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Stokke JetKids Travel BedBox Review

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There’s nothing quite like a fun-filled family vacation to make life-long memories.

Unfortunately, travel can also be incredibly stressful for young families. The long waits in customs and security lines can try the patience of adults and make children downright irritable!

So, to make travel fun for your little one, Stokke developed the JetKids Travel BedBox, a multi-functional suitcase specifically for kids.

This durable, hardshell case can be used in various ways to keep children comfortable on planes, trains, or ferries. It also makes life a lot easier for parents travelling with kids in tow.

What's Cool About it?

  • Dimensions: 18.11" x 7.87" x 14.17" 
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs (6.2 kg) 
  • Size: 20 L (5.3 gallons)
  • Recommended Age: Bed feature 2+ years / Ride-on suitcase feature 3–7 years

What makes the BedBox unique is that it’s a 3-in-1 product.

Suitcase: First, it’s a suitcase on wheels that children can pull all by themselves. Some parents prefer to have their children travel with a backpack, but monkey see, monkey do! Many children would rather be like mommy and daddy and have their own luggage. However, the BedBox includes a hook for hanging a pack on if desired — a nice touch and the best of both worlds!

Second, children can ride the suitcase like a horse. That’s right — parents can pull the luggage with their children seated on top of it! You’ll love this feature when their little feet get tired or they can’t keep up with the busy pace of travel and you already have your arms full.

Third, the lid flips upside down and becomes a footrest for children while in their seat. This footrest is also extendable to accommodate your growing child. Additionally, the mattress lays across the seat and footrest for kids to get their nap on! PRO TIP: It’s best to utilize the BedBox in a window seat.

On top of all this, the BedBox comes with sticker packs for decorating and personalizing each case.

Here’s a deeper look into each configuration…

Easy Rider

If your child is riding the suitcase, the front wheels swivel 360° and are shock absorbent, making for a smooth ride. Footholds are placed on either side and a grab handle gives them something to hold on to.

A long strap clips to the front of the suitcase and you’ll use it to pull the BedBox along. Additionally, you can clip the strap to a hook on the rear and wear the suitcase on your shoulder (like a messenger bag) when needed.

First-Class Naps

You may not be travelling in first class, but your child can certainly nap like they are!

On airplanes, the BedBox fits perfectly under the seat during takeoff and landing. Once you’ve reached cruising altitude, it can then be positioned in front of the seat.

At this point, you’ll flip the lid upside-down and break out the mattress. It covers both the seat and footrest in its entirety, so your child can kick their feet up and relax. They can also curl into a little ball for nap time while remaining buckled.

The mattress itself has anti-slip strips on the underside as well as elastic bands for securing it over the footrest, keeping everything in place. Side flaps are included for protecting your child from the hard plastic of the seat’s armrests.

When you’re done using it, simply roll up the mattress and toss it back into the suitcase.

PRO TIP: Store the rolled-up mattress at the top of the suitcase for easy accessibility.

Super Storage

The BedBox may look small, but at 20 litres, it can hold a lot of stuff.

Things like packing cubes, extra clothes, jackets, blankets, toys, diapers, wipes, creams, lotions…everything you need to make travelling a breeze.

Also, additional storage is available in the lid, which can be accessed when it’s upside down and used as a footrest. Many parents keep the essentials they need at arm's length here (ie. snacks), so they aren’t hunting through the luggage for every little thing.

Sky-High Reviews

If you have a child between the ages of two and seven, this niche travel gadget can help alleviate your travel woes. Just check out the rave reviews from parents who say The JetKids was a lifesaver on long-haul flights. The industry lauds its clever design, and parents who’ve used it on family vacations can’t recommend it enough. The reasons are evident: easily navigating busy airports and train stations, adding something “fun” for kids, and keeping them comfortable when they’re tired, all add up to a winning product from Stokke.