 28” x 4.5”
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Safety strap: Yes
  • The Matty Baby Changer’s rectangular shape has four small, non-slip feet, that sit in each corner of the pad to increase its non-slip stability
  • The raised edges and slanted design help contain, and control, any mess that might come your way

Keekaroo Peanut Changer

  • 32” x 17” x 4"
  • Shape: Peanut
  • Safety strap: Yes
  • The Peanut Changer does not have feet but it is slip resistant and stays in place during a change, even if arms and legs are flailing
  • It also features a slanted design for intentional liquid flow and easy cleaning, along with raised edges like the Matty Changer

Both changers offer a 5-year warranty (score!), and come in around the same price point – in fact, they are only $1 apart.

If you’re like us and looking for the perfect match for your nursery aesthetic, you will also love that both changers come in a variety of colours. The Matty Baby has got you covered with 7 colours, including on-trend colours like Sage and Wood Rose, while the Peanut has crowd-pleasing favourites including Slate and Vanilla, to seamlessly fit in with any palette.

Don't Forget Portable Changer

If there’s one thing we know about babies, it’s that welcoming these little bundles of joy sometimes (oftentimes) means that schedules and planning go straight out of the window. Heading out the door, or strolling the aisles at the store? Sounds like the perfect time for a diaper change!

We can’t control when nature calls but, we can make the experience more comfortable for you and your babe. Don't forget a good quality diaper bag, a wet bag for soiled clothing, or one of these great portable changer options listed below for on-the-go diaper changes.

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Leather Playmat - Micro

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What Do You Think? 

So, what do you think, are these hygienic changers the baby gear item that your registry needed? We sure see the benefits and think you will too.

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