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Chicco Corso LE Modular Travel System Review

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Between raising children and everyday responsibilities like careers and housework, parents often have to juggle and balance their schedules like never before!

This is why baby companies like Chicco started offering travel systems like their Corso LE Modular Travel System — to help simplify things and make life easier.

Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about this Chicco travel system and how it can benefit you and your child!

What Is a Travel System?

A travel system is a multi-product system that includes a car seat and stroller, as well as accessories like adapters and car seat bases (if needed).

While the stroller comes with a seat, they are typically for use after 6 months of age. The travel system allows parents to attach the car seat directly to the stroller frame during the first few months, simplifying moving your child out of the car and into their stroller.

You can purchase an all-in-one travel system or you can build your own! The Chicco Corso LE Modular Travel System is the former as everything you need is included in the box — the Corso LE Stroller, the KeyFit 35 Infant Car Seat (base included), and the Infant Car Seat Adapter.

For more information about travel systems, check out our Top Travel Systems article.

KeyFit 35 Car Seat 

The Specs:
  • Child Weight Minimum: 4 lbs. (with infant insert) 
  • Child Weight Maximum: 35 lbs. or 32" in height 
  • Car Seat Weight: 10 lbs. (without base) / 18.5 lbs. (with base) 
  • Car Seat Dimensions: 28" L x 16.5" W x 22.5" H 

Safety is the number one priority for car seats, and the KeyFit 35 has safety features in spades!

The base installs via LATCH connectors and uses force-multiplying tighteners with steel-reinforced belt routing to keep it firmly secured. A levelling foot works with bubble levels on either side of the unit to keep your child at a properly balanced angle. The seat can also be firmly secured in vehicles without the base (ie. friends’ cars, Uber), as it has European routing for carrier-only installation.

In the event of a crash, your baby will be well-protected by EPS energy-absorbing foam and anti-rebound bar. An easy-extend headrest system includes premium cushioning around your baby’s little bean as well.

Chicco also included sun safety features, with a double-knit canopy giving full coverage and UPF 50+ protection from UV rays. A machine-washable, ergonomic positioner keeps babies between 4 and 11 lbs. safely positioned until they outgrow it (then it can be removed).

Additionally, an extra base can be purchased if you want to quickly set up the seat in a secondary vehicle — this is also perfect for grandparents or other secondary caretakers.


Corso Le Stroller Specs:

Stroller supports children up to 50 lbs. and up to 45” in height
Stroller Weight: 24.8 lbs.
Wheel Diameter: 8.3" (front) / 10.3" (rear)
Stroller Unfolded: 34.5" L x 24.8" W x 42.8" H
Stroller Folded: 15.5" L x 24.8" H x 32" H

Strollers need to be convenient and easy to take on the go, so Chicco designed the Corso LE to be collapsed as easily as humanly possible. It only takes two simple steps — flip up the seat and then pull up on the handle, located underneath it. Collapsed, it’s now a lot easier to load into your vehicle’s trunk or store out of sight.

Of note: The Corso LE Stroller is not designed to fit into overhead bins on airliners. If you travel often you may want to check out our Top Travel Strollers.

As Canadian terrain and weather varies, Chicco included swivel wheels can be used on a variety of surfaces. An adjustable rear suspension system makes for a soft ride, while foam filled rubber tires have excellent tread for added grip.

When not in motion, parents can lock the wheels in place, and a bumper bar adds an additional safety element (as well as something for babies to hold on to when they are out and about).

Adjust to Your Liking

The Corso LE stroller’s handlebar can be height adjusted for comfort, while the seat can be positioned forward or backward facing (as can the car seat when attached).

The seat is very comfortable for children with 3 reclining positions and a footrest for when your little one wants to kick back and relax!

The stroller’s 3-panel canopy comes with an additional zip-open extension panel for plenty of overhead shade and a flip open mesh peek-a-boo panel increases airflow while allowing you to keep an eye on your little one.

Mixing Fashion & Function

This travel system is not only great to use, but great to look at as well!

This stroller system is decked out in luxurious fabrics that can either be spot treated or removed and machine washed (i.e. the seat pad) Both the handlebar and bumper bar are wrapped in premium leatherette for increased grip, comfort, and a touch of class.

Children stay safe and secure at all times in the 5-point harness. There’s also plenty of storage space with a zipper pocket and large mesh pouch on the seat back, as well as an extra-large storage basket underneath the seat with 2 expandable bottle pockets!

Final Thoughts

Travel systems are the best way for parents to move their children around with minimal fuss and stress. Having the ability to simply lift your child out of the car and attach them to their stroller (without having to unbuckle/rebuckle them) saves a ton of time when you’re on the go.

While the price tag is a tad steep, it’s important to note that you’re getting multiple high-quality products in the Chicco Travel System, which will keep your baby safe and comfortable in the car or in their stroller...while making your life a lot easier at the same time.

*While this is ideal for quick errands, it’s important to remember many car seat manufacturers recommend that a baby should not be in a car seat for longer than 2 hours within a 24-hour time period — so be sure to give your little one lots of breaks on your outings.