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Q & A With The Matter Company

Judith Little | | Comments 0

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Have you ever wondered what you are REALLY putting on your baby's smooth little bum-bum?

Your go-to Nappy Rash Ointment states that the ingredients include things like calendula, carrot oil, cocoa butter and more – but what does that mean?

And more importantly, how does this product work so well? Read on for all the important questions, and answers, from the Matter Company founder Denise.

How it's Made

Today we are taking you behind the scenes and answering those questions and so many more. At Snuggle Bugz, we are all about instilling confidence in families AND our staff so when Denise from the Matter Company invited us for a little show and tell, our Stockyards team jumped at the opportunity!

The team spent some time at the Matter Company offices and were even shown around the gardens by the owner herself, Therapeutic Herbalist, Denise Williams. She showed and shared all about the different ingredients that go into her products and how some of your must-have Matter Company products are made.

Organic Plants + Flowers, Oh My!

Cool, right?

From plants and flowers in their organic state, and then turned into your favourite Matter Company products that grace the shelves of our Snuggle Bugz stores.

The team loved hearing Denise explain each plant individually and learning all about the healing priorities found in each one [talk about local + organic!]. We loved digging deeper—so we stuck around and asked a few more questions about the process from start to finish.

You can check out the full Q&A below!


1. What made you get involved in herbalism? What then pushed you to create your own company?

Having studied environmental studies and getting her certification in Therapeutic Herbalism, Denise launched the Matter Company, an all-natural skin care product company in 1996.

2. What made you choose to do mom and baby care essentials?

Substance was created when one of Denise’s friends was pregnant with her second child and was unable to find any all-natural baby products that were free of parabens and harmful chemicals. Denise, alongside her friend who is also a certified Therapeutic Herbalist, started making different formulas that would help mom and baby in different stages of pregnancy and post birth. Belly Jelly, Nappy Ointment and the Nipple Butter are some of the most popular Substance products.

3. Out of the products that you have, what is your favourite and why?

One of Denise’s favourite products is the Belly Jelly. It contains a lot of healing and nourishing ingredients that help moisturize the skin. Not only is it good for growing bellies but it also works as an everyday moisturizer for the whole body.

4. Are there any new products we can expect in the future?

There are always new products being made to expand their line. Currently they are working on developing more SPF creams, after sun sprays, natural deodorant and baby sleep oils.

5. Why don’t you use zinc in your nappy ointments?

Zinc is an antibacterial ingredient that they try to stay away from as it does clog the pores of the skin. Instead, they replaced it with Myrrh Powder and Roman Chamomile Essential Oil which are both antibacterial ingredients but also have healing elements to them.

We also learned that zinc is not cloth diaper friendly as it can damage the material of the cloth diaper, causing even more discomfort. Because zinc is not used in the Nappy Ointment, it is cloth diaper and universal diaper friendly.

Feeling Clean

When choosing products to put on our and our baby's bodies, we reach for clean, organic products that are free of potentially harmful additives.

We love that the Matter Company is all natural and organic, so you can not only experience the benefits of their remedies, but also feel good about the ingredients within them. Check out our Related Content for more of our must-have product picks.

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