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Top UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat Accessories

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Grab a tasty drink and get comfy because today we’re talking all about MESA and MESA V2 Infant Car Seat accessories.

Since 2006, UPPAbaby has consistently offered high-quality strollers and car seats, positioning themselves as an industry leader and a favourite among parents.

Their MESA V2 Infant Car Seat is one of our most popular products here at Snuggle Bugz.

Babies love this seat and parents rave about its function, safety, and flexibility.

So if you’re on the fence about purchasing one (or you’ve recently bought one and want to know what add-ons you can get) keep reading to find out how versatile the MESA V2 really is!


The MESA V2 Infant Car Seat comes with a base, which installs the car seat in the most secure manner. It basically allows the seat to be levelled for safety, and holds the carrier firmly in place.

The base connects with UPPAbaby’s SMARTSecure System (threading a seat belt through it), and a secondary LATCH system attaches it to your backseat’s lower anchors. Used together, this is the most secure way to use the MESA V2.

But what if you want to use the car seat in:

  • A secondary vehicle?
  • A family member’s / friend’s car?
  • Your nanny’s car?

Well, you have three options.

  1. You could install the MESA V2 without a base. Which is fine on occasion.
  2. You can move your existing base from one car to another (sounds like fun, right? Who doesn’t love uninstalling and reinstalling car seat bases endlessly).
  3. The third option is to purchase a standalone MESA Car Infant Seat Base. While this is an extra expense, the reinforced safety and stability can’t be overstated enough.


Unless you live in paradise, you’ll likely encounter a range of weather when carrying the car seat or using it with a stroller. You can combat bad weather by adding the following accessories:

  • MESA Rainshield (wet weather): This phthalate-free, transparent PVC cover fits snugly over the top half of the carrier and is easy to install. While protecting baby from the rain, it also has side vents (for obvious reasons), and a handle hole so that parents always have a firm grip when carrying the seat.

  • CozyGanoosh (cold weather): The aptly-named CozyGanoosh looks like a warm down vest. Available in black or grey, it has a cushy, fleece interior and a hole for baby’s face can poke out of. A zipper allows you to open the Ganoosh (like a jacket) for accessing your child, rather than removing and reinstalling. Wind and water-resistant, this is a great option if you live in a cold climate.

  • Cabana Weathershield (all-weather): This shield helps to protect your child from all kinds of weather. At its most basic, it’s a protection screen that helps keep 80% of UV rays out of the carrier. The screen is also great for keeping mozzies and other bugs away from baby during nature walks. Finally, the weathershield includes a roll-out rain cover that can be deployed if it starts to drizzle, or if you want to block light and encourage your child to drift into slumberland.

Mesa Rainshield



Mesa Cabana Weathershield - Jake (Black)



CozyGanoosh for Mesa Infant Seat



Mesa Travel Safe Bag



    For travellers, investing in the MESA Travel Safe Bag will make your trips a lot easier.

    This high-quality soft bag can be size-adjusted to hold either the seat and base, or just the seat. The bag meets the requirements for gate check-in, so you’ll never have any issues arriving at your destination without it.

    And while those features are attractive, the real advantage of this bag is…

    *drum roll*...

    When you register it with UPPAbaby’s TravelSafe Program, your car seat is automatically covered in case the airline damages it. The only “catch” is you must register before your trip. This just goes to show how much UPPAbaby cares about their customers and strives to keep you and your little one happy.

    Now that’s a hard deal to pass up!


    MESA Infant Car Seats are designed to go places...including out of your car.

    If you own UPPAbaby’s VISTA or CRUZ stroller, the MESA V2 simply snaps onto the frame — and voilà! You can now make quick pitstops around town without taking them out of their seat. Easy peasy!

    With an adapter, MESA seats are also compatible for use with the following UPPAbaby strollers:


    Mesa Travel Safe Bag



    Minu/Minu V2 Mesa and Bassinet Adapter



    Ridge Stroller Adapter - Mesa Infant Seat + Bassinet



    Where will your next adventure take you?

    With your MESA V2 and these accessories you will ensure your little one is comfortable and safe. So get out and about, there's a whole world for your baby to discover.