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Pool & Beach Must-Haves for Baby

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Summer is a time for fun in the sun! Days at the beach, afternoons lounging by the pool, and weekends at the cottage...ahh, that’s the life! During these adventures, it's essential to ensure their safety — both in the water and out. That's why we're diving into the world of must-have products to keep your baby happy and safe on those memorable summer outings. 

From apparel that will keep them cute and covered in the sun, to safety items that protect them in the water, we’ve got all the summer essentials for you here at Snuggle Bugz! 

 So, grab your sunscreen and soak up the pool and beach must-haves to make your baby’s summer worry-free and filled with laughter and splashes! 

Safeguard Your Sweetheart 

During the summer months, baby’s sensitive skin requires some extra TLC. Keep them out of direct sunlight and create a cool oasis with trees, umbrellas, or canopies. While sunscreen is a trusty sidekick against UV rays, remember it won't save the day when it comes to beating the heat. Hydration is key here, so let your little sipper guzzle down all the cool liquids they want! 

If your baby is under six months of age, check in with your healthcare provider for the go-ahead before slathering on sunscreen. As they get older, consult the daily UV index, dodge peak sun hours, rock stylish sun hats and shades, and gear up with protective clothing and sunscreen to avoid any potentially nasty burns.  

Regarding water safety, you are your child’s ultimate lifeguard!  

Drowning can happen in as little as 30 seconds, and even a mere inch of water can be risky for tots. Our number one water rule is to keep a watchful eye. Focus on "touch supervision” by keeping your beginner swimmer within arm's reach. Flotation devices can give a false sense of confidence and encourage risky behaviour. Try to eliminate distractions like playing on your phone. Be fully present and alert! We also recommend getting CPR trained, so you’re a superhero-level parent prepared for anything.  

Shining in the Sun 

Now, let’s talk about some must-have sun and outdoor products for your little one’s pool or beach adventures. 

 First up is the oh-so-cute sun hat! It's not just a fashion statement — it's a lifesaver for protecting their delicate skin from those sneaky sun rays. Next, an outdoor mat for playtime! One like the VEER Sand Mat is perfect for creating a clean and comfy play area where your baby can explore the beach without worry. It is also perfect for sand and dirt-free picnics! 

What about snacks and drinks, you ask? Enter the trusty VEER Cooler Tote! It keeps all those refreshing beverages chilled and ready to satisfy (remember, stay hydrated).

Lastly, now you have all your wagon accessories, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have a wagon like the Veer All-terrain to cart them to your destination. Wagons are like an all-terrain, mini beach-mobile — with plenty of room for your beach gear and a comfy spot for your baby. A must-have for sandy strolls! 


Sand Mat



Cooler Tote



All-Terrain Cruiser Wagon


Dive into Safety 

You can never be too safe when your tiny babe is near water.  

First up, the superhero of water safety: the life jacket! This cozy little flotation device keeps your baby safe and snug while they play in the water. Check out our Salus Life Jackets Round-Up article for more information on our most popular vests!  

Next, we have the trusty water wings. These mini arm floaties, such as the Sea You On Top Floaties, give your little swimmer some extra confidence while they splash around. Speaking of flotation devices, there are so many fun options out there, like the Lil’ Float from Bigmouth — designed to keep your baby happily gliding on the water. 

Of course, don't forget about protecting their little feetsies with Slip Stop Water Shoes! These protective foot covers prevent slips and provide extra traction on wet surfaces, while protecting them from burns at the same time! 

Nimbus Vest


Beach Bum Babes 

It’s time to make a splash with fantastic water apparel for your babe!  

While no outdoor adventure should go without sunscreen, there are other ways to protect baby on those sunny days, including dressing them in a fun and functional swimsuit. These UPF 50 Sun Suits by Current Tyed are not just adorable, they also provide an extra layer of safety from the sun and ensure your baby stays comfortable in the water! 

To keep the pool clean, swim diapers are mandatory. They contain little accidents, so you can enjoy worry-free water time without mishaps. 

Lastly, on those days you can’t venture away from home, bring some splish-splash fun to you with a portable outdoor kiddie pool. One such as the Aquani Parasol Tent & Pool is like having your own mini water paradise in your own backyard! 


Knit Swim Diaper 2 Piece Set


Matter Company

SPF Natural sun care for baby


Sun-Kissed & Water Lovin’ 

Now is the time to gear up for sun-soaked adventures with your little! Remember to pack these essential items to keep them safe and protected. From sun hats and outdoor mats to  wagons and lifejackets, we've got everything covered for a splashtastic day!  

 For more great ideas, be sure to check out our summer essentials products page or our Get Summer Ready and How to Beat the Heat with Baby articles in our Learning Centre.